Improving Your Diet: Are You Trying to Fix a Useless Vehicle

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Improving Your Diet: Are You Trying to Fix a Useless Vehicle

Improving Your Diet: Are You Trying to Fix a Useless Vehicle

good morning this is Loren Lockman coming to you from the Tanglewood Wellness Center in Costa Rica we’ve been discussing here what an optimal diet looks like and one of the comments that I that I’ve heard and frequently hear is wow that sounds radical this is a radical departure what I teach people is what’s optimal is a radical departure for most people from what they’ve been doing and trust me I’m well aware of that I’ve been through it myself I’ve helped many people go through it and I understand the psychology around that and let me point out that what makes the transition hard for people isn’t the degree to which it’s radical but the degree to which we stay attached to ideas and old habits and choices so if we’re willing and able to let go of all that stuff doing something completely different not necessarily any any more challenging than doing something which is habitual it’s it’s simply a question of are we really willing to let go and start over remember beginner’s mind right so we come into the conversation with well this is what diet looks like and then we’re all of a sudden it’s like the rug has been pulled out from underneath us because I’m talking about something that’s completely different it’s significant paradigm shifts wouldn’t you agree for most people but let me point something out to you how many of you have driven across the country anyone done this yeah I did this once on an old Honda CB 500 a 450 bored out to 500 and it was a great trip until I blew a gasket and then it wasn’t such a great trip after all trying to nurse an ailing vehicle on a long trips not much fun has anyone ever else had this experience yeah okay so you know what I’m talking about well here’s the thing given the people I’m talking to I think you’ll understand when I say that as many people have said before we are spiritual being spiritual entities having a physical experience okay and I completely believe that you know I’m really clear I’m not my body now some people say I’m not my body as if that gives them permission to ignore their body or completely abuse their body because they’re not their body so it doesn’t matter but here’s the way I would encourage you to look at this instead you are a spiritual entity having a physical on a physical journey the vehicle that you’re using to get from where you started to wherever you’ll finish on this journey is called your body if you don’t take care of it the journeys not going to be very fun because you’re going to be constantly dealing with fixing the vehicle it’s a lot easier to keep the vehicle maintained and running properly and then you don’t have to really worry about it most the time it just does what it needs to do and the benefit is this isn’t like a car I mean to be honest with you I am not good at maintaining vehicles I tend to not like I stay present which means when I’m not driving the car not thinking about the car and I forget to do that kind of stuff I used to have someone on staff his job was to make sure one of his jobs was to make sure my vehicles we had we had a car we had a pickup truck I had a motorcycle but they were all maintained so I didn’t have to think about that because I’ve got other things to think about right the the benefit of the body is that when we make the best choices when we’re meeting the manufacturer’s specifications doing what we’re both bodies were designed for most of it takes care of itself we don’t we don’t have to check the oil we don’t have to make sure the tire pressure is okay as long as we’re giving the body the inputs it needs and making the choices that support the body’s needs everything takes care of itself okay so if you want to get from point A to point B what kind of vehicle do you want now here’s what most intelligent people do and by the way I mean I you know it’s it’s an amazing thing but it seems like the most intelligent people usually cut wind up coming to hear me speak and coming here to the center right it’s a cool thing so intelligent people all know already that a standard American diet is crap everyone here’s aware of that aren’t they aren’t you all aware of that pretty much every you know everyone that shows up at the pomegranate cafe is aware of that everyone that shows up to hear me speak it wherever I’m speaking to England they all know this already everyone’s aware of this but you know what most intelligent people do they say things like because that diets crap I want to fix it I’m gonna I’m gonna I’m gonna improve on it so we’re gonna take out this and we’re going to put in we’re going to substitute it for this high-fiber thing or this lower fat version or this you know whatever it might be that’s what most intelligent people are doing I mean there are there aren’t a lot of really intelligent people who are just eating the same garbage that the average person does but here’s the problem has I know ever seen a train hit anything like maybe in a movie imagine that a train hits your bicycle do you think you’d be able to put the bicycle back together now we’re talking about a train moving at 60 miles an hour what does a train weigh tons and tons of tons okay there if you could find a piece of your bicycle afterward you’d be lucky okay lightly it would likely would just disintegrate so you can’t fix a bicycle that’s been run over by train because when the bicycle isn’t run over by train what you have is a completely useless vehicle completely good for nothing useless vehicle but what most people are doing is they’re taking a completely useless vehicle called a standard American diet and they’re trying to fix it it’s never gonna get you anywhere okay what we need to do instead if your bicycles been hit by train you need to find a new vehicle that will actually go somewhere and the same thing is true if you want to get from where you are and again I don’t think I’m speaking out of turn to say that each of you is here because you would like some aspect of your being physical emotional spiritual all of it to function at a higher level well if you want to get from where you are now to where you’d like to be you need to find a vehicle that’s actually capable of getting you there it doesn’t matter how much you tinker with the standard American diet it’s still going to be a completely useless vehicle just like that bicycle run over by train we need to find something new I’ve given you something which is a completely new vehicle it’s a vehicle you’ve never even seen before perhaps some of you right I mean it’s like a wow I didn’t even know these vehicles existed out there but this is the vehicle that’s going to get you where you want to go as comfortably as efficiently as effectively as possible I would encourage you to take a ride in the vehicle don’t start you know don’t try to find ways to fix it or look for ways to justify going back and trying to fix the old vehicle does that make sense yeah okay so and again I hope you understand you know the intention here is to empower you guys but sometimes we have to understand that when we’ve been doing something and as a culture we’ve been doing something that doesn’t work we’re eating a diet that doesn’t work we’re treating our problems and ways that don’t work did you know that the United States out spends virtually every other country three or four to one per capita per person on health care and yet according to the World Health Organization we enjoy something like the 70th best health in the world does anybody else see a problem with that I mean I would hope that if we’re out spending everybody else assuming we’re investing in things that actually work three to four to one we should have by far the best health in the world but there are 69 or so other countries that enjoy a higher level of health and than we do what’s up with that clearly what we’re doing as a culture doesn’t work it doesn’t work so again you know we come all the way back to the beginning three weeks in now we come back at the beginning the beginning was what I said you guys right the start you need to decide what you’re committed to if you know what you’re committed to then what you do is you find the way that’s going to get you where you’re committed to going whatever that is does that make sense to everybody I hope it makes sense to you too I hope this has been helpful to you you

23 thoughts on Improving Your Diet: Are You Trying to Fix a Useless Vehicle

  1. Loren, I am still amazed that most people believe the SAD does work and has been working for a long time. Some use this argument…"we now live longer than we did 100 years ago, so our diet can't be that bad." They fail to realize that drugs are keeping us alive just long enough to drain our bank accounts. And that the quality of life during our last 10-20 years is much less than it used to be. Some are so attached to their addictions they will use any silly argument to defend it. Cheers Loren!

  2. hey do you think a fast will make lymph nodes that have been slightly swollen for years go down? and help sleep apnea?

  3. Thank you so much Loren for your simple explanations to complex problems. My motto, after seeing a video at watch?feature=player_embedded&v=3MkwGTX0F_A, is that, a natural food for humans is something that to us (in it's raw state): looks good, smells good, and tastes good, without having gone through any processing or seasoning. God bless, and keep up the good work.

  4. You are right about the lower mortality rate of newborns bluebunny. That certainly does have an impact on those life expectancy figures. I have Dr. Morse's book. He is a fine man. I just don't subscribe to all the herbal remedies though.

  5. Thanks so much bluebunny61! I appreciate your comments and agree completely with your definition of a natural food. Namaste.

  6. You're both right bluebunny61 and jgfergus. People who survived childhood 100 years ago lived only a few less years than people live today…the difference is indeed that infant/child mortality rates are much lower than they used to be and that we now keep incredibly sick people alive longer.

  7. Hi ImC00L, yes, fasting long enough will absolutely allow the body to heal the underlying issue so that the lymph nodes can go back to a healthy size and that sleep apnea can be resolved. And virtually every other issue, if it can be healed at all, will heal more quickly and effectively via fasting.

  8. Thanks for your comments T. Letting go of the suboptimal things is only really hard when one is somewhat divided about what they're really committed to…get clear about that, and I think you will find it much easier.

  9. ha ha..I love the title of this video. Great analogy..I'm going to borrow it! πŸ™‚ Thanks for all your videos, very informative.

  10. trying does nt work any more loren , honestly ? people are so blinded ,,, tnx to the government last society controling tool which is Fork and spoon in folks kitchen ,, but tnx for ur videos atleast u are trying brother ,

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