My Tiny Seoul Apartment (officetel) Tour | $500/month 200sqft

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My Tiny Seoul Apartment (officetel) Tour | $500/month 200sqft

My Tiny Seoul Apartment (officetel) Tour | $500/month 200sqft

Hi everyone it’s Nancy And welcome to my new Seoul apartment tour so this is my bed it’s from Ikea and my dad actually helped me build it so it makes it extra special and I chose it because first of all it was available in white and second of all it’s really cool because it can be made into a double sized bed and it also has a lot of storage underneath there’s two drawers one I keep for my electronics and papers and books and things and the other one is for sheets, extra pillows blankets, things for my bed it also serves as extra seating for when my friends come over we can just chill on the bed cuz it kind of looks like a sofa so I think it’s a really great solution for a tiny space like this this is my vanity area it’s where I do my makeup and my skin care every day and this vanity is also from Ikea and it’s also in white as you can tell I’m going for like a white minimalistic look here what I love about this vanity is that you can fold the mirror down so you can have more desk space to do things like your nails and it also has storage inside I put my face things like primers and foundations in this part and then here we have my eyeshadows, eyeliners, mascaras and also the skincare items I’m using at the moment and then here we have all of my lip things which get their own little box because I have way too many we also have a drawer over here that I keep for miscellaneous things like my nail stuff and my false lashes and because I am trying to downsize my makeup collection but I still have too many things I have several pouches up here so you know, I’ll let you guys know when I get there when this table area is absolutely clean and I can fit everything inside this vanity that is the goal for my life right now and behind me you can see my cute curtains which I got from 10× it’s a Korean website with like a lot of cute stuff and the curtains that came with the apartment were these ugly green long ones from Ikea and they didn’t really fit the window well because they were like drooping to the floor so I decided to get like half length ones which fit almost perfectly and I really love how these curtains are white but they’re not like see-through so I can still get my privacy but what kind of sucks is that when I open the windows, I see this fabulous view of this wall probably one of the reasons why the rent is so cheap I don’t really get a lot of natural lighting so I have to use my like lights all the time but I can live with it you know it’s not all that bad welcome to my closet here is the notorious blue skull scarf I don’t know why I don’t wear it as often but I just like having it it just really makes me happy this bright blue color but sorry things are a little bit messy here it’s because I think I have way too much stuff and not enough hangers or places to put them down here I have two suitcases which are full of my out of seasons things and other stuff that I don’t need right now also have random things like a yoga mat and a travel pillow and up here I just keep all of my shirts and jackets that need to be hung plus some pants and I folded some sweaters and cardigans here over here we have my dresses and other long things that need to be hung up and down here I keep my skirts, shorts, jeans and other bottoms in the drawers we have my t-shirts, my work out clothes and my undergarments and I’m so glad that this place came with a wardrobe because if you guys remember the last apartment I stayed at it didn’t come with anything except a rusty clothing rack and I hate how when people came over they could just like see everything out in the open I like to keep things away and tidy so yeah I am so glad I have a wardrobe so this is the kitchen I think it’s a pretty good size my washer is also here underneath the stove and I like electric stoves better than gas stoves just cuz it feels safer and cleaner to me it’s not like whoa fire you know but it does take longer to cook things and heat things up but it’s not like I do a lot of cooking anyways my fridge is here hidden behind this nice white…door and in there I think all I have right now is like coconut water and like two boxes of yogurt really sad I know but I barely do any cooking anymore I think that cutting board I’ve used like one time I still have my Brita water filter and the reason why I filter the water is because you never know if the pipes are old or new in Korea it’s better to be safe than sorry and even though it is safe to drink you know, I just prefer the taste of filtered water and I also have like my laundry detergent other cleaning supplies down here and trash bags because you always need to buy your own trash bags here in Korea and up here in these cabinets I have more storage it’s where I keep my pots, pans, bowls and plates and I have like only two plates and both of them I got for free and I have like three bowls oh and I almost forgot to mention that I finally got a microwave I don’t use it as much as I thought I would but last year I lived a whole year without a microwave and it’s just nice to have one cuz sometimes you just need to reheat things but there’s no way to do it like with the stove and I got this really cute green vintage looking microwave and on this rack I also have my water heater omg I shouldn’t say water heater anymore my kettle or my water boiler whatever you want to call it it’s from Delonghi I think that’s how you pronounce it yeah it was expensive but I was like I’m only going to fill this apartment with things I like from now on and I practically use that kettle, like every single day now the bathroom in this apartment is definitely a lot nicer than my old one I just love how everything is like sparkly white and clean the shower is still connected to the sink so of course I still get water every where but I have less of a mold problem and it’s just designed better the sink is like a smaller sink and the toilet is in a better place so I can actually like stretch out my knees the cabinets actually open for storage space and if you’re wondering what this is it’s just like a mop I use to mop up the floor once I get it all wet it helps the bathroom dry much faster and lastly we have my work area this is where I edit my videos think of ideas and also study for Korean it also doubles as a dining table and this desk is from Ikea again of course but the reason I didn’t go for a white one was because I didn’t really like how big some of them were and the designs weren’t really what I was looking for but this one I just fell in love with this design and this color I actually put this desk together by myself and I’m really proud of that it hasn’t fallen apart yet so I think I did a pretty ok job I’m constantly moving this around because I can’t decide if I want it here or against the wall but now this is like a new set up ever since the nuclear fire noodle challenge and I kind of like how I can see out the window when I’m working even though the view is like just brick wall it even comes with a drawer I just use to put like stationery and pencils that I need and on it I don’t really have much just some candles this sticky note to do list thing that Steph Choi gave me in our Christmas swap and the dragon that Emily who’s a subscriber gave me and Mr. Buckwheat and I want to talk about the stool I’m sitting on I actually brought it over from Jeonju I think it was only like 10,000 won so it was like about like 9 bucks but I was like oh god it’s this ugly pink color like why did I buy this ugly pink stool? well I know why because I needed something to sit on when I filmed videos so I was like should I get rid of it? should I buy another one? and then in the end I just bought this faux fur rug from Ikea and put it over it and I’m like “I am such a genius” like where did I even think of this because it looks so fancy now and that’s why I am called Fancy Nancy TV no I’m just kidding that was really cheesy and on the wall behind me are some decorations my thermostat and the intercom which I really love because it’s a lot safer here you can see who’s like ringing your doorbell calling you from downstairs cuz they have cameras like every where so I really like that for those of you who are wondering how much this place is I pay 550,000 won per month and there’s also a maintenance fee of I think like 60,000 and I do pay all of my utilities including internet so that’s water, gas electricity and internet and the deposit is 5,000,000 Korean won and how I found this place was actually just going from real estate agent to real estate agent so budongsan to budongsan and I was lucky enough to find this last place I told them I wanted to see an officetel and at first they were showing me like these murder scene, one room apartments and I was like “No! this is not what I’m looking for” and finally the last place I think second to last place that we saw was here and it was a long day of going to I think like 5 different real estate agents but I finally met this one and I think it was destiny and I’m really happy here I think the rent is great and it’s pretty new so I love everything about it let me know if you have anymore questions about finding housing in Korea or apartments in Korea and I will see you guys next time oh yeah don’t forget to subscribe please subscribe

100 thoughts on My Tiny Seoul Apartment (officetel) Tour | $500/month 200sqft

  1. I had a mini apt room like this one , I was in St.Paul Minnesota it was 25.00 dollars a month with community kitchen and private small fridge I had a great view of the Minnesota History Museum and Catholic Cathedral it's just so dam cold in Minnesota in the winter .

  2. Nancy how can you be soooo Organized??? Fantastic how amazingly beautiful and clean…keep up the good work!!!…LOL

  3. that apartment is literally all i need. i love it, it looks so cozy. i'd theme it gray and black to make it 'warmer' 😂 white makes me cold

  4. Hi! Just found u because I have always been fascinated with Asian culture, in particular South Korea. I’m a middle-aged modern American female and my grown daughter and I are interested in maybe working in Korea for a period of time in the next year or so. I have started to learn some Korean…to be honest from listening to BTS songs 😆. I have always loved k-pop since the beginning many years ago so I guess my daughter was destined! We would just like to experience a different culture…one we have been strongly influenced by. My daughter knew how to use chopsticks from the time she could hold a fork. We always looked odd to ppl eating much of our food with chopsticks. We have many Asian friends who have further influenced us as well. I am ready to take the plunge so my questions to u are: how do u handle the money when securing the deposit and rent initially? The 5,000,000 deposit sounds like a lot. What does the deposit go to?
    Are white blond Americans accepted there? I know the beauty standard is extremely high so I’m sure someone would be kind enough to tell me my faults lol! I would love to teach English but I think one must have a bachelors degree correct?
    If u have any kind of info to help us, I’d be thrilled! I like watching your videos…you’re very real…rare these days!
    This is long so thanks for reading if u got through!



  5. Here, in Paris, with 500$ you can MAYBE BY CHANCE (and a spell) have a 8-9m² under the roof. Without elevator.

    My quadriceps are in an incredible health right now.

  6. i went to visit family in Mississippi and for 350 you could get a 3 bedroom , 2 bathroom house with front , both sides and backyard .

  7. i like how you go what's work for you instead of going for what the world always put out there that cost more your whole life🤣but you know what i mean.

  8. This apartment is perfect for me..I love this place..I would love to live here..where is this apartment in Seoul..Gangnam..Myeondong or any other..??

  9. Need someone to show you how to organise and space save, honestly you’d have three times the storage space that you currently have!!❤️

  10. In Kenya with $500 a month you have a nice a self-contained house with probably 5 bedrooms and it's own gate and security guard… An apartment like yours goes for Max of $50 a month

  11. $500 for that tiny room is very expensive, well infact we can rent a decent whole house here in our country

  12. it's a really nice apartment! it looks like the apartment complex where 'something in the rain,' was shot at. But, I could be wrong lol

  13. White, its too diff to clean it all😑 it looks so beautiful but need to burn more calories to clean it up all😂

  14. Hello, I will have to move to Seoul, and I really like your apartment. Can you tell me where did you get it l and how can I find a place like that?

  15. How is living is Seoul I’m imagining it as heaven to live in Korea because Korea looks so simple and modern and I’m thinking of going to Seoul and getting an apartment just like this one but there will be some bts a little bit everywhere.and I wonder how much money it takes to go to South Korea and how long it takes and if it’s worth it so tell me please. And I’m pretty sure it costs a lot of money to get to South Korea and is it safe there cause I’m hearing it is but I’m not sure that’s why I wanna know from
    Someone that actually lives in South Korea so tell meh please. Also also the kitchen is so small and cute it looks like a cooking show kitchen and you make tons of food.

  16. Serious question I hope im not stereotyping.. Is it like a Chinese thing to have a lot of shoes? Because it was the first thing I noticed and my Chinese friend here in Canada its also the same thing, first thing noticed when you enter his apartment, Hes got more shoes then anyone else I know. Is there like a big chinese foot wear culture or is this entirely coincidence?

  17. 500$ is almost 2000myr in malaysia and here you can find a quite nice house with 2/3 bedroom to rent per month. And sometime it was even fully furnished for that price to rent per month 🙂

  18. It's a nice small place for 1 person Imo… In Italy 500€ isn't considered cheap for a rent but ofc it depends on where you live…

  19. I had the same bed as you there’s like 2 years ago but I broked it because I always jumped on it but I was 13 years old 😭

  20. bro people in the comments talking bout how they wish they had this in america😭 pls, we do. New York and California do not make up America. where I live in the US, rent for nice apartments would be this price, two bedrooms even, could be a little more expensive. but we definitely have nice studio apartments at this rate. y’all just want $1500 a month studio apartments to live that NY life when it’s not worth it to be struggling babe xx

  21. Isn't that's just a small room? I stayed in a room the same size as yours. It cost $500/year. Empty room + indoor bathroom. You gotta fill the room up yourself. Electricity and water bill is paid $9 every month. Fixed price.

  22. I love your place and it is cheap like I can live with no view when you open the curtain as long as it is cheap. But I dunno if I read it right, for the deposit is it really $5,000 USD (when you convert it in USD)?? And is it possible for you to provide the name of the place or the address for someone like me who wants to check the place if they have an available apt room?? Thank you! This video is helpful!

  23. Dang that’s cheap rent 😱💕 that’s normal rent for one week here in Australia in a nice house 😂😂

  24. It's really cute, and neat. I don't know that I could give up our 2 bed 1 bath house though, $350 a month. I feel like I'd be claustrophobic after living in a full on house.

  25. I dont live in Pakistan but im pakistani and with 500 – 1000 dollars in Pakistan you can own a villa which has 4-5 or 5-6 bedrooms with 3 of them being master and the others being medium size or 4 master 1 medium 1 small as well as up to 3 – 4 bathrooms and a big backyard which has a pool and the house uses modern electric appliances like electric fire, cooking supplies, electric stove.

  26. $500 a month so cheap! I pay that for a little room in London zone 3… LOL don’t complain 😅🤣 for a studio is around 1000…

  27. Can you imagine that a family of 5 could live into a space of 14sq.ft? and a 500$ could be a good budget for almost 4 months. Ohh it really depends where you live.😅😅😅

  28. The only downside really is the window, the place is really compact and organized. That's what I like about Asian apartment buildings, they are amazingly organized and tidy even though they are so small. They have have such advanced and simple lifestyles

  29. I’ve seen some good size loft apartments or one bedrooms for around that price or even cheaper in Seoul. Can I ask why you picked such a tiny place for $500?

  30. Girl you living in a small studio that is very small….damn! American studios are small but they like a small apartment. I use to live in a small studio apartment in the 1980's in Portland Oregon and paid $65.00 dollars in rent. My place in the 80's was way bigger then what you have now! I can't believe your shower comes from your bathroom sink….Damn!!! What is going on in Korean that your sink in your bathroom is also your shower??? It is 2019 Korea can't build a bathroom with a shower separate from the bathroom sink?? Even the rooms my sister use to rent in big Victoria homes in Portland Oregon in the 80;s are bigger than your apartment for $500 dollars. She paid about $75 or $80 dollars but had to share the big bathroom and kitchen with other tenants. I can't imagine what a real apartment in Korea goes for that is the size of an American 1 bedroom apartment or two-bedroom apartment goes for, what is that considered a house in Korea? The bathroom sink doubling as your shower should be outlawed with strict laws that forbid that type of building from being constructed. You live in more like a dorm room flat. that would be on a college campus. I can't believe your last place was worse than this new place you have. Your new place is clean but damn sink shower!

  31. Hi my name is Nancy congratulations having your own space you so funny I like your sense of humor you funny I was laughing when you said about the war the window that was funny😄

  32. Oh man you have me laughing and giggling you got a sense of humor for real I will keep supporting you and watching you cuz you make me laugh you are so funny😄🍿🍵🍲🥨🥐

  33. THAT is $500 in rent??? That’s impossible to find in America. And if you were lucky enough to find something that cheap, it usually sucks. I’m moving to Korea lol.

  34. Wow! It just dawned on me, I think your whole apartment is the size of my living room! It looks nice and roomy enough though. Those closets hold a lot of stuff don't they? I had to leave mine behind.

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