Improving Load Performance – Chrome DevTools 101

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  1. Somewhat related, but when you mentioned adding the async tag to script elements it reminded me of an issue I had with fonts. Whenever I add a font or an icon set like material icons to my site, the audit tab complains about it being a render blocking resource that takes a moderate amount of time to load. I think some blog posts I read suggest asynchronously loading the font via JavaScript, but that seems a little complicated. It looks like adding a preload tag for the font before the link tag that actually references it sometimes causes it to pass the audit, but I'm not sure if it has any actual effect on page load. Any suggestions on how to avoid it? I know font loading comes up frequently so sorry if this has been asked a lot.

  2. This was the best video to introduce me to learn basics of performance of web. Thank you, I was looking for something like that.

  3. Awesome video Kayce!

    I hope Tony has found a better way to mine for Bitcoin… That's one hell of a talented cat! 🙂

  4. Indeed a great video. What do you recommend to make performance measurement for angular 6 application? Angular build creates files which are out of my control.

  5. У каждого из нас есть своя функция 'майнинг биткойн'. Спасибо ребят за то что делаете, дай вам Бог здоровья))

  6. Awesome!! Where can I get more learning resources about Audit, Performance and resources about how does use them to improve load performance ?

  7. Hello Sir, I did not undrstand that how should I add my project for example your project name is tony and for mine is for which I want to decrease page load time.So please guide me how to add my project to glitch tool.

  8. Hi Kayce, this would have been the perfect video for what I'm looking for BUT I'M USING WORDPRESS. So I'm absolutely not used to put hands on codes and I'm not even shure if this would be possible.
    Do you have an idea where I can find some tips like your for wordpress users?
    If you have time to look at my Audit, my slowest page is:
    Hope your best friend is a WordPress-freak! Send me a note, a beer or wine is waiting for you in Italy!
    Greeting, Martina

  9. hello congratulations for the tutorial I registered with my email and I followed your tutorial! How can I view my incognito site to optimize it? Thank you

  10. 7:03 When Showing Coverage, does it matter if Webpack is in development or production mode? I'm assuming that you'd want to use development mode in order to view the unminified source and have the coverage show red/green accurately (as opposed to production mode, where the source might be minified). Can anyone confirm?

  11. I have made every changes you made. And it works. But when I go to check the changes after closing the chrome, it shows previous settings again. How can I solve this. Please reply me. Thanks for a nice video

  12. I have made every changes you made. And it works. But when I go to check the changes after closing the chrome, it shows previous settings again. How can I solve this. Please reply me. Thanks for a nice video. Please reply

  13. in this video at 4:44 mark you said to import the compression library . I've been trying to figure it out . How do I import the compression library. I'm stuck at this stage. 😕Thanks ☺

  14. I'm fairly new to using the Chrome Dev Tools, but these files you're loading to better load time (server.js, model.js, etc.) – Are these files I simply create in the root or are these files specifically contained within a Glitch hosting environment?

  15. How do I audit a page which is part of flow whose url cannot be loaded, like I go few steps further by clicking few buttons and this is done using traditional xhr calls and the url of the page doesnt change.

  16. Thank you!!! Holly molly! I didn't think I was going to make it through this video with its instructions. A great instructor will make it a breeze! Gee! Can't believe I made it through all the scripting. Thank you! The score changed from 0 to 100! LOL Unreal! I am an appraiser and have to load tens , or hundreds, of property listings sometimes, to complete analyses in Excel. It was loading too slow. Now, it made a huge difference. Thanks, again!

  17. great video, seriously deranged conclusion, you enhanced the performance by removing a functionality? I too can display a "hello page" html page in no time, I really was looking for more… like does set timeouts enhance or block page rendering?

  18. Tony, the cat is adorable, You did a great job!!! Please tell Tony Thank You for the fish on the Dev Pg. really well-done Video I think I can make My site load better. Ohh with that being said, does the Google Dev tools work on WordPress site? or do I need to do something else? Thank You

  19. With advancement in technology trends, we have become less patient. Today, we hope to get the data we’re searching for in seconds. Everybody want websites to load quickly, regardless of whatever gadget they’re using, and if they don’t, they simply leave.

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  20. I have just enabled compression, checked in network and saw indeed that content encoding shows "gzip", the audit however does not recognize this. I have a multipage webapp and apparently the audit only tests the login page where no compression happens because its too small. Any suggestions? Thank you!

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