Make Money Online Fast Soon As Today (100% Free)

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Make Money Online Fast Soon As Today (100% Free)

Make Money Online Fast Soon As Today (100% Free)

this video I’m going to show you how to
make money online fast as soon as today and the best part about it it’s all 100%
free and I’m going to get you started on that right now all righty guys welcome back to this
video like I said a moment ago I’m gonna show you how to make money online fast
as soon as starting today and it’s all 100% free
I’m Kevin later and if this is your first time to my videos or to my channel
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what we do here if you’re new to my videos on this channel we do affiliate
marketing videos anything to do with making money online videos to help you
out how to videos and once in a while we throw in a motivational video for you a
to as well okay alright I’m anxious to get into this
here today and show you how to do this what we’re going to do is we’re going to
come over here to a site that everybody’s familiar with it’s called everybody knows about fiber pretty much right if you don’t it’s a
simple site where you can offer services of your choice in all kinds of
categories and make money doing it alright so for today’s example we’re
going to do translation document translation if you looked up here in the
search engine you see where I’ve typed in translate documents and it brings up
a lot of people here that are doing this and what they do is they just translate
any document it can be text doc can be a PDF any document into a different
language and there’s many many different languages if you’ll notice you see some
people here that are doing sort of specialized or niched down to certain
languages such as this person here says they’ll translate legal documents in 24
hours to dutch translate any document from Japanese to English or whatever
from German to English and so on and so forth so what you want to do to take
action on this you want to come over here to fiber you’re going to click on
become a seller up here and click here where it says become a seller
and then just sign up either with your Facebook account or with your Google
account or you can just create your local
account right here on fiber and that’ll get you started and you’re going to set
up a gig on this on fiber you’ll set up a translation gig like you see these
people have done here and then you’re going to Trent you’ll be translating
documents that your customers give you into whatever language that they want
you to put that in and this can be done for free in a matter of seconds so what
what would you do now you know a lot of people might be thinking – well Kevin it
looks like there’s a lot of people doing this on this site yeah there’s about
thirteen hundred and twenty-eight people as you see right here that are doing
this type of work so you may be saying well how do I get my gig ranked up so
that I can get customers quick well the way that you would do that when you
start your game on in translation you would come for example pick a high
person like this that’s done this it’s got a high amount of people or traffic
if you want to say the reviews this guy’s got like for example right here
351 reviews and a five-star rating and he starts his BA get $10 a pop so you
see he’s rated at this point he’s right up in here so the way you would help
your gig out to get ranked up high on Fiverr and as quick as possible and also
on Google right this is also going to rank you on Google because fiber itself
is highly ranked in Google a lot of traffic on this site now so what you
would do you can take any one of these you want doesn’t matter and you’re going
to click on it and you see it opens his gig up here and then once will do is
scroll clear to the bottom of someone else’s gig like this whatever one you
choose and scroll clear to the bottom past the comments and you see down here
where it says we related tags right you’re going to use the same tags that
the person the site that or the gig that you clicked on your
use the same tags that they’re using for your gig write these tags obviously work
for this person why wouldn’t they work for you right so
you’ll use to use these these tags and attach them to your gig and that will
help your gig rank up faster on Fiverr okay
all right so once you get your gig set up on Fiverr excuse me and your customer
gives you a document saying they want it translated into four let’s say they want
to translate it from English into Portuguese or something like that it can
be anything it’s all kind of what you’re going to do is bring that document over
here to a site right here called online Doc translator comm see that right up
here in the address bar ww online translator comm all right and you open
up this side this is how quick this can be done it’s very easy and doesn’t cost
anything this is all free and you come here to this site they translate all
kinds of documents into different language and different types of
documents – – Word documents and all kinds of different things on this site
and they support here’s all the different documents that they support
which you see are all the mainstream documents here files a day that they
support and they have over 104 languages supported folks that’s just about every
language on the planet right there alright so you bring your document that
your customer gives you over here to this website right now we’re going to do
I’m going to open up a I created a little quick document here to give it a
little test on this to show you how it works and I just typed some words in a
notepad on the document here and it says let’s test the translator I’m just
typing some words here to give the translator to get to the translator to
see how fast it will do it in whatever language I want right all right so what
you do is you click you have your document from your customer you come
here you click on translate now and it opens this up and ask you to upload the
file which is the file or the the document that your customer gave you
right so you click yeah that’s all you already have it stored on your hard
drive of your computer and then you click on upload the file and now I’m
going to take the file that I just showed you and I’ve got it right here
under translator is the name of it since I meant just quickly made it for our
example here click on that and you see it uploads it into here and now it’s
asking me right here I’m going to translate it from English to whatever
language so like I said let’s say we pick Portuguese or something like that
yeah right here Portuguese so let’s pick we’re going to translate it from English
to Portuguese and then you just met simply click on translate and it does
the translation and it should put yea puts you a link right here it says
download your translated document just that quick you see now now there’s only
28 words there in that but it should be pretty quick even if it’s just a lot if
it’s a large document it doesn’t matter how big it is alright so then you click
on download your translated document and you see up here at the right it
downloads it so let’s take a look at it now and so I just clicked on show it in
the folder and then I click on the document and it opens it up and you can
see that it’s translated it from English into Portuguese so let me see if I can
get it so where they’re both up here and you can see this so there you go now you
see you can see what happens it’s not doing it right here and give me just a
moment here anyways you can see it right there
so we translated it these words from English into Portuguese right up here
right alright so it’s that simple guys you’ll
just after you translate it into the language that your customer asked to be
translated into you just simply take that file and give it back to your
customer and you get it’s just that simple in that quick can
be done in a matter of minutes and you can make money starting as quick as
today alrighty guys well that’s what I have for you today if you like this
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too when you check out the business alright guys I’ll let you go with that
and I’ll see you again here in a couple of days on the next exciting video take
care have an awesome day today

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  2. This is cool, bot a couple of questions. How do you compete with people who have a lot of feedback when first starting with no reviews? The other question is how good are these translations? Translations I have seen on the internet seem robotic.

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