My Merch By Amazon & Shopify Payments for September 2019

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My Merch By Amazon & Shopify Payments for September 2019

My Merch By Amazon & Shopify Payments for September 2019

so in September 2019 I received my
highest single payment to date and I made the most money in a single month
ever so this video is going to look at both Merch by Amazon, Shopify and others
to show you exactly how much I made and how I did it.
so back in February this year I set myself the challenge to make $100,000 dollars in a single year so in last month’s video at the end of month 7
I announced I made $22,736 in
total so this video a month eight is going to cover September 2019 and how
much I made in that month and the reason I’m doing this video is not to show off
and brag about how much money I’m making in a month is to give you ideas and
inspiration so you can do the same thing yourself you can see exactly where me
eight months into my journey where all of my money is coming from and you can
copy that blueprint and do it on your own time so like this video before we
get started and let’s jump right in so I’m gonna leave Shopify and Merch by
Amazon until the end of the list at the end of this video and we’re going to go
through the other sources of income first and we’re gonna start from the
lowest earning to the highest earning before we get to Shopify and Merch By
Amazon. so the first thing that I’ve made money with this month was my sales guide
that I sell for this channel now I’m not gonna go into too much detail about this
guide so I don’t really promote it any more it’s just a guide I’ve made in the
past but I promoted in previous videos and even though I’m not actually
promoting it people are still finding my old videos and clicking the link and
going through and buying my PDF that I’ve made in the past and just from
those old links from those old videos I don’t read many more
I’m still making twenty one dollars and 36 cents from selling that PDF guide.
next up we’ve got the money that I made from a company called Printful. I made
$26 and 47 cents from Printful in September 2019 now if you’re not
familiar with what Printful are they’re a company that allows you to
basically plug in their software into your online store and sell t-shirts and
other clothing apparel through your online store and if you want to watch
the video that I’ve made in the past all about how printful works how to set up
to make your own profitable t-shirt store you can watch this video here that
I made in the past covering all of those topics but
basically the money that I’ve made from people
even though I’m actively using it to sell t-shirts anymore if I make
recommendations for printful as a company and then people go ahead and set
proof up in their store print pause pay me a commission and even though I don’t
really talk about people that much anymore I’ve still made $26 at 47 cents
from my old videos talking about Printful okay next up is an additional $50 I made
in September and that is through sales of my consultations so this is actually
new I’ve not mentioned this on the channel before but I’ve actually started
offering one-to-one online chats with people who watch my videos to help them
with setting up a YouTube channel doing affiliate marketing successfully doing
email marketing if people want to of one-to-one time with me to really talk
about their specific situation and for me to help them through that situation
I’ve now created a new web page on my website start starting up slash
consultations where you can book me for 15 minutes 30 minutes or an hour and
have an online chat to me really get across everything you’ll having trouble
with and I can try and help you in those areas so from that new service I’ve
started offering this week I’ve had $50 in bookings so far okay next up I made
109 dollars 72 cents from a piece of software called ClickFunnels. now
clickfunnels is a really powerful piece of software that allows you to sell
products online it basically allows you to put those products onto the internet
make all the webpages around that product to really promote the products
and sell it it’s all the one piece of software for selling products online and
building the website around that product I’ve been using it to capture emails and
to sell that only a sales guide I mentioned at the start of this video I
use it for other things as well to really get to capturing data and styling
products and I also recommend clickfunnels through this channel and through
recommendations every time I recommend clickfunnels as someone goes and buys
it just like what printful I get paid a commission and in September I was paid
109 dollars 72 cents in commissions probably gonna notice a pattern here of
recommending products and getting paid a commission for doing that recommendation
that’s when I talk about a lot on this channel and it’s something I’m a big
supporter of so if you want to learn more about promoting a product and
getting paid a commission for that promotion
subscribe to the channel about all the time in my videos okay
finally the last piece of income before we go into Shopify a Mercch by Amazon is
the money that I’ve made through YouTube the money that you paid me for the
advertisements that they put on my video and in September 2019 they paid me one
thousand nine hundred and one dollars if you’d like to get paid one thousand nine
hundred dollars from doing one video a week talking about stuff you’re
interested in well give this video a like
first because likes help this video getting noticed by other people and
secondly if you’re interested in that I’ve just released my new course the
YouTube money-making Academy you’ll see on screen now teaching you all about how
to set up a money-making YouTube channel where you can basically make enough
money to quit the nine-to-five just like I did even with a small channel if you
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get it now earlier while it still is early cheaper introductory price and
it’s going to teach you everything you need to know I’ve setting up a YouTube
channel and maximizing the amount of money that that channel can make okay so
enough with show enough about my YouTube earnings I’m promoting my course let’s go
on to Merch By Amazon and Shopify so the money I made from merch by Amazon in
September 2019 was 175 dollars and 92 cents now this might not sound like a
high amount but it’s actually amazing because I haven’t uploaded a new design
too much by Amazon in thirteen months I made a video a few weeks ago about how I
haven’t touched it in 12 months and how I just get payments every month even
though I’m not doing anything – if you want to watch that video I’ll put a link
there and you can see more details on my Amazon dashboard in that video but yeah
this is a completely hands-off thing now I put a lot of work into it over a year
ago like a year and a half two years ago and I stepped back 13 months ago and I’m
still making over a hundred and twenty one hundred and thirty dollars every
month from doing no work so it might not seem like a high amount but I’m not
doing anything actively there hundred and seventy five
dollars my two cents hitting a bike every man for doing their work is a
great feeling but now on to Shopify and here is where I received my highest
single payment in a single month ever let’s jump in to
that so in total I made one thousand eight hundred and four dollars in the
last month on Shopify but I get paid every two weeks from Shopify and one of
those two weeks payment a single two week payment I receive one thousand one
hundred and thirty three dollars you’ll see that on screen now notice that
amazing I’m used to earning like seven eight nine hundred dollars every two
weeks of Shopify maximum and it’s been that way for as long as I can remember
for the last year at least for about six weeks ago that payment crossed the
thousand dollar market every two weeks and this month like I said I received a
one thousand one hundred and thirty three dollar payment which is just crazy
it blows my mind and if you want to see in even more detail how I make that
money every two weeks with Shopify you can see this video here
okay so let’s wrap this up in total I made four thousand and eighty nine
dollars in September 2019 that’s the highest I’ve ever made in a single month
from online earnings at the end of month seven so August 2019 I had made twenty
three thousand seven hundred and thirty six dollars
so now adding month eight September I now have a running total of twenty seven
thousand eight hundred and twenty-five dollars earned online in total if you’d
like to make that much money online in eight months smash the like button on
this video it’s the last time I’m going to ask you and really helps you get
noticed but to summarize after eight months I’ve made nearly $30,000 so I’m
gonna get anywhere near about a hundred thousand dollar Target I’m going to have
to make around seventy thousand dollars in four months sounds unlikely but you
can damn well guarantee I’m gonna try and even though I’m below target hit
that 100 thousand dollar marker I’m still living comfortably and easy off my
online earnings which when I first made this channel three years ago is what I
sell to do so that’s a huge milestone for me I’m really happy about that so
there’s definitely a positive there even if I’m not hitting the ambitious target
that I set myself and it’s been free or at least had really little cost and very
easy to get where I am now and like I said this
video isn’t to brag and show off I did want to give you a complete
understanding of how someone in my situation get to this point giving you
ideas and inspiration so you can start doing it yourself too so if you like
this video if you’ve never seen me before and you found this breakdown
useful make sure to subscribe to the channel ring the notification bell so you
see exactly when the next monthly earning video comes out at the end of
October that’ll be in about a month’s time and that’s going to include the
additional core sales that I’ve received in the last monthly period and there’s
been 30 people enrolled in the YouTube money making academy so far who want to
learn how to build a YouTube channel that’s gonna make money and allow them
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grab that course it’s nice and cheap if you are interested in building your own
YouTube channel to make money like I do every month
yeah like the video subscribe all that stuff I’ll see you very soon bye

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  1. My September 2019 monthly earnings were my highest earnings ever! How was your September?

    P.S. Have you joined my YouTube Money-Making Academy yet?! ??
    (20% OFF using the code 20YOUTUBEOFF)

  2. An ecommerce store selling Christmas,Halloween or Winter themed products can cater for the difference. Halloween,Black Friday and Cyber Monday are next month so it could work.

  3. if you're observing the genre of this content, people make money mostly from teaching others how to make money and from referrals and courses, so when you try to replicate what they do it's not gonna work because the money making the viewer/reader/Listener , you are the products, they just monetize you or take from your wallet directly. in this video for example if we took away all the money from referrals, consulting & courses which is what the viewer is typically stuck with you'll end up with what you'd really make if you replicate his formula

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