Make Money Online For Free 2 Ways In 1 Video

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Make Money Online For Free 2 Ways In 1 Video

Make Money Online For Free 2 Ways In 1 Video

so are you a graphic designer you like
to design graphics for like games and things like that or maybe you’re an
aspiring graphics designer and you’re looking to get into it and you like to
do that kind of thing well you don’t want to stick around for this whole
video because I’m going to show you how to kill two birds with one stone
and how to make money two ways today all right so stick around we’ll be right
back on here in just a moment and get started on that or right now alrighty
guys welcome back to the video like I said earlier I’m going to show you
graphics designers anybody that’s interested in graphic design I’m gonna
show you two ways today to make money online from home alright first of all my
name is Kevin Lena with Kevin leaner Kevin – leaner calm almost got that
wrong and this your first time in my video or you’ve been here before – the
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great well with that said and all out of the way let’s go ahead and jump into
today’s video what we’re going to do here is we’re going to come over to our
old favorite website called fiber right everybody knows about fiber and here
what we’re going to do here is gonna type in YouTube intro like spell it here I’ll be in good shape
family now if you notice right here what it brings up is people that do graphic
design intros including their their brand and their channel and so on so
forth for you to basically what you’ll be doing to be making youtube intro such
as the one you just saw of mine just a few moments ago alright and you can make
money doing this on Fiverr what you can do is you can see here well you can see
there’s a few here some are I’ll create a YouTube intro video for $10 I’ll
create a logo animation YouTube improve for $20 here $20 here and so on as you
can see the prices go up these people offer in this service and so I mean you
could almost literally depending how good you are you could set your own
price on here pretty much all right so what you’ll do is you come here to fiver
you want to click on become a seller and it loads up this page here and you can
join with either your Facebook account of your Google account and or you can
just sign up through a local account right here on Fiverr to become a seller
and then what you would do is you create your gig like this about creating
YouTube intro videos alright and now how so again some of you may be
saying well how do I get mine I see there’s nineteen hundred and seventy-six
of people that are doing this out here so how will I get my video service or my
video intro service to rank up high on Fiverr as quick as possible well you
pick one like this one for examples got 400 475 reviews at $10 a pop with a 5.0
star rating and then you can look down through here and find others 74 here’s
224 354 and so on and so forth and here’s one was for 777 so for example
purposes let’s say we want to take this one here because it’s got a lot of
reviews on it so there’s something that’s making him show up here on this
first page and being pretty popular and he sell them at $50 a pop okay so he’s
made quite a lot of money here so if we click on that person’s gig and
we scroll what you want to do is pick the one you want or whatever and then
scroll all the way to the bottom when you make your gig come to a gig like
this scroll all the way to the bottom and copy their related tags right here
you see related tags you want to copy and use their tags you see their tags
was worked for them then they should also work for you as well right add
their tags or you can actually mix and match and check other gigs out and mix
and match tags to help try to boost your your gig up quicker in fiber all right
all right so let’s say you’ve created the gig here you’ve got your gig and
somebody clicks the order button here right here and they want to put an order
with you to make a intro video and you’re starting at I don’t know what ten
to fifty dollars whatever you set it at right and they want to make you to make
an intro video so what you do is they would give you the directions on how to
do that right then what you do is you bring those directions over to and this
is all free by the way guys this can be done anywhere in the world just make
sure you have an internet connection you know a computer basically and this can
be done anywhere in the world you’re going to bring that information from
your customer over here to this site right here it’s called to
tube arsenal you see up here in the address bar tube as you see
here it’s free it’s a free intro maker tube Arsenal helps you make gorgeous
video intros brands our youtube channel blog or video get more subscribers look
more professional and being YouTube star and then you can create it there’s no
cost here on this site to do this and they have all kinds of templates and so
it’s no software to buy and there’s no training required you do it all right
here on this website this application built right into this website alright
and you can see down here it says look how easy step one just browse the
gallery and pick a template and then step to use their easy
customization page to change the text colors images and logos and then step 3
downloads your final mu animation and then uploaded says there but what you’re
going to do is download it and from your your your customer right and just give
it back to your customer and get paid all at the same time is that easy well
that’s one way remember I told you in the beginning there’s two ways I was
going to show you how to make money all right well that’s one way but let me
show you I want to show you some of the cool things animations that people have
made here here’s one right here it’s only 14 seconds long I’m just going to
play this and just it’s pretty cool intro for there for you YouTube –
Marshall website pretty cool just a 14 second it looks
like a tornado see yeah that you can do those types of
things for your customers from fiber once you set up your gig and then just
when you download it you just give it back to them and get paid it’s just that
simple now here’s the second way that you’re
going to get paid let’s say that you you love what you do you’re a great graphic
designer and what you would do is come over here you’re on tube Arsenal anyway
right and you see down here at the bottom scroll all the way to the very
bottom of the page and you see right here where it says artists right here
we’re going to click on that and notice what they say here it says artists want
to be an artist for tube arsenal welcome to the family
tube Arsenal loves fresh new content for our customers we also love to help out
our artists so we pay an extremely high commission all right as you probably
know tube Arsenal isn’t a download site projects are rendered live for the
customer this uses a lot of computing power however we don’t make the artist
pay for rendering time or the work we do to automate your projects in return you
make money for every intro sold or rendered so there gives you permission
to use their site to sell on fiber that’s one way they’re right I just
showed you that Nana says it’s a really great deal and your work can get pirated
you’re working your work can’t get pirate sorry about that it says it says
here down here it says we accept templates for Adobe AIR effects submit
your templates to support at – Barcelona so we can see your work and discuss your
pay so see you guys that’s the second way you can make money if you’re if you
think your designs are good enough that you make offer them to tube Arsenal
website here and they will pay you for that graphic design template like what
they already have on here and they’ll pay you for that
it’s pretty handsomely according to what they say there right extreme High
Commission alrighty well guys that’s what I have for you today
wanted to show you these two ways that you can make money online from home all
for free make sure you don’t forget to reach down there and hit that subscribe
button and click that bell so you get notified also reach down there and click
where it says mentor with calves comm and check out my number one affiliate
marketing business all right guys I’m gonna let you go with that don’t forget
to comment and like the video if you liked it too and I’ll see you again here
in a couple of days on the next exciting video you guys have a great day

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