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My Secret To Success

My Secret To Success

(alarm clock beeping) (calm piano music) (cars honking) (radio playing) – I’ll take the usual. – [Cashier] Egg sandwich, no tomato. – Yeah. – So, meeting at one, call at two. Lunch, then beginner’s yoga at four. – And as you can see, sales
are steady at 1% growth, so let’s keep doing the same thing. – [Man] Hey, Mimosa’s for lunch? (phone ringing) – I’m in. – [Yoga Instructor] Nice and easy. Just breath. – Navigate home. – [GPS] Navigating to 123 Comfort Avenue. (television playing) (alarm clock beeping) (calm piano music) (cars honking) – [Cashier] Egg sandwich, no tomato. – Yep. – And then beginner’s yoga at four. – One percent growth. – [Man] Hey, Mimosa’s? (phone ringing) – Yup. – [Yoga Instructor] Just breath. – Say it with me, I can do it.
– I can do it. – I can do it.
– I can do it. (alarm clock beeping) – [Cashier] No tomato. – One percent. (alarm clock beeping) (lighthearted piano music) – [Cashier] No tomatoes. – Yeah. – I need you to set three
more meeting for today and sign me up for bootcamp. Three ways we can increase sales. – [Man] Mimosa’s? (phone ringing) – Sorry, I got to take this. Hello? Mm-hmm (affirmative) Yeah. (people chattering) – [Bootcamp Instructor] 14,
15, is that all you got? – I know I’m not alone. – Yeah, uh, thanks for coming in. (alarm clock beeping) (lighthearted piano music) – [Cashier] No tomato. – Yup. – Here is a list of people
I would like to meet today. So, sales are still at 1% growth. Yeah, let me check. (people chattering) – [Bootcamp Instructor]
20, 21, keep going. – Thanks for coming in. (alarm clock beeping) (upbeat happy music) – One percent. I can double check. – Hey, egg sandwich, no tomato, right? – Yeah. – [Bootcamp Instructor]
39, 40, fastest now. – Thanks. (alarm clock beeping) – Sales are up 3%. Thank you so much. No, I won’t let you down. – I actually have this friend
who’s a big casting director. I’ll totally introduce you two, if you eat this tomato. – That was great. – I did it, I did it. I got the part. (alarm clock beeping) Five percent. I know I’m not alone. – [Director] And cut. Amazing, moving on. – Can we get a comb over here? – Hey, thank you so much
for watching this video, and thank you to Cotton
for partnering with me. I know it’s a little bit different than my usual style of video, but I wanted to challenge you all to step out of your comfort zone. Leave comfort for clothes, not the hustle. If you want to check out
all the cotton clothes I wore in this video, you can at The link is in the description. You want to watch more
videos that are like this that are inspirational, right over there. My second vlog channel is pretty lit. It’s right over there. And make sure you subscribe, because I make new videos
every Monday and Thursday. One love, Superwoman. That is a wrap, and zoop!

100 thoughts on My Secret To Success

  1. AHHH! I tried something a little different with this video. I'm a big believer of stepping outside of your comfort zone. I hope you enjoyed it and felt inspired! Also, #SuperSixty starts now which means I'll be responding to comments for the next 60 minutes. AND GO! xo

  2. I love your video's your such an inspiration,this video has given me somthing to achieve and make changes in my life to help me feel happy and worth somthing x

  3. I LOVED THAT! This made me realize that stepping out of your comfort zone can lead to success! This isn't some person writing s thoughtful comment to get likes, I litterally understood so much from this!

  4. I don't know why i haven't found out this video first though i hv subsbcribed ur channel.This is surely one of the best videos in ur channel.I know its a quite old video to look upto my comment.But its even worth watching after such a long time.So affirmative.Loved the last part totally.Lots of love from India??????

  5. Excellent video Lily…you know I'm new to your channel from one week and I am 'SuperFan' of your videos. Loved it.

  6. Wow. This has given me so much confidence to not give up and keep going to get where you want to be. I am so happy for you lilly and I hope that I can learn the same way that you did!!! I felt so sad at the start, even though I am only a teenager, I know that if I don’t start trying my hardest now, then I won’t live my best life. And throughout the video I learned that you can’t give up. Love you Lilly!!!!

  7. 1. Wake up early
    2. Always do things that will grow you and lea to CHANGE
    3. Always work to be a better version of yourself
    4. Be consistent. Be persistent. KEEP GOING, don't stop until something happens
    5. Grab opportunities with both hands
    6. SELF CARE – Eat healthy, exercise
    7. Challenge yourself ALL THE TIME = Growth
    8. Stay optimistic and enthusiastic
    God bless xxx


  8. So by her focusing on herself she got the guys attention instead of her chasing him, she got the audition, and she became Marketing Director

  9. I actually disagree with this. The video makes normal life or so called “mediocrity” appear to be a bad thing in a way. In general that’s the problem with media in that it tries to paint normal or stress free life as for losers and that you need to always be striving for success to have worth.

  10. I'm back here for inspiration, this video has helped me get through extremely my extreme down phase more than a year ago. Now I'm at my low point again, I'm not gonna give in, I'll strive through it. Lilly I love you so much, your videos are always there when I need them.

  11. This video gets me everytime Lilly. Everytime I'm down and need to get my ish together I watch this video. This video is the nr. 1 my List when I decide to stand up and live again. ❤️

  12. I watched this video when I was going through a rough time in life…. Thanks for making this video. U r a real inspiration.

  13. I feel really comfortable talking infront of a camera ? but when it comes to public speaking or being around many people i just want to puke ?. Hopefully one day i can overcome that fear and don't feel that way!
    P.s. great video!

  14. I have this habit of noticing little things. Beginning of video the alarm shows 9 PM. Thumbs up if you noticed it too. ?

  15. OMG I’ve actually learned something from this video it was so inspirational so thank you so much ??.
    I’ve ordered your book off amazon I can’t wait to get it ???☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

  16. Lily, I’ve watched this video at some of the most seemingly hopeless times of my life.
    You’ve shown me how to conquer instead of just survive.
    I read your book when I felt completely lost and I have never changed how I saw my life faster.
    Never stop telling your story, and thank you.

  17. This just gave me everything I needed this morning! I prayed this morning on how to get into gear and your video showed up and was right on time for me.

  18. Lots of love from india…Lilly ma'am
    We see motivational videos everyday and they say a lot but sometimes speaking nothing……hits harder.
    I don't know about anyone else….but i want more n more videos like these.?

  19. The video that inspires me to be a better person and now turned me into a workaholic ?, Thank you Lilly Singh, for being my inspiration !!!

  20. Thanks superwoman u really r a superwoman …u really inspired I promise u today that I am gonna change starting today

  21. Lilly you are my favourite Youtuber you are so inspiring I even told my parents I want to be just like you! ?? #girllove

  22. Honestly, I wish Lilly all the happiness in the world. You have changed and made such a positive impact on so many people's life. Lilly, I honestly love you and am so grateful. Thank you Lilly.

  23. This video was so inspiring you influenced me so much!I am going to try harder like you did in the video thank you so much Lilly!

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