One (Simple) Hack to Get More Website Traffic FAST

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  1. Hi sir,,,again a masterpiece am India's youngest digital marketer am able to make approx 240+$ per day following you since last year and sir proud to say that u r the best ,,,,love u sir

  2. Another great hack! Thanks for sharing. Btw…. I sent you an email yesterday titled 50% rev-share. Hoping you had a chance to take a look

  3. gran contenido como siempre, felicitaciones neil, los subtitulos en español no están bien tienen palabras mal traducidas y pierde a lógica de lo que tratas de expresar.

  4. I've seen that exact notification feature on other websites but I've always wondered what the heck it was but now I know. Thanks Neil!

  5. This is fantastic Neil! As someone else said, I've always seen these annoying little suckers pop up and never knew what they were! Now I know! lol

  6. Excuse me Neil, but for this service, the people first has to arrive to your website for the first time. It is useful, but not for the people who has no traffic and wants to improve it.

  7. Subscribe is best to get more traffic totally agree with you sir now m also using this for my website….
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us looking for more advice from you sir 🙂

  8. Neil. We need more videos and more help with SEO local. we own a local SEO biz. should we target the main city in the homepage or do we create separate pages for every city and keep the homepage generic? for example what do we do with the homepage? Thanks!!!!!

  9. I am having trouble installing this on my Shopify website. Do you have a walkthrough for Shopify. I can only see a Word press option on the install page. The google tags are not working for some reason.

    Can you help?

  10. I have a question, does the notifications go to all my WordPress blog subscribers or just the those who click the allow button when they come onto my website?

  11. Hi Neil,

    I just watched your webinar on advanced SEO tips today … great stuff andthanks a million.. However, I wanted to raise a quick point I believe may have been overlooked.

    You mentioned Google increased the description tags from 165 to 230 characters back in Dec 2017, yes I agree but they have since reversed that decision in April 2018. I know because I learned the hard way having to do literally dozens of changes to a site recently after learning this.

    I'm guessing you know this already but just noticed it was in the pdf notes [on page 3] you mentioned in the webinar

  12. They're plenty of services like Subscribers, for example, OneSignal who also offers their service for free, turns out they make money from selling your data. So my question is; how does Subscribers make money? Because free isn't always free.

  13. Hi Neil,

    I would like to ask you whether go into entrepreneur or job straight after school.

    I am really grateful for having You on Youtube channel because you answers all my question .

    Thank you Neil.

  14. Here are my take aways from this video:
    After registering with the "Subscribers" push notification tool, I'll setup an autoresponder for the notifications sent to my subscribers.

    I'll setup 3 notifications as below:
    (1) I'll share an interesting tool which I myself am using to achieve the desired goals I have set so that my audience may follow my steps and begin utilising that tool.

    (2) As I have shared an important tool which I myself am using, my audience would have come to the state of mind that I will deliver better results and hence I will pitch in about my services.

    (3) I would ask my audience to stay connected with me via a Social Network I use to share knowledge.

    Later on, I may setup future notifications at an interval of 3 days as per my promotional plan.

    And now as I'm prepared with this autoresponder plan, I'll also setup similar autoresponder sequence with my email subscribers.

  15. Neil, 1st off, thanks for this informative post. 2nd, I am in the process of preparing a KickStarter campaign for a board game I developed. I have designed a number of games over the years for publishing companies and have decided to enter the gaming arena under my own brand. I know the importance of social media when promoting a campaign of this sort and was wondering what services you provided, if any, to those of us who are better suited working creatively.

  16. Good content, can you ask me a question, please, if I post videos from another country than US and I want my viewers to be in THE US , will the algorithm work the same like if I would post the videos from US?
    Thank You

  17. Hey Neil ,
    We need help with shopify installation. Shopify does not allow access to the root directory. Please provide us with instructions/tutorial.
    Thank you

  18. Great Help You just Shared with Us. but, What if our subscriber accidentally clears his/her history or cookies? we can lose subscribers by this. any solution Neil

  19. Great tool, Neil! Already using it but why does it only deliver to around 50% of subscribers? (ratio between sent and delivered is 2:1)

  20. Hi Neil, thanks for the advise, I was looking for this tool! Question tho, would this traffic be read as direct or organic?

  21. Mr Patel, excellent information , thanks for sharing. I have a question: I want to grow my instagram followers, i do not sell products or services , i just want to sell safety awareness in other words try to convince people to ask in a safety manner when living close to gas pipelines. It sound crazy but i want to try it. I do not have many followers ( about 30 ) just started 2 weeks ago,and i think just one of them cares about pipelines , the rest are just bussiness that may want to share their products. I also have purchased a google web site just to be able to have an email available. I have not built my web site because i am terrible writting and as you said better not to share anything than create something mediocre. Now the questions: do you think i must create a web site or create traffic to my instagram account? Is it other ways to create traffic to an instagram account without having to write articles? Thanks AH

  22. Hey Neil, Your Subscriber tool is not showing up on my website using chrome. It works in Firefox and Safari only. Can you help me solve this issue? Thanks.

  23. Lets take the keyword 'NGO Jobs' for example. It must be very popular and very competitive worldwide but when you use Google keyword planner, you realize that it has got a lot of searches per month and very low competition in Cameroon, South Africa and Tanzania. On the other hand, the keywords for the individual countries i.e 'Ngo jobs in Tanzania or Ngo jobs in South Africa' do not have a good search volume at all. So you decide that you would want to target those three countries only with the keyword NGO Jobs. How best would you do that with a '.com' domain without creating several different websites for individual countries knowing well that Google search console only allows you to target one country?

  24. hi @neil patel. I was testing out, it was work fine for 3 Notification, and after that none of my notification is reaching my subscribers. 0 reach.

    Can you help me please?

  25. i just install subscriber plugin to my wordpress site and signup on subsrciber it work only once but now its not working, i mean when anyone open my website they can't see any subscription message, can you help me with it?

  26. Hey Neil, I love Subscribers plugin but I’d like to know if you would recommend any way to send push notifications to the bidders (I have an auction website with Woocommerce Auction Pro).

  27. Hi Neil can this work on my new ecommerce wordpress website? My website has no follower yet as i've not started marketing online.

  28. Hi Neil Patel, I was very excited to use this method of getting more subscribers. I had sign up and everything. But I have problem installing my code. I've recently start blogging on blogger. Can you please help. Thanks so much for all the marketing tips you are sharing with us.

  29. Hmmm… This 'Year Old Tip' still showing in top results in Google Search! Neil why don't you share some more hacks here with us (people on a budget)!

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