ml5.js: Train Your Own Neural Network

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  1. 🚂🌈🧠Code and community contributions!

  2. Why not play all 3 notes in superposition based on their output probability according to the position of the mouse on the canvas?

  3. I made simmilar project about 2 weeks ago, and I am proud of myself, programm takes users clicks, left button makes red dots, middle button makes green dots and right button makes blue dots. Then a neural net trains on that input, and each 10 backprops it prints every pixel prediction, on rgb mix of confidences. It can be really beautiful, and it can find complex shapes. I made it in java awt.

  4. I love how you stopped and saw changes UR channel has become the golden light for teaching great topics like these I appreciate your work and would love to one day work or help. Your journey as it has shaped mine to becoming a great scientist

  5. Thank you! Awesome tutorial! Would you explain how the training and output data would be structured if you used your hands to play the sound but also wanted to modulate the output sound with your legs and head?

  6. Great to start with 'tabula rasa.' Some artificial intelligence of previous codes did not work well for absence of human intelligence, in training the models. For example: a stretched hand shown to the program was identified as 'Band-aid!' Because some intelligent trainer showed her/his band-aid to the camera forgetting that more hand than band-aid were seen. Then if you make a fist, it is not a 'band-aid' anymore. Now it is a screw driver. Again, the trainer showed a small screw driver to the program, were mostly hand appeared.

  7. Greetings Mr. Shiffman, I noticed the Programming With Text series has been removed from your channel's playlist and was wondering if that was intended?

  8. Is it possible to train models using "Teachable machine with google" not only to classify images, but to recogize where the objects are in the picture. So I want to get something like bounding boxes and classes of them for self-driving car with Raspberry Pi.

  9. const coding = ml5.neuralNetwork(1, 1);

    If you don't get it you don't know what channel you are watching.

  10. Is anybody else having issues with the training? Dan's debug graph is so smooth but mine is all over the place and therefore when I test the prediction it is usually quite wrong.

  11. So close to 100k!!!!!!!!!!! Dan I love your vids and have been watching your channel from 160k from different accounts Thank you for turning me into a computer geek!

  12. Coding challenge: maybe you use the teachable machine or ML5 to classify a chord made by your hand and then you make it play the classified chord! That would be like a virtual ukelele

  13. Here's my first contribution:
    I added regression instead of classification and added the colors of the rainbow to the project! Also, you can drag your mouse if you don't want to click while interacting.
    Hope this was okay. 🙂

  14. Do you have any suggestions for places to code to make apps, I code in javascript and cant find any websites or free apps that you can make apps

  15. Hello everyone, I have a question, I need to run a Php code when my is condition is true in p5.js. unfortunately it doesn't work like in normal Js.
    If(number <=4){
    Result = "
    // Someone plss help

  16. What about classifying accelerator data (x,y,z) and determine standing, bowing, sitting ? Can I use the same approach? how about the data? how do I batch them ?

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  18. Hello Mr coding Train, i have some math function that i am wondering about the geometry.
    the function is from a model i made, ill be happy to show you the model and hopefully you can help.

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