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Kids Meet A Gay Conversion Therapy Survivor | Kids Meet | HiHo Kids

Kids Meet A Gay Conversion Therapy Survivor | Kids Meet | HiHo Kids

– I was beaten with a Bible and told that I needed to repent
the demon of homosexuality and expel him from my body. – Wow, if I heard someone was
beatin’ my kid with a book, I would’ve beat them with a book. (laughing) (light music) – Hello. – Hello. – My name’s Marcus, what’s your name? – Jules. – I’m Annie. – Nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you, too. – What are we here to talk about? – Do you know what coming
out of the closet means? – A kid in the closet
playing hide and go seek, and then it’s coming out of it. – Not literally, but that’s
actually a really good metaphor. Coming out of the closet
means that you reveal to other people something about yourself that’s been a secret. This is more often than not
used for people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender. Have you ever met a gay person before? – I think I have met somebody who is, but they’re my age. – Have you ever known any LGBTQ kids? – My sister. – Oh, wow.
– She started dating a girl, and I was like oh, okay, she’s nice, I can get used to this, no it’s fine. Of course it probably wasn’t
our parents’ first option. – Right.
– And stuff like that, but they were there for her. – That’s really wonderful
and good to hear. – I do attend church,
and I’m Presbyterian. I don’t agree with homosexuality,
but it doesn’t mean I don’t have friends and
family that I love and respect and adore who are. – Sure.
– So I believe it’s their choice. – Where did you get
that idea that, I guess, that it’s a choice. – I didn’t ever really
have that exact idea. – Oh yeah, there you go.
– Oh, okay. I think it depends. If you’re born into the world,
and you know you’re different at such a young age, then
yeah, but if they’re 25, they’ve been straight all their lives, and then they realize oh, I’m
kind of diggin’ girls now, you can change that. – So there’s a lot you
can lose in coming out. You can lose your friends,
you can lose your family. – Yeah.
– Your home. There’s all these things that create fear. So you just been forever avoiding it. It can be a long time before
you’re willing to accept it. When you were coming out of the closet, how was people reacting when
they heard that you were gay? – I first came out to
myself when I was 13. My family, unfortunately,
wasn’t very supportive. I was sent to my grandfather’s,
and he and his church put me through conversion
therapy to try to change me. Have you ever heard of conversion therapy? – I think. – What does conversion or convert mean? – Try to switch someone’s mind or… – Correct, actually. The intent of this is to
get the person to change. It’s to make them not be gay anymore. – So, in conversions
therapy, you go to this place where they’re trying to
change how your personality and how you are. – Correct.
– That would just be pure mean. – They’re trying to make
you like girls again? – Mm-hmm.
– For some reason. – Yeah, and the reason why
is because, unfortunately, a lot of people don’t like gay people because maybe their
religion tells them not to. Did you grow up in a
religious environment? – Yeah, I am religious, but
it’s not meant to hate everybody because hate’s not gonna get
you anywhere in the world. God gave us a choice,
my choice is to love. – That is powerful. You’re a very, very, very enlightened kid. – Can I ask you what techniques were used during your therapy? – First, I was forced to do manual labor in the yard from sun up to sunset while repeating bible passages. I was told that my friends
were all going to die of AIDS, that I was going to die of AIDS. I was beaten with a bible
and told that I needed to repent the demon of
homosexuality and expel him from my body.
– Wow, if I heard someone was beatin’ my kid with a book, I would beat them with a book. (laughing) – I was not allowed to
communicate with anybody. I couldn’t even talk
to my mom on the phone. – How old were you when that happened? – I was 14.
– 14? That’s actually pretty young for that. – Yes, the more I was resistant
to what they were trying to do, the abuse increased to
what’s called forced fasting, which is just a polite way
of saying that I was starved. – That’s just wrong. – It is, it’s very wrong. – Which one of those was actually the one that you felt the worst about? – It was the loneliness. Part of conversion therapy, before any physical abuse starts, it’s all about breaking down your spirit, it’s all about breaking
down your mind and, unfortunately, oftentimes,
it’s successful. – When that happened, were
you faking like it was working so that they wouldn’t abuse you anymore or to try to stop it? – No. The reason why is because I didn’t think that there was anything wrong with me. The worst thing that you
can do is deny who you are, and that goes for anything,
because you like… Do you like Dr. Who? – Yes.
– Let’s say a lot of other people don’t, and
let’s say all of your classmates said we’re not gonna be your friend because you like Dr. Who, but if you say that Dr. Who is stupid,
we’ll be your friend. Would you do that? – Well I’d not stop ’cause I
just love watching Dr. Who. – Exactly, so I don’t believe
in lying about yourself to make other people happy. I just stayed true to who I was. – That’s really clever. – Thank you.
(laughing) – Could you give me
some tips or something? – I can.
– To be a good friend to my friend? – The biggest one is just
to be a friend, be there, because coming out, it’s still so scary, and it’s confusing, and
sometimes that journey takes a really long time to get there. – To this day, do you feel
at peace with yourself? – I do. If someone said tomorrow, oh here’s a pill l to make you straight, I woudlnt do it. I love being gay, I wouldn’t change it. – That’s good.
(laughing) – Hi, I’m Marcus James,
thanks for watching Kids Meet. To find out more about
me or to read books, click on the link below, and
if you or someone you know is in danger of going
through an experience in conversion therapy, check
out the resources down below.

100 thoughts on Kids Meet A Gay Conversion Therapy Survivor | Kids Meet | HiHo Kids

  1. Yasss well god told us to love every one so I will love them wow actually started to cry so powerful I wish ever one thought that way

  2. When crystal said ‘when a kid in the closet in hide and go seek and they’re coming out of it’ I actually that that’s what coming out of the closet meant Xd

  3. I really hate the idea of conversation camp and torture with bible and all that stuff, just makes my blood boil and really puts a bad name on the loving and amazing people in the Christian community.

  4. Me thinking about coming out: watches video
    Him: talking about what happend during conversion therapy
    Me: awkwardly steps back into the closet

  5. This poor bb lesbian. She’s gonna suffer so much, I wanna hug her. So much self-hatred and internalized homophobia. I hope she finds her true family soon <3

  6. I am SO proud of this man. He came out to his family, suffered severe abuse at my same age that I can't even imagine, and is now here living his life proud.
    My Christian family loves me very much, and I only have my lesbian foot out of the closet XD

  7. I have 2 lesbian friends who are dating (we will one call s the other we will call m) so m comes up to me and asked me if I know s's secret and I say no (this is before they started dating) so m basically asked if I knew s was lesbian so I said no and m panics a little so we confront s about it, and she really didn't care and was actually really comfortable with me knowing

    I do have another friend that is bisexual (like myself) that lives in a religious house so only her friends know and she told her crush she was bi, and she was scared. at the time I'm writing this, she still hasn't come out to her parents and the worst part is, her mom is VERY religious but my friend isn't

    Idk why, I just wanted to share these stories

  8. Everyone is bullying the girl who didint agree with him, so can't we have a opinion now? Cmon it's 2019, she's alowed to have a opinion.

  9. i thought the kid in the red shirt was a dude, until i saw the comments. that poor kid is going through something similar to what this guy went through. help needed there.

  10. 3:34 We can all learn something from him. Just because you’re religious doesn’t mean you should hate people different from you. If you say “God is the only one that can judge”, why are you judging other people’s lives and choices?

  11. So many people are bullying the red shirt girl. Then again, she's just a teen and obv her views will change in some point in her life.

  12. i don’t get it when ppl say they don’t “agree” with homosexuality. like wtf. what is that supposed to mean. i’m religious myself and do believe there’s some sort of higher being, whether it may be one god, or multiple gods, and i just think it’s stupid when ppl use religion as an excuse to be a shitty person.

  13. "I dont agree with homosexuality"
    First of all you are homosexuality, second of all its not for you to agree with, this is the way i love, theres no vote on how i should love wtf

  14. Conversion therapy is torture. The government should close all of those centers , its so inhuman that the make that to children and Young poeple.

  15. Why are people mad at the kid for not agreeing with it? They don’t have to agree, as long as they aren’t homophobic dicks about it

  16. I totally almost exactly agree with Annie. Even if you don't agree with homosexuality and lgbtq, you should still respect them as people, and I thought she was lgbt at first.

  17. I haven't come out to my family yet.. They aren't religious they think that it doesn't matter who you like.. You just have to be a good person but I'm still so scared to tell them.. I've told my friends.. My best friends we're fine with it, their bi and I'm transgender but some of my other friends as in the guys didn't handle it so well.. When I told them I wanted to be a boy and my voice got deeper.. I told them I wanted my hair to be short but they thought it would be gross for a "girl" To do that.. So my hair is still long but once I make it to high school this hair is gone.. I'll finally be able to be myself..

  18. The constant cutting of the camera makes me think the one girl is being rude; or something odd is said, of somesuch; something 'homophobic.'

  19. Oh wow. I speak on behalf of most Christians when I say that we are not all as heartless as those who host these conversion therapies. Christianity is mainly about what is correct morally, and that is NOT morally correct.

  20. People: Sees a girl with short hair
    People: oh no 😭😭 i thought YOU were a trans boy😔😔✊ lmao but you may be one🧐 is just that your religion got you in the closet🤩🤩 so sad !!

  21. How can you say you don’t agree with homosexuality? It’s makes as much sense as saying “I don’t agree with gravity”.

  22. As a Christian, I hate this “therapy”. Like we are supposed to respect and love EVERYONE, even enemies, even “sinners” (I don’t really disagree with homosexuality). So hating and abusing children is just so terrible. Please don’t think that’s how all Christians are- that’s not what the Bible tells us to do

  23. Ooo I love this guy and the kids

    I am bisexual and sadly a group of guys surrounded my girlfriend and I and tried to make us kiss…

  24. Everyone hating on the girl who disagrees with homosexuality needs to think of this from a younger person’s perspective. She’s still a child. She hasn’t matured and hasn’t been able to experience enough to formulate her own opinions yet. She may have beliefs based on how her parents raised her. Doesn’t mean she’s homophobic, she’s asking questions and being kind to him, she just maybe hasn’t been educated about the entirety of the LGBTQ community.

  25. I don't know about you guys, but I feel like that girl with the red shirt is trying to hide how she really feels. I see a scared little girl who's in denial. I feel like maybe she's trying to hide something from her parents who might be watching this?

  26. Yo actually stop demonizing christians. We don’t hate LGBTQ ppl, but it’s just against our religion. Y’all are acting like we hate them when really we just want them to change. I DON’T agree with the physical abuse, but God created man and woman for each other

  27. That boy who wanted advice on how to be there for his friend was so sweet. I hope he never changes and stays just as sweet and kind when he grows up

  28. Y’all please don’t roast the girl with short hair. Give her 5-10 years and 15 minutes away from her religious family. That’s a baby lesbian.

  29. Heh yeah coming out is really scary.
    Whenever I feel confident enough to try and come out, my heart beats really fast when about to come out to that person. Even when I’m not even with that person I still get really scared thinking what they’re going to say.

  30. I agree with the short haired girl that’s just my opinion, I don’t agree with it it’s there choice and it doesn’t concern me

  31. I like this youtube chanel really, but i dont think this is the kinda subject you need to talk to children, because you know they still pure at mind and heart and talk about this somehow look like sugestion or something.
    I think to let them understand by themself what is good and what is bad is the best think for them.
    Because normal people normally want their child to be normal even when their parents is lgbt, they want their child to be normal too (i saw a few of them really). Or at least selfdiscovering what they like and dont like (give a time, when their pubberty you know), and give them such a subject like his on early age just not good for their mindset. They need their own perspective without someone suggesting it or set their mind to something (even its right or not they will discover it by themself).
    No offense okay about my comment, it just honest opinion.

  32. I’m not one to judge, but I’m getting queer vibes from the girl who doesn’t support it. I’m also getting vibes that maybe she’s trying to say that because she is hiding something and doesn’t want to come out? Idk I don’t know her mind.

  33. I'm a Bi female, I knew from a young age that I am Bisexual, it took a long long time for me to accept it, even though I've been around LGBTQ people my whole life, my family are accepting but it's still difficult to accept it yourself. My thoughts growing up was, yes my family are accepting and don't care but that's because it was someone elses child not their own, but at the age of 25 (I'm 27 now) I finally came out to my Mum, all she said was "yeah I kinda knew already" and that was that, no shouting, no congratulations just, yeah cool, like it is such a normal thing, because it is. My point is, others may or may not accept you but accept yourself first and when you do finally come out and if you are in a toxic or abuse situation, please find help. Someone may be your friend or family but if they are causing harm to you and as hard as it is please get away for your own health, sanity and wellbeing

  34. “I don’t agree with homosexuality”
    This girl has cuffed jeans and is sporting one hell of a queer cut. Thought this was a queer kid until she sPoKe

    (And she radiates internalized homophobia the more she’s there)

  35. I’m lesbian and I’m so glad that I didn’t have to go through this. I’m sorry you had to go through this. I mean technically I’m only out to my friends and my Mam and brother I’m kinda scared to come out to the rest of my family

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