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  1. Play Battle Network….THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE . White version if you want a little more hard mode because Blue version has the most broken chip in the whole series. FolderBak.

  2. man, i loved this game…and i just played it for the first time. I hear the rest of the series is as good, or better and i cant wait to get to them.

  3. I never owned this, but I did own the Gamecube version of Battle Network that was a platformer like the originals, just with a chip system. I remember that game being pretty hard.

  4. Im so tired of game reviewers comparing original concepts in games to POKEMON. Nothing, not even the chip collecting system, is like Pokémon. At all. It's such a lazy way to review. Pokémon is great, but they didn't pioneer every concept to ever be conceptualized. Stop being lazy.

  5. You complain about the game being a bit too childlike and straightforward, but then also complain that the chip system gets you killed. You're playing the game wrong, dude. What a lazy review. Wow. Enjoy that YouTube money I guess.

  6. Play Battle Network 3. It's definitely a lot more fun and difficult. The plot is much more serious and has some more adult themes, considering it's a kids game. There's type advantages, different stage set-ups, unique bosses, programming to customize Megaman, and the style system. Battle Network 4 is also pretty good!

  7. you guys don't agree with the review because you're remembering part 2 and 3. MMBN1 was rather unpolished compared to this one

  8. You clearly missed the point were they tell you to wait a turn and your chips go from 5 to 10 and an additional turn would make you total chips for a turn to 15 making it much easier, as well as charging your buster cannon lol

  9. 2:40 cmon, is starfox adventures really that bad? I mean, it introduced Krystal! The queen of space boobs!

  10. You asked me to tell you if you did a good job or not, and I mean I'm just one guy on the internet….

    You did a great job of highlighting the game and really explaining what it is all about. Ultimately though, the first Battle Network is like Mcdonalds to someone who's never had a Cheeseburger before. Yeah it's cool and a fun experience, but there are better ones out there. Battle Network 3 is fantastic and head over heels better than 1. 2 even is a huge step up from 1. The later games in the series basically build upon 2 and 3, yet often go there own route.

    Loved getting to take in the nostalgia watching this video, but if you want to really do the series justice, play 2 and 3. Because they are fantastic plays.

  11. sad, this series was one of the best, yes the first was not that great but try the other one, I felt like listening to a guy telling me zubat is a flying pikachu

  12. Still waiting for the battle network 2 review and I will comment this every new upload starting from the day of this post

  13. Megaman Battle Network is my favorite series! It still is and it's how it brought my obsession of all things Megaman.

  14. The school music brought back so many memories as a kid. Was actually introduced to the third game by my elementary school gf lmao. Thanks Julie!

  15. Not a true megaman fan a lot of the things he talked about is fixed in later games, megaman.exe and all megaman games are legendary classics. comparing .exe to classic megaman is his biggest problem wanting something to be like it has in the past or let it die out. .exe took the series in a different direction and was a big part of my gba life, i still have a gba today because of .exe but to each their own.

  16. I thought spyro. Super Mario world was a bad fucking game. It sucked ass. I'm not kidding trolling or anything, fuck that game. Ruined Mario for a decade and I still dont care enough to even try a sonic game. Barring cd, cause I pirated it.

  17. Hey Jirard! I think it’s time to look at the rest of this series, as 3-6 and the star force trilogy are FANTASTIC games. Mechanics get fixed and fun things are added. They are criminally underrated and deserve a fresh look

  18. Personally, I think the third and sixth games in the series are the most polished and enjoyable of them all.

  19. I hope you give the sequels a chance as they get continually better as time goes on, they’re really enjoyable. Also come on man, it’s pronounced mon gah, not main gah, it’s not that hard man. It’s a common word that pops up in Japanese related material.

  20. It is so painful when he activates Z-Cannon, then proceeds to bust them to death. If he had just pressed the other button he would have realized what Z-Cannon does…

  21. No offense but as a whole, when I first played this series, the ONLY time I ever died was fighting bosses. . . It's not hard to figure stuff out as you go and just save every now and then.

  22. great video!! super cool to see someone playing this post 2000's 🙂

    i must say though, without actually diving into the battle chip mechanics and combos, you're missing out on a lot of the combat experience. not to mention, as the series went on, the gameplay quality increased SIGNIFICANTLY. the entire MMBN series is extremely underrated. it's almost unfair to rate the series based on just the entry title. hopefully you got to experience some of the others titles. MMBN3 was personally one of my favorites 🙂

    i do believe that if this series had a chance to be rebooted , it would do extremely well.

  23. I feel like a lot of the critique in this video is almost crazily forced. I mean even if we're talking subjective.
    If you update your chips, the moment you get a couple extra HP, you will never lose for other reasons than just being unskilled against the mooks.
    Also, the episodic nature feels like a giant step up from any past megaman game too.

    Getting chips isn't random, it's skill based. Quick and no damage and you get the chip in 2 or 3 fights.

    Program advances get told to you by npcs and hinted at in boards and at that time, you should have gotten the idea down how to discover most of them. And they're absolutely more powerful too.

    Not sure if mmbn1 had multi-player already, but if so, that's where you use your life aura

  24. So basically the System is very good and has a lot of potential, but it wasn't executed in the best way posible… but there is that best way posible existing. The battle system by itself is very fun,so there are 2 options: Hope that one of the 5 sequels fix most of the bad execution,or create a ROM hack analyzing what works and what doesn't works. Here is the formula to create the best video game of all time that uses this system.

  25. Not gonna lie. Watching him whiff most of the chips he used really made me question his abilities. As well as the fact that it seemed he never learned how to make good folders with similar code chips resulting in him using the buster in about 30-40% of the footage

  26. CHAUD
    I can't stand you being so disrespecful to the girl (?) of the game. I cringe every time is called 'euguene', ugh

  27. You should look up one of the included manuals for the game, as it would probably have helped a LOT.

    Busting Level is important, as well as code-matching your chips in your folder and upgrading it overall. Would have made ur battles much easier, as well as dodging rather than tanking.

    BN1 is pretty garbo, the others are better in pretty much every way except 4, which is also kinda bad.

    You gotta treat the game as something separate from the sidescrolling MegaMans, as it is. It's a deck building game made for versus battles with an EXPANSIVE postgame (Battle Network 2 onward, with BN3 and BN6 being the most noteworthy pre Star Force)

    PLEASE don't give up on this series. They get so much better.

  28. Honestly having played the game again recently it's still a great little rpg to play but I'd recommend watching a playthrough for the storyline and then skipping to 2 or 3.

  29. Not a big CCG player are you? Maybe stop using the worst chips in the game and it would be so much better. Like you learned how to play Dark Souls for it's review, why not for Mega Man Battle Network?

  30. Battle Network 3 Blue and White is in my opinion the best in the series. The first time stumbling upon BassGS…oh man.

  31. This was the worst review you've ever done on a game because you're never giving it a real chance and are still trying to base it off of the original when. Tbh the original is boring at times because how easy they are.

  32. Solid review. I would never play this game. But I love looking at mega man videos and discovering new things I never heard of about mega man.

  33. To me this was a such a fresh breath of air, the platforming MegaMan games were getting kinda stale, just beating the game was the tip of the iceberg, with the extra stuff and bosses there was so much to do!

  34. You should check out megaman network transmission on the gamecube. They made battle network into a side scroller like the X series with awesome graphics.

  35. The lack of a map in the first exe game makes it that much more challenging, even more so if you don't know where you are going or if you forgotten what you were doing after a hiatus of gaming it.

  36. The only pne i played was the one with the cyberbeast i think it was the 6th one
    I tried playing the star force series but its crazy expensive for some reason exept for like gamestop

  37. 14:40 I never had that issue in the game honestly, I would usually end up using steal and swords though so I felt like it was really easy when I first played it, love the game and the battle system and the chips.

  38. I think that final chip puts you ahead of any opponent you might find in multiplayer. I’m pretty sure this game had multiplayer.

  39. so he finds it annpying you need to learn teh pattern of the boss.
    1) just liek every other MM game
    2) that is why V1's are easy and slow. and you can get better till you fight the V3's

  40. This probs won’t ever get noticed but, why were you using the buster so much? The buster is there as a way of always having the option to attack, but it’s rarely ever the best. The player is kinda incentivized to use the chips as a main method of dealing with enemies, or defending against attacks. It’s not perfect tho, but I really hope you try later sequels, it gets so much better

  41. Also clearly you never spoke to anybody about this because NOBODY plays the first game anymore, it's a fucking mess compared to the first

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