Make Money Online From Home – Easy Method

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Make Money Online From Home – Easy Method

Make Money Online From Home – Easy Method

welcome to today’s video guys in today’s
video I’m gonna show you an easy way to make money from home using eBay
alright so stick around we’re going to get started on that right now all righty guys welcome back to the
video as I said in the intro I’m going to show you an easy way today to make
money on ebay using eBay as the platform and as you know eBay is a pretty popular
site and gets lots of traffic alright first of all if you’ve been here to my
videos before or you’re new to my videos and my channel and you have not yet
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which we do fairly regularly here also my name is kevin Lehner and what we do
here at this channel and on these videos is we show how to videos affiliate
marketing videos any way to make money online videos to help you out and once
in a while we throw in a motivational video for you as well okay alrighty guys
great with all that out of the way now let’s get right on in on today’s video
here so you had to make easy money from home
alright so as I said we’re going to be using eBay so if we come over here
if I click on browser and we come over to ebay here in everybody’s familiar
with eBay right ok so what I’m going to do here in eBay is in this search engine
here we’re going to type in ebooks let’s see if how many people are selling
ebooks alright as you can see there’s all kinds of them in eighteen thousand
six hundred forty results came up up here there’s all kinds of people selling
ebooks here’s one right here for pizza recipes that sold three hundred and six
of them right there three hundred and six items sold for just 99 cents so take
three hundred and six and multiply that by ninety nine you get an idea about how
much money they’ve made just on that on that product eleven all right and it’s
scroll down here you can see there’s others here
all he books package collection ebooks are just you know PDF format looks like
Adobe Reader or Adobe PDF readers where you can read what’s called ebooks it’s
just an electronic book and most of them are downloadable products you know and
ease so there’s no there’s no shipping cost there’s no back office or any kind
of customer service you have to worry about or anything like that now you
can’t offer refunds of course if somebody doesn’t like the e-book you can
offer a refund to them I suppose if you you know want to do that I mean some
people do some don’t you’ll noticed all right but you can see there’s quite a
few down through here where people selling ebooks and here’s one for 65s
been sold for six gigabyte ebook collection it’s a package of all kinds
of ebooks you can get them with the resell rights master resell up rights
and so on and so forth they’re using what they’re using is PLR ebooks
what does PLR stand for PL r is private label rights ebooks and you can give
they come of different terms which I’ll show you here in a moment
they come with different terms for different meanings like you have master
resell lights rights PLR rights and a lot of different other
types of things that you can do with ebooks that you there are there are
terms in the ebooks that you get that you could things you can do and things
you can’t do which I’ll I’ll show you guys here in just a moment now but
continuing on here you see that people are just selling these ebooks for about
about a dollar a pop all right all kinds of different ebooks on here there’s one
there’s 65 sold here at one dollar even for the laws of human nature by Robert
Greene 37 sold with 7 Habits of Highly Effective People the effective people
and the 61 sold of the Catcher in the Rye in
eBook format and just it goes on and on and on
and 91 sold here of the 300,000 ebook collection ebooks are something that you
can do a lot with you can use it as a link as a free gift in your giveaway
like if you’re trying to capture someone’s email address you give it away
as a free free link bait a lot of other things that you can do with ebooks and
types of marketing and selling ebooks and so on and so forth a lot of times
ebooks are used as giveaway products and as lead magnets you know when you’re
trying to get someone to put in their email address there’s a lot of times are
used for that or you can do one other thing and that’s bring them over here to
eBay and sell them as well the and as you can see as it would go down through
here is just all kinds of them here’s the 48 laws of power here has been 47
sold for 99 cents a pop a lot of other books down here for sale
53 sold there buy anything wholesale I mean it’s just all just list goes on and
on and on of all kinds of ebooks that you can get as you can see down here
there’s about at least 10 pages that were showing right here so now how do
you get the ebooks okay well you get the ebooks from from
like different master brief there’s lots of them out there but one of my favorite
places to get them is ID PLR comm if I can get it to release this here okay I
DPL are calm which the link is down there in the top of the description if
you want to click on that it’ll bring you right over here to this site and you
can see this twelve twelve thousand five hundred plus PLR products so you can see
they’re a books they got ebooks videos graphics templates articles and audios
mp3 files and all of these are free a lot of them are free they do have a paid
they have a paid products and they have three products here so you can come here
you can sign up for free and download free ebooks software videos audio
graphics and templates that you can use and make money with these things okay
one of the ways I’m showing you now is through eBay now so for example this
person here I noticed you’ve come back here this book right here called pizza
recipes right this person sold three hundred and six of these at $0.99 of
Papa pizza recipes hot and delicious eBook PDF with full master resell rights
so where did they get this book well I come over here to Aidid PLR and this
thing here is never going and if I type in their search engine here pizza
recipes spell pizza right I’ll be in good shape
and press Enter let’s see what we come up with look right here is that book
it’s the same book that you see right here on eBay right there the same book
so you see that this person that’s selling this book on eBay for 99 cents a
pop came to a place like ID PLR dot-com and got this book probably downloaded it
for free or maybe paid a couple bucks for it whatever and just took the
information and now is selling it on eBay and if we click on it and they’ve
got to buy it now it’s not an auction this is a straight Buy It Now thing I
mean you know after all the prices only 99 cents or you know a penny less than
the dollar for the product and they of course just like any other as this one
accepts returns and just like any other product on eBay it’s got a description
and specific items tip specifics and it’s got different this guy’s got
this person has a store parently with different ebooks in it so that’s another
thing too you can have your own store on eBay and just load it up with all kinds
of interesting ebooks and people that come and buy what you have for sale on
their on their product set listing right here you can also go and check out their
their store and see if there isn’t it into some other ebooks or whatever
products it’s like in it but anyways you just you put in a description down here
this DS description here was obviously gotten out of the book what’s the
package of the PLR package for this particular book right here so if we
click on it here and it brings us here and you can see that this book here now
this is what I was going to tell you about her about the terms each each one
of these have different terms de temp depending on whether it has master
resell rights or private label rights or whatnot and you can see here the dis
license is private label rights on here but you can also convey master resell
rights down here you see right here okay and you can listen the things that you
can do with this ebook and then here’s things that you cannot do with the
ebooks that you get from ID PLR which Dilton each ebook you click on will give
you the product terms listed pretty simply down here and easy to understand
this book you can’t give it away for free and it can’t be added to any free
membership websites but it can be sold see up here at the top yes it can be
sold so that’s what this person’s done this this person that’s running this product on ebay right here put in this
information on the product and is selling it on eBay for 99 cents a pop
and this information has probably come out from the information to do with the
product because it it comes with of different things with it too you get
you get pictures and and so on and so forth to go along with the e-book and
all that – so they just put in a description here with the information
and kept the colors congruent with the book with the picture in their words and
tell a little bit about it down here and then just listed more things about that
book down through here and in the payment and shipping and so on and so
forth and that’s basically it you can you could sell ebooks on eBay
from ID PLR comm you just get the come over here sign up for a free account or
you can join they do have paid accounts starting at $39 for 3 months and on up
from there and you can download any amount of ebook packages that you want
on any subject to to choose and then just take those over set up an account
on eBay and start selling your ebooks on eBay for 99 cents and dollars some of
them a dollar 25 just depends on what you want to put the price down and then
begin to sell those books on eBay and make easy money from home pretty much
for free alrighty guys that’s what I wanted to
share with you today it’s a pretty simple way to make money there don’t
forget to reach down there and subscribe to the channel and click that bell also
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that I’m going to let you go and I’ll see you again here in a couple of days
on the next exciting video you guys take care and have an awesome day today
alright bye bye now

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