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It’s known as the information superhighway A vast network of linked computers bringing the world directly into your home and business. We’re going to take a ride on the internet Today, our destination is the World Wide Web Let’s start with the basics first. It’s time to get online. Where would you like to go? The next thing you know we’ll be surfing the net We’ll be surf-surf-surfing the net It’ll be cool! You’ve got — You’ve got mail! It’ll be cool! You’ve got — You’ve got mail! It’s all right here at your fingertips Just surf the net Now let me show you how it works. Just click, click, click The next thing you know you’ll be surfing the net Just click, click click. It all comes down to computers communicating Up to the minute information! It all comes down to computers communicating with fibre-optic cables. Up to the minute information! It all comes down Just surf the net The internet — The World Wide Web. Electric! [Dial-Up Modem Noises] The World Wide Web. Surfin’ the net, surfin’ the net, surfin’ the World Wide Web You can go anywhere on the net. Just surf the net. Surfs up, see you on the net! Goodbye Subbed by atmanos Subtitles by the Amara.org community

100 thoughts on JUST SURF THE NET

  1. If only the part at 2:14 was extended a little.

    That'd be awesome.

    It still gives me goosebumps though

  2. Aw yea! Would have been incomplete without utilizing that old-school modem sound effect, emulating that modern-day electronic glitch buzz style bass noise. Genius!

  3. That kid with the green shirt in the infomercial is about the same age I am. I wonder if he knows he's on this video 🙂

  4. 0:56 Instructions unclear: I clicked, clicked, clicked -cli-cli-cli-cli-cli-cli-cli -click-click-clicked, but the internet didn't work.

  5. That's stupid. What's the use of the Internet? Sending "e-mail"? If I want to tell somebody far away something, I will just call him and her through the phone. And good luck sending pictures and photos through the phone line using the "e-mail".

  6. omg this is so hilarious. i wonder if those kids (i know they are adults now) know they are in this video lol

  7. Welcome to this advanced guide on how to connect to the Internet!


    Great, now you're connected. Have fun!

  8. I…don’t understand, what is this about exactly?!

    It’s my first day on this planet as one of the most primitive life forms in the universe known as HUMANS or MANKIND or WHATEVER 😒

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