ml5.js: What is a Convolutional Neural Network Part 1 – Filters

32 thoughts on ml5.js: What is a Convolutional Neural Network Part 1 – Filters

  1. Can you do that from scratch? The most challenging part is backpropagation in CNNs for me. Would love to see how you would do that

  2. I found you conceptual guy ever on YouTube I don't know why maybe the way you explain things conceptually. Keep uploading amazing videos. May you please make a playlist of how data structures and algorithms works?

  3. Found you from Code Bullet. Still curious as to why you teach JavaScript and JS-based stuff in specific, but it doesn’t really matter :p

    Also, nice video 🙂

  4. Hey dan can you make a convolutional neural network from tensorflow.js

    Actually I am new to your channel but I feel like you are my relative

  5. Hi Dan. I'd just like to thank you, you make everything much easier for me to understand. While I mainly focus on Python, your videos are still a massive help and source of entertainment. Thank you!

  6. I am looking forward to get the backpropagation explanation…. I have no idea how it works in convolutionnal network… Pleeasse !!!

  7. I have bad english, even i dont understand what he was said, but i just love the way how this amazing man explain every single his video, i love it, this make me wanna hear more and more, im just student, try to learn front end, i love programming, hope i can being like him someday,

  8. Ohh the curious part of me feels so great after I watch any coding train videos even if it's not related to my work or any project that I am working on, It feels great appease my curiosity.
    I wish there could would be a space train channel where Dan talks about space that would be ultimate. What a guy 🙂

  9. 4:38 – "Convolution Neural Networks can be applied to lots of scenarios besides images" – Dan, you sir are not only correct, you are fabulous for planting this seed early in the video. CNNs sure can be used for text, speech, music, and so much more than just images!

  10. I'm taking a deep learning course in grad school, and your vid has helped me fill in a lot of the gaps. Thank you for this; you make great stuff!

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