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Mana Idhari Katha Okate | Wirally Originals | Tamada Media

Mana Idhari Katha Okate | Wirally Originals | Tamada Media

‘Viewers of Wirally, please find and hit
the bell and never miss any notification from us.’ ‘Hurry up!
Do you think they did hit the bell?’ I know you’ll never change. Let’s break up.
– Break up? W-What.. “Love is so sweet.
But my lover is so difficult.” One chilled beer, please. “Love is a myth. Being in love is a myth.
Love is so sweet. But my lover is so difficult.” What is this guy’s problem? Bro, keep it down. You’re disturbing everyone.
– I’m sorry. He seems frustrated.
Bro, I’m coming. You seem so frustrated.
– Yeah. – What’s the matter? I had a break up. – What?
– She broke up as I don’t have a job. Why are you crying?
– My girl broke up with me as I have a job. This is why we shouldn’t believe Chinese products or girls.
– True. Anyways, how did you both break up? Hi, babe! Good morning.
– Good morning! – What plans for the day? Nonsense! I’ll have no other plans
than loving you all day. Cut it! Shall we go shopping?
– Shopping? Alright. I’ll be there. Which one do you think is good?
– Whichever you think is good. – Pick one. Both look fine. But it is your call finally.
– I shouldn’t have even asked you. Who is this weirdo?
– ‘This girl is damn hot!’ Why did you blow a whistle at my girl?
– I didn’t whistle at her. – Then why did you whistle? I was only practising blowing whistles.
– When you lie, atleast try to make it believable. Hey, you, calm down!
– I won’t. Now, answer me. – Let go off my shirt! Jones! Why are you behaving like a goon?
It was only a whistle. You’ll kill him or what? See how everyone is staring at us.
This is so embarrassing. Let’s go.
– I’ll deal with you later. What do we order?
– Whatever you like. May I have your order?
– One French Fries and two chicken burgers. Why don’t you ever voice your opinion?
Why don’t you have your own opinions? How will you survive if you go this way?
– What did I do now? – Shut up! Manika, please..
You look so beautiful even when you’re angry. Stop it now. Are you well prepared for the interview tomorrow?
It is so important you land this job. The job is mine. Don’t worry about it.
– Let’s see. Let’s begin the interview. Sorry, Jones, you’re rejected.
– M-Ma’am.. Not again. Now what do I say if Manika calls me? Hey! How did the interview go?
– I didn’t make it. – You didn’t? You’ll never change. Had you landed this job,
I could’ve told my parents about us. You’re so irresponsible. Aren’t you ashamed
to always hang around me? Well, atleast I am. I know you’ll never change. Let’s break up.
– Break up? W-What.. She broke up as I have no job? This is what happened.
– So sad, bro. Why did you break up? Good morning, Kiran.
– Good night. – Good night? May be it is morning, but I just returned home from work.
– So, you want come shopping with me? We’ll go in the evening.
I’m feeling so sleepy now. – Alright. Kiran, how is this dress?
– I think this will be better. – But I like this better. I thought you’d like this too.
– Well, if you’ve made up your mind, why ask me? You don’t care about me at all.
You never ask me to buy whatever I like. I don’t want this. Shravani, wait..
What did I do? ‘This girl is damn hot!’
– Kiran, he whistled at me. Do something. It is only a whistle. Why make a scene?
– What if he had held my hand. You still wouldn’t care? You’d have slapped him had you really loved me.
– Sravani, wait.. Kiran, what is wrong with you?
– Sorry, sir. I’ll put this on silent. I just saw that I missed your call.
– Not one call, you missed 25 of my calls. Well, I was in a meeting with the client. So, tell me..
– Well, I.. Give me a minute, Shravani,
boss just called. I’m sorry, Shravani, it was my boss.
– When you lie, atleast try to make it believable. Who talks so long with boss?
– It was my boss! Call him and find out if you want. Why should I call your boss?
Also, you care more about your job than me. Even after 25 missed calls, you didn’t call me soon.
You called back only after you’re free. Had you really loved me, you’d have picked my calls.
I wonder how worse you’d become after marriage. So, there is no point doing this. Let’s break up.
– What? Break up? Who do these girls think they are?
– If we try to beat up the guy who whistled at them they call us goons.
– If we let him be, they say we aren’t men enough. Girls inspect themselves in the mirror than introspect.
– You’re right, bro. Discussing your break up stories, bro?
– Yeah. – I just had my 11th break up today. You know what is the meaning of break up?
It means you should raise your bar and look for someone new. He seems very experienced in this. Hey, bro!
– Hi! Jones, this tastes so good. Everyone is so busy with jobs here, so, let’s leave.
– Let’s go, Kiran. We’ve jobs to go to. Hey, guys! How much ever busy you maybe with your life,
do spend time with your loved ones. It means a lot. Also, do like, share
and subscribe to Wirally.

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