Make Money On Clickbank $60.00 A Day Easy Peasy

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Make Money On Clickbank $60.00 A Day Easy Peasy

Make Money On Clickbank $60.00 A Day Easy Peasy

all righty guys welcome back to today’s
video it’s your boy keV here in this video I’m going to show you how to make
$60 or more per day selling Clickbank products in this method is easy-peasy
so get your coffee sit back and get ready to check this out I’m gonna get
you started on that here right now all righty guys welcome back to today’s
video as I said before I’m going to show you a way to make $60 or more per day
selling Clickbank products and this is an easy method to do alright so first of
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alright alright great alright so let’s get in on this all right I’m gonna
switch my monitor over here and switch around and get us arms on the screen
here well we can see everything clearly hang on just a second here I apologize
for the wait here just take just a second there we go alright now first
thing we’re gonna do of course we’re going to come to Clickbank right and
we’re going to pick our product first and then we’re going to drive our
traffic to our ad or product okay alright so I’m going to come over here
click my browser now I have already you see right here I’ve chosen New Yorker
this I’ve already tested this out just to see how easy it was going to go and
it’s pretty pretty simple alright so coming to click back if you don’t have
an account with Clickbank it’s easy enough to create one just go to
clickbank com it’s free which incidentally guys this just method I’m
going to show you here can be done anywhere in the world with Clickbank
products alright now we’ll turn this come to Clickbank and
sign into your account create one if you don’t have one and
then click on marketplace and it’s gonna bring you over and you see the
categories of course of all the different categories here but what we’re
going to do is come in up here at the top and you see the search engine up
here you’re going to type in the word bracelets we’re gonna sell bracelets
today and this is a video here okay and when you type in bracelets press enter
it brings you over to this page here and if we scroll down we see we notice that
there’s some free bracelets here right like here that this is the one we’re
going to use because the you’ll make about almost 10 dollars per sale on this
particular one here 9 dollars and 49 cents okay
this is the free Ricki energy bracelet offer all right and now there’s some
other ones here we’ve got the dream magic free bracelet offer as well that’s
eight dollars and 37 cents per sale that you can make on that and there was
another one down here let’s see that you’re right here the free fire cable
paracord bracelet offer you see right here that one you’ll get a profit of
five dollars and sixteen cents off of it now you can do any one of these as you
want the whole idea is we want this to be free right all right now for my
example I like the one that I’m making almost $10 off for Bob okay so that’s
what we’re going to use all right so if I click on this link here to see the
sales page which I’ve already done it brings it over to here right here this
is the sales page for it and this actually is a pretty good bracelet if
you look right here it says your Ricki energy healing bracelet is made with
natural gemstones so this just isn’t cheap plastic this is actual gemstones
around this bracelet here now alright so this is a sales page here and all they
have to pay is being and handling okay so you might say
well how much Kevin is shipping and handling on this okay so if I click on
this it brings you over to the order page here and you can see right here
that the shipping and handling is $11.95 so out of that 1195 you’re gonna make
nine dollars and 49 cents a pop okay all right starting to look pretty good isn’t
it alright so anyways this is the sales page now if you clicked on the the
affiliate link down here that brings you over to this page right here and they
have you can get your Clickbank link here for but you need to get it here or
get it from the Clickbank place marketplace when you click promote okay
either way it doesn’t matter just make sure that your your account ID is in the
link that’s what you want to make sure all right so anyways this is the
affiliate page and they have images here that you can use which we will use
images and this particular offer guys comes with a couple of bonuses so if I
come back here to the sales page you see right here it says yes here please send
to my free ricky-ricky energy healing bracelet plus my instant download access
to the two incredible bonuses and one of the bonuses is this crystal healing book
your ebook in this audio file of healing meditation that goes along with this
just for that $11.95 shipping cost right out of which you’ll make 949 for pop
alright so anyways you do want to before we go any farther I’m going to tell you
you want to get these images you want to take this image right here because it’s
up close and clear although they do have other images if we come back to the
affiliate page they’ve got this one here you can use this and these images aren’t
so in here but you can either choose this one or choose this one here I just
took it straight from the sales page right here just simply put your mouse on
any image and right-click it in save as and then save it to your hard
drive it’ll give it a name and then save it to a folder on your hard drive okay
all right it not only that one but you also want
to get the the one for though it’s not showing it was showing right here and
see if I can reload this and get that to show there we go all right so you also
want to get these two bonus images right here to which I already have these on my
hard drive over already like I told you guys a little bit ago I’ve already been
through this and tested it out which by the way I’m already getting orders I’ve
just had three orders to just popped in a moment ago know if you can see it
because of my picture but two of those just popped into my email I’ve already
got three total and I’ve just posted this about a half an hour ago okay but
and that’s neither here nor there okay now but you want to right-click on bonus
one image here and save it to your hard drive
same thing with bonus two because we’re going to add these images into our ad
okay all right now so we’ve got we’ve got those we’ve seen the product we’ve
got our pictures and would come back to the marketplace we’re going to click on
promote and that brings this window up you’re going to make sure that your
affiliate nickname or account nickname or ID with Craig a Clickbank losing my
mind here is in the here and then just click generate your hop link and you’re
going to take that hop link and copy it right copy
alright and then you’re going to bring that over to bitly because we want to
shorten that old ugly link from clickbank up right and we’re gonna paste
that in there see there’s our hop link now I already have mine I have it right
there I saved it to bid my Billy Lake but I’m just showing you guys I’ll do
this and then just click shorten and it’ll give you this shorter link right
down here and then you can take and test that just copy it right-click copy it and
let’s test it make sure it goes to the sales page which it does see so that
when you get an order all you’re going to do is send your affiliate link that
link to your customer all right now let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of
this how we’re going to market this now we got our product we got our affiliate
link we’ve got our smaller better-looking bitly link how we going
to market this now ok alright so what we’re going to do is we’re gonna come
over to Craigslist ok now I chose New York City before you can choose any town
city anything you want in the United States to market this all right doesn’t
matter so for this one I’m gonna choose Buffalo I’ve already posted one in New
York City here I’m gonna take Buffalo right here now that brings you over to
the Buffalo New York page for Craigslist and what we’re looking for here is you
want to come over here in the for sale section and you see where it says free
right here you want to click on free it’s the free category now the nice
thing about this is you don’t have to have an account with Craigslist to post
because it’s all free everything is except for the shipping
and handling that your customer is going to pay right all right so then it brings
you to this page and then is this is all free stuff that people are offering to
anybody that wants to come and pick them up right through whatever looks like
here so what we’re going to do is come up here to the right if you look up at
the right you see where it says post up here we’re going to post our ad here so
we click on post and that brings you over to this right here and we’re going
to choose in this right here what type of posting is this job offered well
buh-buh-buh down through here you’re gonna choose for sale by owner here
click on that and then it moves to the next page and
it’s asking us to please choose a category well same thing here we’re
going to choose free stuff scroll down from the top until you see
where it says free stuff no one of the ads pets promotional giveaways or
intangible digital items please and just click on free stuff that’ll move us over
the world we’re going to post our ad at okay now for our posting title we’re
going to come back here to the the sales page here and up at the top what I’m
going to do is I’m going to take the free Rikki and energy healing bracelet
these words right here I’m going to copy that and then come back to Craigslist
and we’re going to post that into our title see that
alright now they do want a postal code here okay now for postal codes you can
just take any it doesn’t matter you don’t need to put your postal code in
there it doesn’t matter just take any one let’s just say let’s just say Dallas
Dallas zip code right alright and that gives us a zip code here just pick any
one it doesn’t matter alright and it will just copy that zip code
just find what we can copy that right there and then bring that back over to
we can close this out now we’re done with that bring it back over here and
you see where it says postal code up here go ahead and paste it in there it
doesn’t matter whether it’s yours or not alright and then in your description
you’re gonna paste your ad in there now I’ve already made an ad right here
for the ricci bracelet okay once again you can if you want you can
cop this just pause this video and copy this
down word-for-word it’s up to you or you can write your own it doesn’t matter
okay and then so what we’re gonna do is we’re just gonna copy this right here right click copy and then just paste it
right into the description there you see see how that’s formatted pretty nice and
stuff now the thing about it is here is it says free Rikki energy healing
bracelet available it’s stylish and easy to wear suitable for all ages and
genders you will find yourself sleeping more soundly and have better energy for
the next day we only have seven of these bracelets available make sure that you
put your scarcity in here this scarcity seven available makes people think that
they’re they better hurry and order from you or they’re not going to make it in
time to get one right so you always want to add scarcity into your advertisement
that’s good marketing practice and in down here of course you say contact me
to get your own bracelet plus your free bonuses now down here you’re on the
contact info you’re gonna put your email address so that’s how they’re going to
contact you by email all right so you see put your email address in there make
sure this is tick next to Craigslist may relay which is recommended make sure
that’s we’re set right right there and then just keep coming down the rest of
this stuff you don’t need to be concerned with all right
then click continue down here at the bottom right and then don’t worry about
this this just shows where our zip code was that just click continue and walk
past that now it’s wanting us to add images this is why I told you earlier to
make sure that you right-click and copy those images and save them to your hard
drive so we’re going to add an image now I’ve got the bracelet down here that’s
what I want first is the bracelet here there it is right there so I click that
it uploads the bracelet that’s the featured image and you can do
whatever you want if you want to put the bonuses first you can do that then we’re
gonna add our bonus number one in there I’ve got that say here it is bonus
number one image which you saved your hard drive and then do it again get the
second bonus in there bonus number two right there so there you go
all right so we’re all we’ve got our images in there and we’re all done with
that and click done with images now go over your post and make sure that
everything is correct and everything is right you know you got your email
address in there here’s what it looks like they can see this image clearly of
course it shows a a map of where we’re at at but we’re really not there because
it doesn’t matter to us and it really doesn’t matter to them either be quite
off with ya but anyways so then you can see if you move your mouse over the
images it shows them up there in the post that and at that point if
everything looks good to you it says up here your posting will expire after 45
days some of them the one I posted in New York expires after seven days okay
so every city or town Craigslist a little bit different I suppose on this
doesn’t matter we just want to tick on publish right here or you can click the
publish down here too at the bottom on you can’t see it because of me every way
but there you can you can see it a little bit that moved me
we’re right there published as well there so just click on publish and then
it’s going to bring you over to this page right here it says further action
is required to complete your request you should receive an email shortly with a
link to publish the app to make sure it goes live right so you want to come to
your your email I use Thunderbird email when I use and here as you can see right
here here’s somebody who’s requested a bracelet here’s somebody another person
and here’s another person here as well as here I’ve got four people already
just in 30 minutes since I last did this in New York okay
downtown New York so you can see the orders are coming in already now so what
we’ll do is I’ve got it under my email out here I have several email addresses
here so I’m just going to click get messages for that and it should here it
comes to see if this Craigslist email came in here if I click on that it shows
down here further action is required no what we want to do now is we want to
come down here and says follow the rip web address below to publish your ad and
you want to save this in case you want to redo it again when it expires you can
just use this in copy off of it okay or you can edit it and work with your act
so make sure you save these emails here but anyways you want to come down here
to this link right here what I’m going to do is I’m going to right-click on it
and choose copy the link location yours might be different your email program or
if you’re using webmail might be a little different whatever you just want
to copy the link okay and then bring it back to your browser and then open up a
new tab and then make sure your cursor is black and right click paste and go or
paste and press enter and then it brings you over here to accept the terms don’t
worry about reading all this unless you did unless you just flat-out want to you
know it’s up to you you can read this if you
want to and then just click accept the Terms of Use all right so it’s asking
for phone verification or whatever on this one here US and Canadian so just go
ahead and you can enter your phone and then it will send it in English text
message to your phone all right so I’ll put my phone number in there all right
and then click send the verification code this is the text message is pending
there it is it just came in and if you heard that beeping or not so we’ll see
what this is here and open that up and the number is all there the code number
I don’t know if you can see that or not but it’s eight eight four eight five so
I’m gonna type that right into this box here eight eight four eight five right
and then click Submit the verification code says thanks for posting that post
is now alive guys at that point all you’ve got to do is just sit back and
wait for the orders to come in just like you saw on my email here these four or
five right here as you see all you got to do is sit back and wait on those to
show up and then what you’re going to do is you’re going to send them your
affiliate link tell them you know send an email back to them say them thank you
for your inquiry about our bracelet and then here and then just say click this
link to get your bracelet and then put your affiliate like your bitly link
right in there in that and go ahead and send it to them and then when they buy
you’re gonna make nine dollars and forty-five cents a pop so alrighty guys
that’s it that’s what I had to show you today give me a big old thumbs up if you
liked this video and don’t forget to click down there below to where it says
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ok I’m going to let you guys go with that don’t forget to subscribe and click
the bell button down there as well and make
comment down there if you have something to say about this video or have any
questions or whatever and I’ll let you go and I’ll see you again here in a
couple of days on the next exciting video do you guys take care have a great

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