100 thoughts on Make an AMAZON AFFILIATE MARKETING WEBSITE Blog with ADSENSE using WORDPRESS and Elementor 2019

  1. Nice tutorial for beginners, well done. Have been using Elementor Pro for just over 2 years. In my opinion the best page builder around. Like yourself Alex, bought Essential Add Ons for Elementor mainly for the table widget. Keep up the good work….

  2. *UPDATE* The site is now ranking on page one on Google. Follow all the updates on the site here: * .

  3. I'm your fan. I'm always watching the video. I do not understand English well, but I am studying English and watching it. Alex, I've also created an Affiliate site and I'd like Would you like to review my site?

  4. Hello WP! This was a great informative video.Thank you! I have a start up In Las Vegas that provides and mounts digital LED Billboards on the top of Rideshare vehicles such as Uber and Lyft. It is very difficult getting it started with little capital and working a full time Job. I really need another source of income to get my business some traction. What do you think about using LED billboards and roof racks as a niche for affiliate marketing? Here is my website that's still under construction but you'll get the gist! Thank you! Joe Roberts founder at GIST L.L.C. [email protected]

  5. Sir, I hope you will reply to me on this Question. I want to make a website like, with elementor, in this website I want to create same functionality like freelance members and order form like on this website, and top writer pages, please guide me how I can build it in WordPress,

  6. โ€œdomain name is the thing that people type in their web browser.โ€ ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ if you could compress your course in that manner, i would definitely take a look, other way i am sick and very tired of watching 3 minutes of your face all over my screen, no offenses, but your large face is provoking me to go and play a game of and smash couple of bigass worms out there.

  7. Hey Alex, I've been following your videos for a bit and decided recently that it was time for me to dive into this and try it myself. I followed this video and I've hit a wall fairly early on and I was wondering if you could help me troubleshoot the problem. I pointed my domain from siteground to godaddy just like in the video. I downloaded WP and it doesn't show up when I refresh the page and my site doesn't have the security thing that yours has.

  8. Hello – is this the latest version of this same video from last year?

  9. Loved it
    Learnt a lot ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Thanks for creating such awesome in-depth informative Video looking forward for the upcoming updates on the website

  10. Hey Alex. Your tutorial is great. Kindly also share something about off-page SEO. How are you promoting your this site to rank higher in google? Thanks

  11. Another excellent video, Alex. Nice one! Love the website. Any plans to add any "social sharing" buttons via a plugin? What's your favourite?

  12. hey there Alex i am currently building my site, is it okay if i don't only do one niche? will it affect my traffic or rank on google? for now i have beauty & care and health & fitness.. i know there is a lot of competition but i would like to know if i could get more niches into my site without doing it for absolutely nothing ๐Ÿ™ thank you

  13. Instead of spending 4 hours carrying on about what you're going to tell me….just tell me…..get on with it.

  14. hey Alex, should we use rel="nofollow" or "dofollow" links from our blog to Amazon links? thnx

  15. Any reason why your video this year focuses on Elementor instead of Woocommerce and Woozone? I ask because I was three-quarters of the way through with last years video before realizing there was a new (and different!) one for 2019. Thanks for these long-form setup videos, by the way! These are a wealth of information for the average idiot like myself.

  16. Go with a hosting, that keeps the cost down after a year, alot of hosting company will go up when you need to renew

  17. Hi There,
    Hi, I really appreciate your helpful channel. I am starting to add some amazon affiliate products to my new website. Do I need to add the Nofollow code to every product so my Google SEO doesn't get negativly affected? What is your experience with this on your amazon product posts?
    I apologize if you have been asked this too many times before, I am pretty new to blogging.

  18. Why does people buy from affiliate link?
    Is better buyer go amazon official buy and find the product they want right ?

  19. I just found out what is using. it's using an infinite scroll plugin. Please can u advice me on how to make a site exactly similar to this? I mean the website is a simple one but I can't find any plugin that would support this infinite scroll. There is a woocommerce infinite scroll plugin but that is not what this website has been using and same I also need this option without store as the website needs to be a simple one without any store and just those products with an amazon external link loading infinite mood

    Hope you will see my comment ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Hi Alex, great tutorial. I have a small snag. I transferred a domain to the siteground I already owned, however I didn't then get an email with DNS settings or the WordPress wizard button, so stuck.
    Does the email sometimes take a while to come through?
    Thanks for any help ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Hi Mate,

    Im having issues showing REVIEWS on my site. Can you help? Please!!!! Also, would you be able to check the inner workings of my website, I would be willing to pay you. Please need help/

  22. I have a question regarding the Elementor adding….what other features does it have besides the tables?

  23. Good training and everything but these websites don't get any traffic (no stats on Similarweb).Maybe it's because they are just used for training

  24. Hi Alex , I love the way you explain and the clarity of the information. One question how much traffic you expect your site to generate and do you have a minimum conversion rate. I

  25. I am a fan of you. I am mostly benefited by your videos. I
    am trying to build a website. I have already purchased kindom theme today 30-05-19 (Bangladesh Time) from codecanyon
    paying $39 + $2 as handling charge, But when I tried to purchase WOOZONE plugin
    I noticed it is now selling ย ย 0. As I have already purchased Kingdom
    theme to day and paid the bill.what I shall do now. I am waiting for your
    suggestion. Please help

  26. Hi, Alex. When I built my site for some reason i deleted the 'recent post and articles' box. Just tried to install your template again and my posts are not showing up under it. If I add a elementor box into my original site, is there a plug in that makes them appear there?

  27. I watched it all the way to the end! Great step by step guide – probably one of the best I have seen. Will have a look for the follow on ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. compare to 2018 video. no more Woozone in 2019. why ? if Woozone have any issue ? what's the consideration point ?

  29. Good evening, I am completely lost, I have already paid towards a web builder/host/domain name etc, wish I would of seen this video first ๐Ÿ™ but its the theme i'm struggling with, do you look for a ecommerce theme towards an online store for amazon or a theme towards my selected niche ? thanks Roger

  30. excellent mate ๐Ÿ™‚ I subbed for more. BTW its not a floppy disk its a "Stiffy", or 3 inch size. The floppy was a 8 inch none rigid disk. Before political correctness wrecked the fun in the world I use to have a giggle with the girls in the backup dept asking if they would like to hand me a Stiffy ๐Ÿ™‚ In those days very few girls hated themselves to the point where they wanted to make everyone else miserable.

  31. So I have run into an issue with Wzone and have not been able to figure it out and google is zero help. I have watched 3 of your tutorials and they are very helpful but I have a question when I direct import a amazon products the regular price and the sale price are both have strike through line how do I remove that so it displays properly?

  32. I originally started my site with Rehub, per one of your videos. Now I'm thinking maybe I need to get away from Rehub. How much is involved changing everything over? I've been using WP BAkery aka visual composer. I think it's a little easier to use (for me anyway)

  33. Another question. Now, at the bottom of your site it says "Make Your Own Website Just Like This. Watch The Tutorial." – Could you tell us where that's implemented?

  34. With WOOZONE, can you a) change the โ€œAdd to cartโ€ button to โ€œBuy from Amazonโ€ and b) tick a setting where you still get the commission from people buying from countries other than you home country? Thanks for the great video though. These two things can be done with EasyAzon, but too look at WOOZONE does look better.

  35. Hey Alex, this is a fantastic video, great learning dude! can you please also suggest high ranking for DSLR camera niche and also some tips for generating free traffic that leads to good conversion rate ? That will great help for me as newbie affiliate marketing guy. Thanks a ton !

  36. Does this work better on a specific computer ? Cause I have a chrome book and I donโ€™t want to start if my laptop canโ€™t handle everything

  37. I have Wzone downloaded. I now need to learn how to make a store. Thank you for all you do. It means so much to me. I am watching today because I know I will get all I need from you.

  38. Hi Alex Thanks for this fantastic video. Can you please check the template file once more as I get error message "invalid file" Thanks in Advance

  39. So I was watching the 2018 tutorial and I really liked the Kingdom theme, but you don't use it in this tutorial. Is Kingdom no longer a good theme to use? Thanks

  40. when I drag happyforms into the widget box in order to put it into the contact us page it does not display. Any reason for this? I am not sure how to move forward with it?

  41. Great video. Thank you mate. I did not see how to add those "Purchase here" buttons for Amazon website. I am a little confused with that content plug in. That plug in provides you with content?

  42. I am working on a niche site that will feature products that need no table comparison because of the data insufficiency,so I need to come up with an alternative.

  43. Is a website like this good for Clickbank too? I have watched your tutorial on building a review site from 2016 really liked it, but this latest one is maybe more up to date.. I am wondering which theme to use for Clickbank products. Can you help?:)

  44. Hi Alex, Thanks for your great video.
    I see you build a blog website with just one post, can I use just one post to apply amazon affiliate? is the website too simple?

  45. Hi. Loving the video and learning loads. But i am stuck with Elementor. It just wont load up, i have tried all the troubleshooting items and still no joy. Anyone have any suggestions?

  46. Hello Alex I created an affiliate website and I need someone to review it if it will pass 2019 amazon affiliate rules. What do you recommend? thanks.

  47. Alex, I have been following your tutorial from day one and am still working on my page that mimics yours. I would like to know how did you make those You Tube videos for your page. Did you make them on your own or you hired someone else to make those nice videos for you? Can you please make a video on that subject? Than you so much.

  48. Also, I have two names for my niche.. same niche but two different hot domain names and I would wanna use both names and have them direct to my website. What do you think ?

  49. When trying to upload your Elemenator template pages – Home Page and About Page I get the error message "Invalid File", any suggestions?

  50. In your video using theme Base WP you add a menu to get the categories and pages on the top menu, but when I add a page it automatically puts it on the top menu, don't I need to create a menu for these pages to appear?

  51. Hey buddy i was wondering, can you teach his how to do this

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    In the […] < i feel that should be a link to the article, do you know how to do this? and maybe change the […] into [read more] and then when you hover over it, it pops out a bit? thanks man ur the best love ur channel and your productivity.

  52. Huge fan of the tutorial. One question; is there a link or html code to show the current price of a product from amazon?

  53. Thank you for all our hard free work! question… happy forms is no longer available in the new WP or so it seems, any alternative? would mailchimp work? Thank you again, keep on watching this over and over since WP last update had to restart site from scratch but don't mind it at all because all of all of what am learning and the goal is to eventually do sites naturally, THANK YOU from the HEART. Have a great day!

  54. Great video, I uploaded your home page template but somehow deleted the Latest Guides & Articles section and can't undo it, how do I link my recents posts to a section on the home page? Thanks

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