[old video] Invisible People on Youtube’s Homepage and Tunnels Under Las Vegas

18 thoughts on [old video] Invisible People on Youtube’s Homepage and Tunnels Under Las Vegas

  1. Documentary on One Man's Fierce Commitment to End Homelessness Using Youtube and Social Media https://youtu.be/z0wDn9SAWZs

  2. Mark, it can never be said enough, you are a blessing on this world for doing this. Thank you so much

  3. My God Barry's existence is the bleakest I've ever seen in my life, not only homeless, but living in a drain with a torch in the dark, unbelievable poor guy !

  4. And he still has kindness in his heart, speaks volumes about his character I hope he gets out of there

  5. Glad you shared this again. Homelessness has gotten far worse since then with no solution in sight. And once again I like your hair short. Makes you look much younger!

  6. this is a gospel of Mr Mark… do you have a family?
    May god bless you richly

  7. One wish I have is to get the recipes back for the guy in the storm drains. To steal those recipes is like stealing someone's dead mother's pictures. People have no heart or sense of morality.

  8. I bow to the MASTER.. Mark. You have been fighting this battle through this media since 2010. Placing that in perspective, At that time I was in the midst of trying to launch an engineering firm again, using my VA disability for an office space shared with another company. It included a kitchen and a couch to sleep on. I took my YMCA rent and paid someone as a secretary, and to enter my networking into a MS Outlook data base.. While I had just escaped homelessness for the fourth time, I was into a "Manic" phase of the spectrum. I had just been awarded a 70 % VA disability for Service connected bipolar disorder, and was just getting into treatment and counseling. The award and retroactive was just like putting a match to the bottom of a missile.

  9. Good job man that was an amazing journey to go in and a very long story of life helping people to get in there feet it's a work that you be honored forever man keep up

  10. Mark… When was your first night that you were actually homeless? I have to pull the data from the Portland Adult Homeless Shelter. I have a folder showing every night I was there. Of course they forgot to log me in some nights. Now the shelter issues a badge for scanning, which makes the check in much faster, Data is loaded directly into the HMIS database. With HMIS, the shelter can find out if they have been at other shelters, and if so when. That helps to find when a person has repeated homelessness, and find out if the individual qualifies for chronic. For homeless programs, time spent outside a shelter can still count for HUD applications. The indiidual can descibe homeless periods, and where they were (in a car, camping, etc.). The only thing that does not count is time in a hotel room (even some cheap nightly or weekly place), or couchsurfing.

  11. Mark, I'm glad you posted this older LV footage. I always wanted to ask you this. Imagine doing this work in China, etc. The numbers would astonish you/anyone. For every homeless person here in U.S…You got between 10-10,000 homeless/starving African, Chinese/Korean, European, Russian or Middle Eastern people in each country. Even though I admire and respect your work here, I gotta say this. We are "Way Better" off here in U.S. than the poor/homeless in most other countries. We got tent cities, food pantries, missions, successful panhandling, sometimes free health care and even subway trains to live on if you are homeless in big cities. We call that "Hard Times" right? If that is true, then the other people have it "WAY BEYOND" hard times. Just wanted to throw that out there man.

  12. You have such a big, warm 💜 heart and it really shows in how you care for others. God bless you and keep you healthy so you can continue in this wonderful mission of using your gifts and talents to help the homeless.

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