PERSONAL BRANDING | How to make your own website! ✨

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PERSONAL BRANDING | How to make your own website! ✨

PERSONAL BRANDING | How to make your own website! ✨

Hello friends its Allison I hope you’re
having a super happy days apart in today’s video we’re gonna do a little
personal branding one-on-one and I’m going to take you through the process of
creating your very own website so I know creating a website can be super
intimidating especially if you haven’t done anything like that before but today
I’m just going to walk you through all the steps and show you how you can do it
in a super super simple way I’m really excited to be partnering with Wix or
this video if you’re not familiar already they are an incredible resource
and platform to create your own website and they offer tons of free templates
and just so many opportunities to customize which I definitely appreciate
because I love my website to show my personality show my Flair so today we’ll
be walking through all the steps and I will be updating my own personal website
because I used to have one but I recently got married if you didn’t know
so I wanted to update it with my new last name and I’ve had a little bit of
career changes as well so I need a website that reflects that before we
dive in and start painting our website I really think it’s important to create
your purpose so what is your objective when you create this website is it to
land your dream job is it to gain more customers to your small shop whatever it
may be write down that purpose and keep that in
mind cause you’re creating this website and think of it in the
point of view or the employers point of view and what you would want to see if
you were in their shoes next step is to gather all of your inspiration my
favorite way to do this is on Pinterest I create so many different boards where
I just pull lots of different inspo images and design and typography I
really enjoy and once I have a good collection of this I’m able to kind of
refine and see what colors I’m drawn to and type I’m drawn to and this will help
us in the design process so we’re able to really reflect our
aesthetic and what we want to put out in the world because as you use these
templates you’re able to really customize the colors and the type so I
really encourage you to make it your own okay welcome to the back end of my
laptop so first things first we’re gonna open up and this is what you
will see when you pull it up if you don’t have an account yet and you can
explore it for a little bit just to see what they offer but we’re just gonna
dive right in so I’m gonna sign in and then I’m going to take you to my sites
so I want to walk you through exactly my process and how I chose the template
that I wanted to use so I really wanted this site to just be a personal website
because I truly feel like that is so important because whether you’re
applying for jobs or just trying to create an online presence for yourself
you want appropriate information to show up when people google you and look you
up so the more content you put out there that looks professional the better but
as you can see there are so many different templates depending on what
kind of website you want to build so if you want to start a business they have
that for you or if you want to start an online store or you know I I know so
many photographers who are always looking for great websites and which is
such a good option and the templates that they provide truly are beautiful
the image quality is stunning I just take some time scrolling through to see
what catches my eye and as you can see they’re just pages
upon pages oh this one looks cute vlog caught my eye okay let’s take a look at
this one okay this one looks very promising for what I’m looking for it
has a place to put my YouTube content my Instagram content a contact for him so
it’s really checking all my boxes you can use whatever template your heart
desires and then you just customize it but if you’re trying to have a quick
turnaround and you want to get your website completed as quickly as possible
you’re going to want to just pick a template that closely aligns with what
you’re trying to create okay I I really like this one I’m feeling
really good about this ashle one so let’s start customizing I really want to
focus on making it simple yet impactful I don’t want to clutter my website or
anything like that I just want to make it clean crisp definitely my aesthetic
and you know using all the info and color palette that we established at the
beginning and really give it my own Flair even though I am using a template
as I go through you’ll be able to see how customizable Wix actually is first
things first let’s change the name because obviously my name is not Ashley
it’s Allison not totally far but I definitely want to change that and I do
love this text actually so I’m gonna keep that font but I want to make it a
little smaller because clearly it’s not fitting correctly there we go and then I
want to change the color to white I believe and then of course we gotta get
this photo of Ashley out of here and switch it in with some Allison so I just
uploaded a few different image options and then I’m going to click the change
background so we can pop in a photo of myself wow I am blown away at the
quality of this image I think this one’s cute but I do
want to try a couple different options to see which one I like the very most
okay we’re gonna go with this one for now this is one of my favourite photos
because I am wearing flowers on my shirt and my shorts and I’m holding flowers
and I just feel like it really reflects me and my brand so it’s a perfect fit
and now I need to change this tagline if you don’t have a tagline yet or anything
that you want to include in this little section of course you can just delete it
so simply I think it’s always nice to have like a little tagline and my
favorite that I use for a lot of my branding is magic dwells here and I want
to make that a little bigger and I think I want to change the font as well but
we’ll play around and see what fits this one looks fun we like that that’s a cute
one this one looks simple ooh I really like
that actually if I make it bigger and then they have these little leading
lines on wix to help you make sure that everything is centered so that’s super
duper helpful okay I really like that but it is getting lost in the flowers a
little bit so I’m just going to adjust everything so that it’s more legible
perfect and maybe I need to make this magic twelve here a little bolder Haley
what does that mean oh you can make it oh that’s cute hmm
maybe I could do die and then make it a little more opaque it’s nice because you
can create your own color codes as well you don’t you’re not confined to just
the colors that they have okay I like that because it’s a light pink beautiful
I am into that very very into that okay let’s change the button up here to my
name very important we don’t want to leave anything that says Ashley and
we’re actually going to change the design of this as well because I’m not
super crazy about that font so I’m going to switch out the button to be look at
all of these choices guys I truly am blown away
of course I’m drawn to the pink option okay we can just change our font cute I
think I kind of want to keep this same fonts though so that we are staying on
brand beautiful and then let’s see if we can read it if it’s this color yes we
can let’s keep it like that perfect okay now I want to adjust this menu as well
because I don’t love how it’s purple when you highlight it oh also that was a
good reminder from waiks to save as you continue editing because you know if you
lost connection or your computer died you just want to make sure that it’s
saving your progress as you go on so let’s customize and be this
navigation they have lots of different options if I kind of like that look
where it’s highlighted and I have used other website creating sites in the past
but Wix definitely by far has the most options which I very much appreciate
okay let’s take change the text to this dark pink and then the fine I wanted
to our lotto light which we were using earlier hover I want to definitely
change this purple I am just not a fan of purple which is so funny because I
absolutely love pink you would think it’s close enough but I am NOT a fan
okay amazing I love that so much more pink just makes everything better
now we’re going to go down to the vlog section which is perfect because
obviously I’m a youtuber and I want a place to showcase my videos so we
already have this beautiful Wix video plug-in and now we just have to change
it so that it’s my channel and not Ashley’s so Wix makes it super easy to
upload your videos you can upload a video file or you can embed it from
YouTube Vimeo or Facebook and that is what I’m going to do and I’ll just add a
few more to have a little variety of different videos to showcase okay
amazing it’s coming together but I really want to customize this because we
have this purple color again which I am not feeling I am just not feeling it at
all so we want to change this icon links color too I like how it saves the colors
you’ve been using so that it’s easy to access them and you don’t have to match
them every time and again I’m just going to change my font back to our lado light
perfect and now we have this beautiful little about page which I love of course
I’m going to change the image and I’ll just use one of the images I filtered in
before amazing and once again let’s get rid of this verbal and then I’m going to
change out the paragraph I’m also going to make this photo a little bit smaller
to kind of match the size of my little bio because I don’t have a whole lot
that I wrote or I could just match by spacing it out and making the font a
little bigger perfect and now let’s go to Instagram they have so many different
ways you can embed your Instagram feed which I love so I like the little
collage they have now of course I just need to get Ashley out of here and
connect my Instagram magic look at that all my pink feed is in the building and
we are not actually on insta we are Allison on insta okay we have Leto
light which I lulo clean amazing okay guys we’re almost wrapping up of course
when you’re making your website just take your time and have fun with it I
also love how they offer the opportunity to connect all of your social accounts
and you can even have a little contact form which is super convenient
especially if you want future employers or brands to contact you with
opportunities so let’s zoom out and see how it’s looking I’m very happy with
that but before we wrap up I really want to remind you that when you’re creating
your website you also want to switch to the mobile version and Wix has a
beautiful little icon up here where you can just click it and see what it’ll
look like on a cell phone which is very very helpful because sometimes it gets a
little wonky because it’s just formatted so differently but they have the
opportunity for you to customize it here as well so that it looks optimized for
mobile which is so important because so many people use their mobile devices
over their computers these days okay so I see that the Allison isn’t showing up
all in one line so we want to make the font a little bit smaller so let’s bring
that down so that I listen there we go is all in
one line okay I like the about section I think that looks good I don’t really
love how big these instead images are on the mobile device I don’t like how it’s
one column so we’re gonna switch it to three columns so that more is just shown
at once so people aren’t scrolling through like it’s actually Instagram
because I want it to be a little different and you can also change how
many rows you want to show of your images and the spacing as well amazing
now we are all good to go with mobile so again you can build your website for
free but I do recommend checking out their premium options and with my code
Allisyn 15 you’ll be able to get a discount on the premium plan if you are
using your personal website for a professional setting I really think it
just looks so much cleaner if you’re able to customize your domain and it’ll
also eliminate the Wix ads that will appear on the bottom of your web page
but I understand not everyone will have the opportunity to do that so I’m so
thankful that Wix offers the free option as well and that’s it it’s as simple as
that I truly hope you found this video to be helpful make sure you check out my
final product Allison burgers calm and let me know if you end up making your
own personal website or business website or whatever it may be with Wix leave it
down in the comments send me a DM on Instagram I will
love to see it and love to encourage and support you as you pursue your dreams
and I truly feel like creating a website is a part of making those dreams come
true especially in this digital age that we live in thank you guys for watching
please be sure to subscribe and like this video if you did find it helpful
and you enjoyed and I will soon

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