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Need A Website? | Fiverr

Need A Website? | Fiverr

– [Announcer] Need to build a website? If you’re a doer like
Mark, check out fiverr. Not a doer? Check out these cats chasing a laser. Nah, you’re a doer. – I’m Mark, and I like
to get (bleep) done. So when I needed an e-commerce site with all the bells and whistles, I went to fiverr and got one. (man wolf whistling) It was so simple. I just searched, clicked, and ordered. I know nothing about building a website, but all you have to do
is filter by your time and budget constraints, and fiverr delivers a list
of amazing freelancers who can help you. Hmm, five star-rated, level two seller? Let’s see her portfolio. These are some amazing work samples, and they’re all within my price range. Sweet. And on my timeline? What other way is there? Brilliant. Now that’s a good-looking CEO. – [Announcer] Stop dreaming
and find your website builder, at

3 thoughts on Need A Website? | Fiverr

  1. I have been a top rated seller on Fiverr for nearly 5 years and have never had any issues. I don't understand why my account was deactivated. @bosshogg777 This has to be an error. We are the top rated seller in the category of music promotion working with 10k+ artists annually. We have many repeat clients and have built our reputation on your site as being the top rated seller in music promotion. Look at all of our reviews. We have made nearly $100,000 on Fiverr, 40% of which is profit your company makes off our services. We have never had any issues before.

    The automated system you use flagged our delivery and said it was incomplete so our account was suspended. This is insane and I can't believe this is how your company operates. The 4 TOS violations on our account need to be removed as they are inaccurate depictions of the events that occurred. Anyone with 2 eyes and a brain can look at all of our thousands of orders and see we NEVER violate any TOS! If we did our account would have been terminated a long time ago, not after we are a top rated seller 5 years later! We have built countless relationships with highly satisfied repeat clients. I would never do anything to jeopardize my account or violate your TOS. I am also depending on this money to support myself and my family. I am living oversees now and have no additional revenue. I was doing so good on your website and able to pay off college debt that I even made a video showing my story to the world to promote your platform.

    The delivery was not incomplete and our account should have never been flagged or closed. What occurred is the buyer didn't respond within the 24 hour deadline to let us know which blogs he wanted his music featured on so we sent him a message when delivering the order to please specify which blogs he'd like or if he would like a refund since he apparently didn't read the gig description and was indecisive about which blogs he wanted his music featured on. This by no means constitutes a tos violation and should certainly not result in our account being terminated!!! Please address this issue immediately. We have thousands of dollars in pending revenue that hasn't cleared yet. If need be I will contact a lawyer and pursue this further.

    I should also add you have no right to restrict me from accessing my account. All of my personal information is on there including revenue and expenses for my business. How do you expect me to file my taxes this year without access to this information? My account needs to be reinstated immediately. I did not violate your TOS, your automated system should be replaced with humans who have brains and eyes, rather then a robot. How can you do this to me? I have been a top rated seller for over 5 years. I eat, sleep and breathe Fiverr. All of the income our business generates is from Fiverr. I've made personal testimony videos promoting your platform. We've also made nearly $100,000 in sales, 40% which your company keeps as profit from buyer and seller fees. You should really take this into consideration because it is wrong and should be fixed immediately. I am not going to be penalized for something I didn't do.

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