Private School vs Public School – How Do The Students Compare?

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Private School vs Public School – How Do The Students Compare?

Private School vs Public School – How Do The Students Compare?

Do you think you got the best start in life? Did you end-up in a school that might have
resembled a zoo more than it felt like an institution of higher learning? Perhaps in the past, getting by without a
lot of pieces of paper to defend your intelligence may have been harder, given that nowadays
we can learn so much online and that many of the world’s leading and richest entrepreneurs
dropped out of university. Had they have dropped out of high school,
that could have been a different matter, but many great minds have not been too keen on
school. One of those minds was Albert Einstein, who
famously said, “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned
in school.” So does it matter where you go? That’s what we’ll find out today, in this
episode of the Infographics Show, Private School vs. Public School. Don’t forget to subscribe and click the
bell button so that you can be part of our Notification Squad. First of all, we should say that by “public
school” we mean schools that are run by the government. This could be confusing for Brits as when
they say public school, they are not thinking of schools run by the public sector, but selective
institutions that demand private payment. Basically, private school as Americans know
it, is public school in the UK. It’s another case of that “my tom-ate-o”
and your “tom-art-o”. We’ll base this show on the U.S. today,
as covering the globe’s schools would be impossible, and some of the things we will
discuss are relevant globally. You might be surprised to know that in the
USA, according to the Council for American Private Education, there are 33,619 private
schools in the United States. There are around 5.1 million students enrolled
in these schools. It’s said that private schools are home
to almost 10 percent of all school students in the U.S. The same source states that there are 441,496
teachers working full-time in private schools. As much as 79 percent of these schools have
a religious affiliation. The Washington Post reported in 2016 that
these schools are “virtually all-white”, with non-white students only making up around
10 percent of students across the country. As for public schools, according to the National
Center for Educational Statistics, 50.7 million public school students will be studying in
one of them from prekindergarten to grade 12 in fall 2017. Teaching all those kids will be 3.2 million
full-time teachers, which is a ratio of 16 students for every teacher. The ratio in private school is 12 students
for one teacher. One of the main differences of public school
is the mixed ethnicity of students. Public schools in America are made up of 24.4
million white kids, 13.6 million Hispanic students, 8.0 million black students, 2.8
million Asian/Pacific Islander students, 0.5 million American Indian/Alaska Native students,
and 1.5 million mixed race students. What about costs? Well, the government pays for public schools. In 2017-18 it’s projected that the budget
for public schools will be $623.5 billion. This means that each student will cost on
average $12,300. Taxes will pay for this. Private schools are a different matter, and
they are funded by tuition fees. Tuition costs will change depending on the
school. For the year 2017-18, the national average
for private school tuition is $9,975 per year, which is $8,918 per year for elementary schooling
and $13,524 per year for high school. The state of Vermont had the highest average,
with high school being $31,543 per year on average. If you are looking for cheap private schooling,
head to West Virginia where the average cost for high school is currently $5,262. We should add that a handful of private schools
cost around the $50,000 a year mark. So, what do you get for your money besides
pretty gardens and obviously top-notch facilities at a private school, and perhaps metal detectors
and patrolling policemen in some wayward public schools? Well, when it comes to the syllabi, public
schools have to adhere to state standards while private schools have much more flexibility. This is seen as getting a better and more
diverse education. The good news for not so wealthy people is
that high school graduation rates in public schools has gone up recently. It reached its highest during the Obama administration
in 2015 at 83.2 percent of students graduating. At the same time, 95 percent of private school
students graduate. According to the website College Admission,
just about all of those private school grads will attend a university, whereas only 49
percent of public school graduates will enter further education at college. If you want to get into an Ivy League University,
there’s no reason why you can’t get in after attending public school. Top Tier Admissions tells us that roughly
25 percent of successful applicants to those top universities came from private schools,
and 60-70 percent from public schools. The rest were homeschooled. Private school does work for a lot of people. The richest man in the world, Bill Gates,
went to a private prep school…but then he later dropped out of Harvard. On the other hand, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg
went to a public school. When researching for how private school graduates
out earn other kids in the future, most of the stories are about the UK and how private
(or public) school there seems to create most of the UK’s millionaires. The U.S. playing field might be a bit more
level, after all, Dr. Dre didn’t go to private school. It seems in the U.S. if you actually get to
university, it might not matter where you studied in high school in terms of “making
it”. At the same time, studies have found that
being born with a silver spoon usually means you’ll be passing that spoon on, and poorer
folks with degrees don’t usually jump up a class. Your background makes all the difference. A college degree, says one report, is no great
equalizer. Why is this? “There are a host of possibilities, from
family resources during childhood and the place where one grew up, to the colleges that
low-income students attend,” said the report. Then you have rich folks that dropped out
of high school, such as the billionaire Tumblr founder David Karp, who dropped out of high
school at 15 years old. Joining him as a high school dropout is Facebook’s
former product manager Mike Hudack and filmmaker Quentin Tarantino. In light of the last person, success in the
arts or sport probably is not related to if you went to public or private school, but
if you want “social mobility” then it’s probably better your parents paid the cash
for your education. It also seems that the filmmaker is the only
one of the three to have come from a humble background. You may have some unique skills, or be a natural
autodidact (learn by yourself), and so school doesn’t matter much even if you are poor. Nonetheless, we can’t ignore some statistics. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that
people without a high school diploma will earn on average $25,636 per year if in full-time
employment. 8 percent of high school dropouts are currently
unemployed. If you have a high school diploma and nothing
else, the average wage is $35,256 per year with 5.4 percent of those people currently
unemployed. If you have a bachelor’s degree, you might
earn an average of $59,124 per year. Only 2.8 percent of Americans with a bachelor’s
degree are unemployed, much less than the 4.4 percent of Americans currently out of
a job. In conclusion, it’s odds on that if you
went to private school then you most certainly went to university, and with some family wealth
behind you, it’s also pretty much a certainty you fell into one of these higher wage brackets. Then again, if you are brilliant, or spend
more time reading than scrolling, then it is likely nothing will hold you back. So, what do you think…is private school
worth the extra dough, or is it all just a bunch of hoo-ey? Let us know in the comments! Also, be sure to check out our other video
called Vegans vs Meat Eaters?! Thanks for watching, and, as always, don’t
forget to like, share, and subscribe. See you next time!

100 thoughts on Private School vs Public School – How Do The Students Compare?

  1. I went to both. Public school in elementary and private school in High school. Private schools are better bc of the quality education. Also, the campus is more secured.

  2. I’m from the uk and our schools are public or private too, private being paid for by family etc and public is government funded. I went to private school and loved it.

  3. Private school education in UK is proven less hard than regular secondary school. Private do a IGCSE rather than normal GCSE

  4. Some private school kids are actually way dumber literally my teacher taught at a private school then went to my school (a public school) he said the lowest kids in our class were smarter than the highest kids in the private school class

  5. 1998: leggo leggo to some private school i don't want to go to freak'in pubbblllic school
    2019: alright private school is bios lets go to public shool

  6. I go to a selective school in Australia, and the amount of money parents pay for tutoring is the same or more as a private school :/

  7. I went to two different induction for a public and private school (the private being for a half scholar) I got a letter to say I didn’t get in, so today I started of my public high school, after school my parents told me that I’m a late scholarship entrance and they want me in the school, they just didn’t have the funding a few months back to give me the scholar as well as whoever got it. Personally considering I’ve done a couple of weeks at both schools at the inductions I preferred public, generally nicer people, and the education didn’t seem much different, yes the class sizes are smaller but if I’m being honest I don’t see how having smaller classes effect your grades, or by much at least. In all honest it’s not worth the price you pay, even for the price of the half scholar.
    Right now I’m getting guilt tripped into going into the school (obviously for the best) let’s just say I’m never stepping foot inside those buildings again

  8. Only $10,000 for private school tuition? Wow! My private school is like $27,000. I thought it was more than $10,000 usually. No?

  9. im lucky to be in a school where the education is really weak and small and they are teaching us simple skills private scholars already knows. My school focuses on sports and creativity instead of grades. Not all schools and educational systems are rigged, for the people who said that.

  10. I study in a private school and my classmates are not rich except for the popular students

    Some of my classmates dont even have phones?!!!

  11. im in private school and its too strict you cant laugh in indoor break/reces/playtime and thats not the worse thing

  12. Basically:
    Public school: Zoo
    Private school: Actual sophisticated schools whose students have a future.
    I always go to private school. You should too.

  13. I have gone to both and they both have their pros and cons. To answer the question which one is better, that entirely depends on you and what you are like and what you enjoy.

  14. Islam, I will make my opinion on this matter, succinctly: Private schools teach erudition, absent a moral base, and assimilate predatory/offensive tactics, whereas public schools teach standardized mediocrity, social adherence to popular ideas, and complacency. Pax et Amor

    Note: this video supports the Federal classification of human beings as “colors”, consequently, the legal effect of people believing in such a fallacious system is denationalization. Don’t refer to yourself or anyone else as a crayon color. It does matter that you know who your culture emanates from. Colors are designated for fictitious entities, not Natural Beings.

  15. I don’t like catcholic schools they don’t let you believe in science 🧪 🧫 🧬and that’s literally my favorite subject

  16. Where is the rest of my squad who went to both private school and public school in the USA! Or is it just me and my siblings?

    I went to a private catholic K – 8 school from K-3 then public school from 4th to my high school graduation.

  17. Im from the philippines and private schools are sooo expensive
    so im in a public school but its ok for me thet i am in a public school
    its just a school and they teach the same Education plus ig you are in the a public school in my country its free!

  18. 4 years in private school was a lot of fun. I'm gonna be transferring to a public school in 11th to 12th grade because of financial problems. It's sad. But, I'll be hustling and running a business so that at college, I could get back on a high quality education.

  19. Kids: We're not learning
    Education system: idc take more homework and pay us more, I have important business to do.

    Bathes in money bath

  20. Being in the private school, you feel rich and much more communicate with other and also you can learn advance English book or whatever that is. Meanwhile in the public school you are basically poor and the food quality are bad just like here my homeland Malaysia, also you can do drugs here in the public school. Never mess with this kids in the public school they have weapons and such.

    And that's about much it I don't really know how to read this advance English book that I buy it.

  21. I have gone to a catholic school since kindergarten. After 4th grade, I hated ever second of it. It was terrible. Most of the kids at the school weren't even catholic, and I was treated badly by everyone, including the principal. They hated me for a passion with reasons I can't explain. I am a devout catholic, and none of the kids there were. I loved the catholic faith and still do, but this school gave me depression and anxiety and made me want to leave the faith many times. Bullying was rampant, and I was CHOKED several times by a student (which received no punishment for it) and bullied by the teachers. Furthermore, some of the teachers were not even qualified for teaching. The school seemed to get bad teachers presumably from the low pay. These people treated me badly and were all around bad people. I don't think all catholic school are like this, and I think they should still exist. But hey, this is just my story and I hope for the best for everyone else going to one.

  22. I'm in a private school and the tuition is 65,000 and each teacher teaches 3 Sections(40 students in 1 Section)so 120 pupils for 1 teacher.

  23. If u go to private school, this is for u, everyone says that private school students are better behaved, well we all learn the same thing!

  24. In my private school:
    – the tuition fee is really high one of the most highest in my country(for high school)
    – it has 1.000 students in total for 3 grades(10 11 12)
    – its a really hard school(every year theres a test and the from all the applicants 50% dont make it just because there's many classes 7 for science and 2 for social)
    -its really hard every day i go to school at 6.30 and i go home at 2.30 but i usally go home at 7/9 due to extra lessons
    -if you dont take extra lessons ypu will most likely fail
    -every day you have at least 1 test and 2 hw
    -we have a test after we have only 3/5 sesions of class(45 min per sesion)

  25. The thing is, public schools scam a lot. They expect the students to be rich because they can afford it but that's usually never the case. The teachers are idiots usually and the principals have their way of scamming the students

  26. In my country my teacher said
    PRIVATE SCHOOL: IF UR GRADE 7 u learn more! Then Grade 8
    Public School:Excuse me? Oh yeah ur correct :C

    – Love from a Very small YouTuber

  27. IN the Philippines im in a private school, and our classrooms hold 36-42 students and people are saying School life in the US is hard

  28. I’m sooooo glad that I go to a private school! My parents obviously care about me and my education and that’s why my dad works extremely hard to give me the best in life. I’m extremely grateful that my parents are giving me the best in life.

  29. The private school I go to is definitely worth the money! If parents really cared about their kids then they would at least try and give them the best start in life and that’s why I’m extremely grateful that my Mum and Dad have supported me since the day I was born!

  30. “It’s ok to fail in life but you can’t fail in school because you cannot fail in life”
    – school logic 🙄

  31. A lot of private schools actually have a more limited education, (and it wasn't a small private school either) but if I wanted to go to private school I would have had to retake Math 1 since they didn't have an Honors class

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