Interesting Facts That Are Totally Useless

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Interesting Facts That Are Totally Useless

Interesting Facts That Are Totally Useless

Have you ever just scrolled down your facebook feed? You still use facebook? Shhhhh… and then you see, like these ‘did you know facts’. And all of a sudden there are a bunch of different facts. Like did you know that… Gorillas look like humans. Oh shit, really? That’s amazing I did not know that gorillas, kind of resembled humans! Oh well I thought of the brilliant idea *lightbulb*. of looking at some very interesting yet completely useless facts.. I mean isn’t that why you’re here anyways? you have nothing better else to do And that’s why you clicked on this video. Nah I’m just joking guys, but let’s look at this. You’re watching Reaction Time. And let’s look at some of these *slight chuckles*. OH THIS IS GOING TO BE SO GOOD. 😀 The first useless fact! is that a Mexican town, actually had a store where frogs fell from the sky? *slow claps.* You heard it here ladies and gentlemen, frogs fell from the sky. Isn’t that amazing?!? I made you a genius right?!? You guys know how to do your taxes now. You know-you know the Pythagorean theorem. You’re welcome! You’re so welcome. These are very utterly useless. but they’re amazing. *holy music in the background*. So the second, *whip crack* is that you actually have no sense of smell, when you’re sleeping. I KNOW.. Like it matters because you know. when you’re asleep you totally need to smell some- no It doesn’t matter but it’s interesting See I could be watching TV right now Maybe that would help me out a little bit cleanse my mind. Watch some ‘Kardashians’ Ya know Jesus Christ no This might seem like a joke but it’s 100 percent accurate Astronauts are not allowed to eat beans before the go into space And yes, this is exactly what you think you are 100% correct its because passing wind…(uhm wot) why did i say passing wind? farting… actually damages their space suits there you have astronauts are not
allowed to fart can you imagine poor ol Jimmy I don’t even know that’s an
astronaut me maybe like what’s a good astronaut name like Lance Lance yes can
you imagine poor old Lance he’s been waiting for this moment it’s been so
long he’s finally going to outer space but yeah Taco Bell last night no true
black burrito oh and all of a sudden passing gas
it’s all over blows up in space I that’s how I replay this in my mind all right
this one is wildly strange but lets see it some Eskimos have been known to use
refrigerators to keep their food from freezing it’s a hilariously ironic as
you guys know Eskimos live in igloos I will figure out what they’re called
because I just remember saying as a kid I would never even think about igloos isn’t that funny word igloos it glows so
refrigerator can actually keep something at a certain precise temperature whether
it’s cold or hot outside so it doesn’t matter what the room temperature is
apparently that’s actually pretty geez I would never actually think of doing like
that how do igloos get electricity oh that’s an important question understand
informed I’m ignorant maybe you guys could let me know in the comments if you
guys are informed about igloos but if you are then again why are you
informative our igloos but then again why are you watching this video as well and myself reading there is actually 200
times more gold in the world’s ocean then there has been mined in our entire
history remember the gold rush why do I ask you like that why do I ask as if you
guys were there it wasn’t a 1800s um I remember like last week the gold rush no
you guys don’t remember the gold rush you guys remember learning about the
gold rush that’s a more accurate way of saying it well people will kill each
other for gold why not just dive in the ocean and try to find some gold there
I’m sure that will work out for you Jimmy who is Jimmy by the way I don’t
know why I keep saying Jimmy things just a cool name okay so this one completely
useless and you’re throwing this in the back of your head but I think I remember
useless facts more than important facts for some reason maybe it’s because I
just find them more interesting than important facts like when does a Civil
War start at an end I’m like do I really have to remember the dates nobody liked
Shakespeare spelled his own name several different ways now that’s a fact I’m
gonna remember you know if my friends are like yo you’re actually a really
boring guy yeah well I can interest you Shakespeare spelled his own name several
different ways my suffered so before pencil erasers
were actually invented people actually use pieces of bread to erase the lead on
paper they would literally use a piece of bread this was before rubber can you
just imagine in school this is your hands you like esa’s of bread that just
so changed you think I didn’t live back in that time because what if you took a
bite of the bread after you you would get let put Jimmy dead oh my god okay
this one is actually an interesting one and I don’t think it’s not useless
actually really like this one check this out your brain is actually more active
sleeping that it is watching TV I’m guessing this is because a lot of people
dream when they’re sleeping and it requires a lot of thinking in TV is so
passive when you watch it you’re literally brain dead
that’s what sane no I don’t know how accurate these facts are but I’m going
to take the word for it so I said I said this is the problem with America we
watch too much TV or maybe too much videos like this one I’m so sorry
you’re welcome though who knows that human birth control pills work on
gorillas they’ll change your life for the better so if you want to hit a doggy
with a gorilla – I do there’s two animals in one sentence
save me just make sure they’re on the pill they take consistently every single
day then you don’t have to worry about having half human half gorilla baby
doesn’t be adorable what does look like pass me my goat
what the hell you really want a baby like that look at it is hideous it’s
actually pretty cute I just like that it’s two hairs that’s weird that is so
that’s half human half gorilla baby is it does it actually exist it just
actually exists though okay now that’s what I’m talking about that’s amazing
who knows that it is actually a criminal offence to drive around in a dirty car
in the rush shot you didn’t know that I bet the people of Russia knew that if
you’re actually Russian let me know in the comments if this is accurate
hopefully it is no I mean hopefully it’s not I want it to be accurate so this
video could seem legit but at the same time if it’s accurate the name view
driving the dirty car in Russia you’re gonna get arrested okay then there’s
reira laws in America so don’t even worry about that Russia I stand with
Russia did you know that hummingbirds can’t
walk yes that’s a cool fact if you didn’t know
about it it’s very useful because I see hummingbirds all the time sarcasm well
now I’d like a 1,000 heartbeat per minute or something like that it’s crazy
it’s just absolutely crazy just like how important this videos
shouldn’t you be doing homework Go Go opposite size of a dice you’ve always
add up to seven yeah that’ll wake you up in the morning and lets you know that
you’re smart who knows that Canada is an Indian word meaning big village Canada
oh my god I see it did you go to Canada okay okay it makes
sense look in fact check this for me down below comment comment the fault is
the only country in the world whose flag is in a square or a rectangle it’s
almost like double triangles that is so cool Thank You Nepal for not being a
standard typical flag without flower all I’m in Nepal flag even better anistar
that’s a plus for you I think I just might wrap it up for some very
interesting facts that are totally useless if you guys want to see some
more make sure to go there is no article it’s going to be the first thing down
below but I think that’s just gonna wrap it up here let me know what you guys
thought about this is there any other interesting facts that you think are
totally useless that will really waste my time if you have told me about them
well if you do then make sure to tweet them at me my twitter is going to be the
link down below in the description but that being said you guys make sure you
go click on another video I really hope you enjoyed this one look nicer go
subscribe if you’re new to this channel and want to see more videos like this
ever great one guys and I’ll see you next time peace out peace out Nepal
cool-looking flag I like you I like you fall Nepal sounds like a person when you
snapchat this one told you this video is useless you didn’t listen you should
have clicked out what you could

100 thoughts on Interesting Facts That Are Totally Useless

  1. What’s the difference between a tuna and a piano?

    You can tuna piano but you can’t piano a tuna 😂

  2. 3:23 I remember the useless facts better than the important facts for some reason.
    Well maybe that’s because you guys have something in common.


  3. No the gold fact is really important cause now I’m just going to dive unda da see to get the gold there🙂🙂

  4. guy in Russia driving to the car wash: dang theres so much dirt on my car im actually gonna pay extra for my deep wash
    sees police behind him and pulls over
    Police: yo ur cars dirty heres a $1k ticket and a 10 year sentence
    Guy: Bro I was gonna go to the car wash
    Police: Oh. Umm…. er…. ok.
    Police: Here is $60.50 as compensation for your trouble.
    Guy: Thanks now I can pay for the PREMIUM wash

  5. Tal : "you don't have any sense of smell while sleeping"
    Me : wakes up because of cookie smell DO I SMELL COOKIES!?!

  6. The funniest thing about the gold fact is that people who lived on the east coast got on a boat and sailed all around South America to the west when they could’ve dived down into the ocean they bordered

  7. I don’t get homework.

    I’m half lucky and half unlucky. Lucky cuz I don’t get homework. Unlucky cuz I’m only in intermediate school

  8. Tal:Shouldn't you be doing homework? Go. Go!
    Me:It's summer… Good luck people who's school is during the whole year without a three-month Summer break.

  9. What if you dream that you are sleeping? Would that make your brain activity spike off the charts??

  10. Fun fact: if you were to spell numbers out starting from one, you would not find the letter A until the word One Thousand

  11. Yes Canada is NOT village. The name “Kanata” is. So Canada came from the word that means village.

    Why am I doing this two years later?

  12. When Tal said "don't you have homework todo?" I mentally answered no, i have some sleeping to do,but its summer so icab sleep all day tomorrow.

  13. Canada is actually a native american word meaning big village when the french arrived in Canada during the 15 hundres they had asked the native americans where they're where but because of the language barrier they believed Canada to be the country thus the word Canada originates from the native american word Kanata, but the natives where infact referring to the village

  14. Yeah I have nothing to do but watch this vid but if I have nothing else to do then that mean s you were my last choice😏

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