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Meet Romeo and Natasha | Family or Fiancé | Oprah Winfrey Network

Meet Romeo and Natasha | Family or Fiancé | Oprah Winfrey Network

So the wedding’s
two months from now? Two months from now. And you guys have been
together a long time. – Eight years.
– That’s amazing. For us, yeah. – But two years engaged.
– Three years. Three years.
So 2016, yes. Three years.
– That’s a long engagement. – Very long.
– Right. Too long. Definitely. So tell me why are you here? Our family’s just
not on the same page. My mom she hasn’t been
the best to my fiancee. His mom, she’s always
been very standoffish to me. I don’t know why. I’ve never done anything to her. Not only did I want
to work on our family but I want to work on us. Well, that’s definitely
something we can work on here. Definitely. I’m going to give
you the tools to do it. Start by telling
me who’s coming. My mother, Veda, my
cousin, Big Kes, and one of my best friends, Donovan. We’re here for Rome. I just make sure that
this time around– Is the last time. –is the last time. Better be the last time. I got your back. – I got yours.
– Straight up, I got y’alls. That’s it. – And then we all got Rome’s.
– Yeah. And we got Rome’s. Yes. My mother’s concern
is that I don’t think she really knows Natasha. When she sees Natasha, she
see her glimpsed up, glam. So she’s thinking
that Natasha is just some gold digging
woman that’s just take taking my son for a ride. Natasha doesn’t do anything. She doesn’t bring
anything to the table. They think I’m so lazy. There’s not a lazy bone
in this body right here. – I know.
– See this body? – I know.
– No laziness. I know.
I’m with you. I live with you.
I know. I’m–
– OK. Kes, with him,
it’s a money thing. Is she going to be able
to take care of you if something happened to you? Donovan, he knows everything
I’ve been through with my ex. Like, dude, let it go. It’s done and over with. This woman is my life. Trust me. I don’t see them believing me. Natasha, how about you? Who’s coming from your side? I have my older
cousin, Antonett, Anthony, who’s also my cousin,
and my best friend, Chantel. We’re going to be cordial. We’re going to be kind.
– Kind. I’m always cordial and kind. – That’s what– mm.
– Ooh ooh. Mm. That’s my resting bitch face. I think people take that
they read me wrong sometimes. – Yes, so just remember–
– Be aware of it. Just remember to smile. Antonett’s concern is he’s
too extra, he’s too cocky. Anthony, he’s just
never really met Romeo. Chantel feels that I
shouldn’t get married. We’re here to work
through all this. So I have some tasks for you. Natasha, for you, the
assignment called My Week. So you’re going to lay
out for Romeo’s family what your week is. And you can discuss how
the two of you pay bills– OK. –so they can get
some insight into that. Romeo, you are going to cook
dinner with Natasha’s family. And you’re going to play a
game called Time the Truth. The family’s going to have a
series of written questions, time limit is three minutes. The more we can get the concerns
out, the faster and better the work goes.

28 thoughts on Meet Romeo and Natasha | Family or Fiancé | Oprah Winfrey Network

  1. This will be an interesting episode. Just from this short clip, his family seems stuck on his past but haven't truly gotten to know his bride to be.
    She is not his ex….and shouldn't be treated as such….but we'll see.

  2. They both in the relationship together not there family members that's what needs 2 be told here and walk🚶on out peaceful.😑

  3. After 8 years, why get married. This is not a relationship it's a jail term. 3 years at the most, the devil is a lie I date 8 years , it doesn't take that long to know if your a fit.

  4. 8 years into the relationship and they need to explain their finances to the family?! Naaahhhh..not happening! They're too nosy for my liking!

  5. Started watching episode then stopped but I see everyone saying 8 years in if you in Love with someone you would never wait 8 years to get married. He's not the one find a man that is in Love with you not tolerate you. God Bless you all

  6. Im so fascinated by American black people that are THIS family oriented in 2020… they must be jamaican or sum cause I would've told my cousins to mind their business 8 years ago.

  7. They been 2gether for eight years and their familes are still worried whether or not they are ready to marry or need their blessings. They are already damn married without the papers.. LMBO..

  8. This couple been together too long to be asking for an outsider's " blessing ". Damn the families as long as they support each other.

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