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Make Money Online Free $100 Per Week

Make Money Online Free $100 Per Week

what’s up YouTube squad let me guess
you’re here on this video right now because you’re looking for a way to make
some money well you’re going to want to stick around for this whole video
because I got a place where you can make some money from anywhere in the world
and do it on a part-time basis or a full-time making weekly income and but
it’s not a full-time job and you’re not going to be tied down to any rat race or
hamsters wheels so to speak right alright so stick around we’re gonna get
started on that or right now all righty guys welcome back to the
video it’s a boy cave here coming at you with another video what’s going to help
you make some money online from anywhere that you want to we’re gonna get started
on that here soon in just a second first of all if this is your first time to my
videos or you’ve been here before and you have not yet subscribe to the
channel what’s holding you back reach down there below and subscribe to the
channel and don’t forget to click the bell so you get notified when we upload
new videos which we do fairly right through here I’m always trying to come
up with ways for you guys to help you make money to free up your time and get
your life of freedom back so you don’t get tied down to a job or anything like
that alrighty guys with that out of the way
let’s go ahead and get started on this video this video is similar to the one I
did a couple of days ago and but only this one’s a little bit more simpler I
think in the terms of requirements before it’s alright so come over here
we’re going to click on the upper browser here and bring up this website
right here it’s called try my UI UI being user interface try my UI it’s a
testing website again where you can become a tester and test websites out
for companies that are interested and need people like you to test their
websites and applications similar to the user feel video I did just a couple of
days ago okay alright so we come over here it’s afternoon you know it’s how
can you improve your blogger comset or what a concept or whatever here and
these are companies that use this site as well as the other one I did a couple
days ago in the video for user feel and they want people to test their websites
out so they’re gonna a lot of times they want more than one at a time they
have upwards of 10 people testing out their website at one time so they can
get opinions and ideas and things for many people at one time
alright so you can see right here it’s a remote usability testing and how it
works now this is for companies that come here and want to use this site or
to use you to do their testing because you’ll be signing up with this website
right alright so it’s they set up their tests
pick a target user and choose from a wide array of Democratic demographic not
Democratic this isn’t the convention like that but anyways of demographic
factors to find the right users so that could be you and it doesn’t matter where
you’re at in the world you can do this okay also and basically you’ll just
they’ll watch your video or watch the video of you while you are testing their
website out and invoicing your opinions and your thoughts and your ideas or your
criticisms about their website and how it operates so on and so forth and then
come down and you see these are some other people here that have companies
the testimonies of this you can see some of these companies that use this website
Priceline British Airways US Bureau of Labor Statistics about that in NBC impose to name a few right here pretty well known popular
companies and government bureaus apparently and this they talk about here
a user testing and so on and so forth so and they can try for free actually
they’ve got a free trial here to I think they had that on user feel calm when I
showed you that the other day where you can they can do companies can try this
for free and have like a little test of it before they actually sign up and pay
for their ongoing testing with user testers such as yourself right
and then here’s a couple years of webinars about it that they can watch
and so on and so forth and then they’ve got blog posts here in case studies that
these companies can read about and find out more information about why they
should use this site how easy it is and the benefits of using this site to
understand how people such as yourself work operate and like and test their
websites out and it comes down here and so forth so now the thing we want to
talk about is how are we going to make some money right so you can either come
here to this site you can click up here where it says get paid to test up here
at the upper right you see that or you can click the button right here get paid
to test which by the way as you can see in the address bar up here this is try
MIUI dot-com try MIUI dot-com and so if we click on get paid to test here it’s
going to bring us over to this page right here and it says become a try my
UI test or get paid to use websites and apps and give your honest feedback at
try MIUI we help make the web easier for anyone to use by letting designers and
coders programmers see the obstacles that real people run into on their sites
and their apps and things so all you have to do as a tester is just be
yourself use the test website exactly as you would in any real-life situation in
other words you just want to just like you do every day when you browse to
websites whether it’s YouTube where you’re at right now right or or it could
be Facebook or it could be Macy’s calm could be any site in the world you just
use it normally as you usually would but only difference is is while you’re using
it you’re going to be voicing your opinions about it and your thoughts and
your ideas of what you think about this particular website and then
yeah voice your thoughts and frustrations out loud so the site
developers can understand your experience and others like you says
you’ll be paid ten dollars for each test you take here all right
it’s a typical test lasts about 20 minutes it says sign up now start making
the web a more user friendly place and here’s the form that where you can sign
up pretty simple there this site the last site that I did called user feel
calm on the video a couple of days ago I did if you saw that you had to go
through a what they call examination type of test first Horry a rating test I
don’t see that on this site this sites a whole lot more simpler like I was saying
earlier you just come here you sign up and you start taking these tests and
start making money okay anyways you’re going to fill out your full name and yes
you do have to make sure you have a paypal email account here that says
payments are made via PayPal to this email address so please be sure it is
tied to a PayPal account and it is entered correctly all right so you can
get paid and then you know put in a password confirm your password and check
the I’m not a robot box down here and then just click Submit right here you
can check this little box where it says remember me on this computer if you want
your browser will probably remember the username and password to log in anyway
right and then just click Submit and at that point you just get started now a
period talks about fast facts here what does a usability test consists of video
featuring your screen and your voice as you use a website or application and
then your written responses to a short wrap-up survey that they’ll give you at
the end of the test and then here it’s a quote one of the questions is how many
tests can I do and they say there’s no limit on the number of tests you
do but expect to get a few each week all right so like I was telling you earlier
this site uses more than one person they may use five or or ten people at a time
to run these tests on their website form so anyways I would think that you can
get are seeing a few a week you might get up to ten now where it could be more
to them a few might be fifteen or twenty I don’t know but think about it everyone
you do that’s ten bucks that you do so if you
do ten and a week that’s $100 per week if you did four in a day that’s $40 a
day that you just made right now telling you here though that this is definitely
not full-time work it’s just a way to make a few extra bucks doing something
fun in your spare time so depending on what you want if you got like I said if
they give you ten tests in a week which I would think according to what they’re
saying here you’re going to get a few each week it could be even more than ten
so that’s why I say you can make around a hundred dollars per week with this
probably pretty easy all right and then it says how will you be paid how will I
be paid we send payments out every Friday through PayPal tests are cleared
for payment after being reviewed and accepted by our graders so basically you
can make some pretty good spare time money with this or part time money and
no this is any murder in the world you’re not going to become an employee
of this company there’s no job here so that you’re not going to get tied down
in a rat race that you have to follow through with every day it’s gonna be
pretty much at your choice it’s your time and so on and so forth and so you
just want to make sure you check your email and make sure that you you know
keep up with the tests that they’re offering you so you don’t miss any and
miss any opportunities to make any money all right well guys that’s what I had
for you today real quick back here a great place here try my UI
you can make some pretty good money on a part-time basis if you want or even try
to make it a full-time I suppose or however many you want and take the
amount of tests that they give you all right
well guys if you like this video give me a thumbs up down there if you would
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and then also if you want to get out of the rat race of your normal job that you
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right up there at the top of the video where it says mentor with keV down there
in the description come over get signed up and get out of that rat race and
start your own business for less than a cup of Starbucks coffee and have your
business up and running in fifteen days or less and get out of the rat race and
free up your life and have a life of freedom where you can work wherever you
want whatever you want in the world alrighty guys check that out and also if
you have any comments or ideas about this video feel free to comment down
there below in the description as well in the comment section alright guys I’ll
let you go with that now see you again here on the next exciting video where
you can make some money as well online – alright guys take care have an awesome

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