Math Almost Destroyed Me In School

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Math Almost Destroyed Me In School

Math Almost Destroyed Me In School

Okay so when I was younger I wasn’t
really great at math. I was good at other stuff like literature and language arts
and history and all that stuff but I just couldn’t do math as well as I could
do other things. I was home-schooled up until fourth grade when I started
actually going to a public school and the first year I was there I really
really struggled in math class my teacher didn’t help. He would
purposefully call on me even though my hand wasn’t raised for a problem. I don’t
know if other teachers do that but it just didn’t help in my case whatsoever.
And he would call on me and I just, I would never have the correct answer. And I’d always I would turn red and I would get all flustered and I would mutter and
it just made everything so much worse. That didn’t help my self-esteem at all
because the other kids would look at me and be like” oh why doesn’t she know math
oh she’s such an idiot for being a homeschooler
oh.” And I did know math it wasn’t my strong point I mean we all have
weaknesses and stuff stuff like that. Most people watching this are good at
math and I bet some aren’t but that’s okay. Yeah this continued for a while and
I tried to get there but it just wouldn’t stick in my memory as much as
other stuff would. So I passed fourth grade and the same stuff happened in
fifth grade. Like, I wasn’t really getting a hold on anything and it just wasn’t
really my favorite thing to do and I really tried to prioritize it and help
myself. And my parents tried to help and they even made me stay after school so I
could learn more things about it and that didn’t help either. And I had
another math teacher and he wouldn’t help either. He would do the same stuff
the previous teacher would. He would call out my name even though my hand wasn’t
raised and I’d have to sit there like an idiot and just keep quiet. And then all
the kids would laugh me and he’d go on to a different person which i think is a
wrong way to try to teach somebody who’s just calling out on them when they’re
not expecting it. And I’m in eighth grade now and I did pass six and seventh grade.
It is pretty much the same story for all the grades that I struggled in math. And
now I am taking out on at school and I’m home schooled again and I’ve gotten so
much better at math and I can do stuff that I’m confident with and I’m just
grateful that I’m not as bad as I was. And it just takes time and it takes a
certain kind of person as well and you just have to know
what’s right for you. Like you don’t have to be great at a certain subject you can
be perfectly fine in another subject and I’m telling you this story because I
know a lot of kids out there are not as great as other stuff. It could be a sport,
it could be a subject in school, it could be literally anything. But it’s okay
if you don’t get that hold on whatever you’re trying to learn.
It’s just that you don’t have to change, you just might want to improve and it
helped a lot.

100 thoughts on Math Almost Destroyed Me In School

  1. I’m in 7th grade and I hate my math teacher and have a D in her class maybe going to have a F soon I’m scared for my life

  2. Math is the only fucking class I got a c in. I got 3 f’s on the test. The only reason why I have a C is because always get A’s on homework while cheating

  3. Carter Anderson I can't comment but I'm kind of good at math oh yeah
    Like if you wanted to comment to himher

    Any one in 2019 here

  4. my teacher told me that everyone learn at different speed like u can't say ''I can't do it'' You just say ''I can't do it YET''

  5. Not to brag I'm really good at math my teacher never calls on me because if he would I would have a right answer all ways but I struggle with p.e and writing so I also have my weakness

  6. I have a ticher that if you say somthing rong at math shy wil expain it over and OVER agen til you understand and shy sas evrithinh so silmpe but good!!!

  7. I’m sorry, but she really seems ungrateful.
    The kid could be zoned out, it’s just the way teachers get them back into the real world.

  8. I struggle at math to… and my past math teachers haven’t really helped either…but this year I’m in 6th grade and I have the best math teacher I could ever ask for she has helped me in math a whole lot already!! She has so many different ways to show our whole class stuff on how to learn it I couldn’t ask for a better math teacher????

  9. I hate math im in middle school(5 grade) i will want to Write this: what i Should do!? I know I can jump trouh the window!!

  10. Math can be REALLY easy but it can also be hard. You just gotta work on it and you’ll be fine!

    Me personally is good at math but sometimes I struggle and that’s okay! You just gotta be confident and continue!

  11. Everytime my teacher tells me to go to the front of the class and write the answer,even though she knows i'm terrible but she still tells me to go to the front but whenever i get the answer incorrectly i had to stand up for the rest of the lesson

  12. is really hard to be the one who struggles with math, because basic people and school focuses on that subject, they kinda careless if you are not good at other subjects as long as you are good at math and if you go bad on it everybody gets angry or laugh at you, it really sucks! because math is not something we should aall be good at, I mean amazing for those who do get it quickly and are like genius on it, but at the other side of the corner, when someone is out of school and keeps doing maths and wins tournaments.. people hardly supports them, because they focus more on the singers or famous people, and well it sucks too! Everybody should give a chance to others who are following a dream, sure is amazing to support the singers and youtubers but there are other arts and talents that need support and can help even your country.

  13. I am GREAT at math. I am in the beginning of 6th grade and I already understand the concepts, I am really good at it. 😀

  14. I hated the fact that when I raised my hand, the teachers did not call, but if I did not raise my hand, the teachers called again

  15. I almost failed 5th grade because of my teacher she was horrible now she’s nicer but still she keeps trying to fail me ?

  16. U wunna know what my music teacher made me do today? I forgot my homework and she’s a mony cow so i knew she was gunna be mad but I just told her I don’t have it and she made me do it all again! But I did it wrong and she went like this that’s wrong that’s wrong and that’s wrong go do it again instead of helping me ? and she knows that I’m half dyslexic so screw her

  17. I am really really bad at divide my 3th grade teacher did not teach me divide not all my classmate knows divide but not me

  18. English isn't my native language so i can't understand all your words but all i want to know is how did you succeed after your tough road with math ??plz tell me because i am stuck

  19. This is me I’m really good at every other subject but I’m doing really bad at math I struggle a lot and nothing helps me at all

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