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Official Yandere Simulator Website

Official Yandere Simulator Website

The official Yandere Simulator website is now online! Let’s take a tour! The “About” page contains all of the information that was on the original WordPress website, but in a much easier-to-read format, and with a search function. The Bug Reporting page lists everything you need to know to write a helpful bug report, and also lists most of the bugs I already know about, but haven’t been able to fix yet. The Characters page isn’t ready yet, but this is where you will be able to read basic information about all of Yandere Simulator’s main characters. I haven’t revealed most of them since I’ve been focusing my attention on gameplay mechanics for the past 2 years…however, there are more planned characters than you might think! The Contact page is in the style of a visual novel. On this page, you speak directly to Yandere-chan. Her job is to ask people what type of e-mail they want to send me. If you try to send me a type of e-mail that I’ve repeatedly asked people not to send me, Yandere-chan will politely inform you that I wouldn’t appreciate that kind of e-mail. The Donate page provides you with the information you would need if you’d like to support the game’s development. The Download page provides you with important information about the nature of the game, lists the game’s controls, and, of course, allows you to download the game’s new launcher. The launcher will inform you when a new update is available, and will download and extract the latest build at your command. I’ve made a seperate video that talks exclusively about the new launcher. Check it out if you’re interested! The final page on the website is the Volunteer page. This page describes the criteria that you have to meet if you want to volunteer for Yandere Simulator, the rules that you have to follow if you want to be a volunteer, and also answers some frequently-asked questions about volunteering. I hope you enjoyed this virtual tour of the Yandere Simulator website! And, as always, thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator. Subtitles: Metehan Örten

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  1. Most of these comments are just babies complaining that the knife sound scared them. Come on, It's not exactly necessary to say "OH SHit the knife scared the HeLL outta me!!"

  2. 0:47 Soo I decided to fool around on that part of the website WHILE trying to teach my friend something in another game. So, like I said, I was fooling around, and I accidentally clicked "I want to make a request." and the whole screen went red and Yandere Chan yelled "YOU DIDN'T LISTEN!!" I was like, "Phew!!! Mah heart… it stopped.." I'm not joking that actually happened ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚


  4. The first time I went to the site, I seriously could not help but to play with the contact page.
    I think I may be a bit too easily entertained.

  5. yanderedev people can just lie if they want to sent to an email by just by clicking the fan art or cosplay that why your getting so many email

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    | ''(()))),,_ __
    |6` | ''((())) "-.____." `.-,
    | .' ''))))' )))
    | | `. '' ((((
    , _) / |))))
    `' | (((((
    | ))))))
    `| | , /((((((
    | / `-.______.< | )))))
    | | / `. ((((
    | / | `. | (((
    | | | )| | ))
    | | | | || | '
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    | | | | || |

  7. Kinda scared to download Yandere Dev's awesome game cause my computer says the creator or something is unknown.. XD BUT IMMA DOWNLOAD IT ANYWAYS! XD

  8. Well, I was watching Yandere Dev's older videos while waiting for a new update. I forgotten about the knife jumpscare and I was using headphones at that time. Until all of a sudden…


  9. What do you mean business inquiry? Because all I wanna ask is this: Once my first part of my videogame series becomes successful, I wanna maybe see if I could make a Mortal Kombat Pack #3 happen where the main character of the game Dark Amulet gets involved with the war, but she decides to bring three other kombatants on her with this journey to see who would win first. They are: Yandere Chan herself, Zack Scott and Kelly Tom. You fine with me having Yandere-Chan in that game as like a special bonus character similar to the other kombat pack characters like Jason, Leatherface and more?

  10. OMG Yandere Chan is getting suspicious every time she asks a question!! Runs away
    Yandere Chan: Hey come back!! I just wanted to tell you, you need to read the Volunteer Page!!

  11. Yandere Dev I can't see the site anymore. When I try to go to it it tells me it can't be reached. I want to see the easter egg and characters. The easter egg is Fun Girl.

  12. hey yandere dev if I was in the game plz add me called Jared bomb like if someone tried to kill me or hurt me my fire will be magnesium fire and explode but have unlimited hp

  13. i pressed "i want to send and suggestion" (even if i didn't want to) i died

    EDIT: you see i was trying different "endings" to the contacts

  14. Okay so I was drinking water while watching this and when yandere chan pulled out her knife I …. I dropped my glass now I need to clean up btw my glass broke

  15. YandereDev if i Get a PC i will kill Midori everytime i see her for u so she stops sending u stupid and foolish e-mails

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