Nothin’ But Net… For Jimmy Kimmel and Kevin Hart

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Nothin’ But Net… For Jimmy Kimmel and Kevin Hart

Nothin’ But Net… For Jimmy Kimmel and Kevin Hart

Let’s teach ’em
how to spin the ball
on the finger. That I’ve always wanted
to learn how to do. All right, you want to get
a strong vertical spin. – Mm-hmm.
– And you want to place
your finger in the seams
of the basketball. I’m gonna place my finger
in the center of the basketball. – Man: There you go.
– Keep it going. Wow! – There you go!
– Oh, wow, that’s exciting. Jimmy Kimmel is a baller,
but not as much as old
Kevin Hart. Do me a favor, check out
both of our hoop skills in these deleted scenes. Kev, you think you
could do it, Kev? Here,
I don’t need your help. – You don’t need me.
– I don’t need your help. Take your time,
no rush. Okay, yeah. Way to warm it up,
warm it up. Jimmy was pretty good. I like Jimmy’s.
Jimmy’s was pretty good. Kev, Kev, Kev. What kind of ball
is this, guys? – A basketball.
– It’s a men’s ball. – Y’all gotta get
a regulation ball.
– No, that’s regulation. – Is this regulation?
– Yeah, everything. I’m the guy that pisses
the chefs off. – Oh, you are?
– Yeah, but not on purpose. – Like, because
I’m not a foodie.
– Oh. Uh-huh. – I eat to make a turd.
– I see. Yeah, oh, you know me.
I’ll eat chicken every now and again
’cause I’m black. So, there’s no way
that I’m ever gonna say no to a piece of chicken.
I just don’t know how to do it. What’s the best chicken
you’ve ever had in your life? You know what?
You’re gonna laugh
when I tell you this. And I’m gonna stand on it. Ralph’s supermarket. – In those big–
those big tubs?
– In the big thing that’s already prepared. I challenge you to try it
and then see if I’m lying, but wait for
your cheat day. You know, Ralph died
of a heart attack. – Did–
– Yeah, it’s all the chicken. Goddamn it.
( honks ) I’m glad you
told me that. The four-point shot,
all right? The Globetrotters
started the four-point shot. – No, you didn’t.
– Two thousand– yes, we did. – No, you didn’t.
– Check the history books. – 2010.
– A guy named Doug. Doug McCarthy
was a pastor at
Zion Baptist Church. The first person I ever seen
do a four-point shot. How far is it
from the basket? Doug didn’t tell you that.
Go ahead. All right, cool.
It’s 30 feet from the basket. Actually, just step back
a little bit. – Right here, there you go.
– You see this white line
right here? That’s the four-point shot. Looks like a foul shot to me. Well, you shoot one. He said,
“Kevin, shoot it.” He don’t know
who he talking to. – Let’s see what you got.
– Don’t threaten me
with a good time. Let’s see this
right here, baby. Ooh! All right, come on, Jimmy.
Let’s see what you got, Jimmy. – Get up a little bit.
– Ooh. All right. Get it up. – Get it up there.
– All right, cool. So, get it in.
Oh! Oh, so, Diamond Cutter,
Diamond Cutter. What’s a Diamond Cutter? On your head.
Pick your speed up. I think the first thing
that we need to address is that that has nothing
to do with cutting a diamond. Because your hand’s
up like a diamond. The trick should be called
“Neck to Back.” Okay, we gonna call it–
we gonna change it to
“Neck to Back.” – Let’s see if
you can do it, though.
– All right, fine. – But call it what it is.
– Neck to Back. You guys are saying names–
“Let’s do the Potato Salad.” – It’s not even…
– Let’s see Neck to Back. – Okay, but, listen–
– First and foremost… keep your hands right here.
Put your hands behind your head. – Like a diamond.
– Yeah. Now roll it around. Yeah, there you go. – Control it.
– Will you move? – Okay, I’m in your way.
– Back up, brother. – I apologize.
– Goddamn, I’m trying
to do it. – Back up.
– We’ll give you your space. I’m trying to process
information, I see a goddamn
dark shadow over me. – I got you.
– Back up, man. Okay, Kevin,
I’m gonna have you carefully
step in and sit down. – Okay.
– I have a stool here for you if you want to use it. You don’t have to take
that kind of abuse. The man was
in a car accident,
and now you’re– I should be able
to sit up, but maybe we– we can blur it out.
Just put the stool
for my step up. Nobody needs to see that. So, in order to do the slide,
you need your knee pads. And these go on your knees? All: Yeah, yeah. So, just take it
over your shoes. Come on, Kev. That should be easy
for you, Kev. You’re, what, a size six? You’re like me. I don’t think I can– Maybe a–
a team effort, guys. Let me help you
here, Kevin. I did this with my son
before school today. Stop moving around
so much, brother. – Ah!
– You’re looking like
a little worm. Oh, ( bleep )! Is it on?
Why y’all twisting it? Get up, man.
Let’s go, man.
There you go. Now let’s help him
get his condom on. Linda: Okay, now,
you know the world
record’s 24 minutes. – I need about five seconds.
– Underwater? – Wait a minute.
– Yeah. Someone didn’t breath
for twenty– yeah, but
that person perished. It was
that illusionist guy. – David Blaine?
– Yep. Oh, he’s full of–
that was a trick. – ( Linda and Kevin laugh )
– He didn’t do that. – That guy’s a pro.
– You think those cards are coming out
of your ears, too? ( chatter ) – You gotta–
– What the…? – He think I’m playing.
– You guys are funny. – Taste it. Jimmy,
I’m not playing.
– Wow, look at that. – Taste it.
– Now, I don’t know
if this is gonna help with my commitment
to fitness. Have y’all ever had
Ralph’s fried chicken? – Brought ’em out.
– It’s the best fried chicken. If I’m wrong,
just tell me I’m wrong. You’re wrong. It’s pretty good, though. But it’s not the best. Ralph’s is great, man. I got to take you out to something
called a restaurant. No, no, no, no. You know, it was
more talk than workout, but I learned some stuff. I’m hoping to be able to spin
a basketball on my finger.I’ve always wanted
to learn how to do that.
Now, it’s hard to do
when you’re eating
fried chicken.
– Oh! You good?
– Yeah, I’m all right. Because the grease
does not assist with the index finger
balance. But, uh,
I learned a lot today. I mostly had a lot of fun. And realized that
I’m 20 pounds of blubberand I gotta get rid of that.This isn’t gonna help. Hey, Kevin Hart here. It is a fact
that if you watch more
“What the Fit,” then you will get
better at basketball. That’s why
I’m a Harlem Globetrotter.
Tune into these videos, subscribe to my YouTube channel,
“Laugh Out Loud.”

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  1. "let me help you here Kevin i did this with my son before school today" 🤣🤣🤣
    "Is it innn??" 🤣🤣

  2. TRUMP 2020, do not watch jimmy Kimmel. He has treated our president with tremendous disrespect. Kevin hart isnt funny. Little man syndrome trying with black comedy. Not funny at all.

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  4. aw boys he's not fun hey, you couldve brought pee wee herman, or the kid with freckles selling popcorn.

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