If You Don’t Use This Website, You’re Very Stupid

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If You Don’t Use This Website, You’re Very Stupid

If You Don’t Use This Website, You’re Very Stupid

Yes, it is I the clickbait king who has tricked you into watching an actually useful video jokes aside, though We are going to be going over not just one but three Different websites that are gonna certainly save you some time and money the next time you shop online and this is gonna be especially useful If you’re watching this during the holiday season now despite the title of this video if you didn’t already know about these websites I’m not gonna blame you or call you stupid for not using them obviously, but if after this video You still don’t use them. Well, then that’s your fault and I will point out by the way This is not a sponsored video in any way so anyway these three websites are review met a fake spot and camel camel camel the first two have to do with Analyzing Amazon reviews and determining whether or not they’re reliable so you can actually trust the rating or not Or maybe it has a lot of fake reviews that sort of thing and the third website camel camel camel I have talked about this in the past is for analyzing the price history of products and seeing whether or not maybe Despite a product being on sale like best sale ever Maybe the price was actually lower at a previous date so you can see that so first of all let’s go over the review analysis websites how they work in general is though look at the reviews and Look at things like the age of the accounts that made them how many reviews this? reviewer has left the Wording used that sort of thing and you could probably use common sense on when to decide to actually use these sites You don’t have to look at every single product You’re gonna buy for example, if it’s a big name brand, they’re probably not gonna be paying for fake reviews on Amazon They just don’t care But if it is like a very generic product You know the kind that people buy from China and they rebranded as a million different things You’re not really sure if it’s reliable, or maybe it’s an especially expensive item or an item That seems like it might be prone to not working. Well, it’s just something that breaks a lot So you want to be sure that this particular listing has actual real reviews of people saying it works, right? But as you’ll see you Definitely want to take these with a big grain of salt because even these two that I’m gonna be talking about don’t necessarily agree So we’ll go over that. So the first we can go over is review meta this is my favorite of the two because I think they go a little more in-depth and The ratings make a little bit more sense to me They’re a bit more open about how they actually rate them and how it works is really simple You can see they simply remove potentially unnatural reviews and just give an adjusted rating But if you scroll down you’ll actually see what they’re calling a report card for more details and on some of the specific criteria They went into that are either pass warned or fail So for example, you can see things like how many suspicious reviewers there were like brand repeats If someone in a review keeps mentioning the name of the brand that’s kind of odd Maybe they were paid to say it and also phrase repetition for example If there’s a lot of reviews that all say the same obscure phrase then that could suggest That they’re all from some review bot farm. That was just paid to leave very similar reviews Just slightly rewarded and then you can kind of throw all those out because they might not be real and also interestingly It’ll show you what are called take back reviewers. So those are people who have had reviews deleted in the past so they might not be the most reliable reviewers and also interesting is you can actually see the difference in average rating between Reviews that were thrown out and ones that were passed so through if there’s a huge difference than those You know that they probably were not the best also there are browser extensions available for this So no matter what you’re using it basically supports Chrome Firefox Safari even Microsoft edge So no matter what browsers are using you can have this one. All right Now the next website is called fake spot and it also reviews Amazon reviews. And this is my lesser favorite of the two I don’t think it’s as reliable but it does have one big advantage in that it doesn’t just support Amazon reviews But also other sites like Best Buy Walmart steam even like Yelp reviews so it can do a lot and you’ll see the main thing about this site is instead of giving just An adjusted review which it does that but the main thing it’ll give is a review grade and I actually don’t really like this grade lettering system It does seem a bit arbitrary and one important thing to note is that this is not grading the product itself just the quality of the reviews so you could have a product that is like really crappy has terrible terrible reviews like One-star rating, but it might have an A rating And that just means that the reviews are reliable not the product itself So you might be kind of confused by that and one really good example of this Is this random one terabyte thumb drive on Amazon for like 20 bucks? these are scams through through you see these all over the place where they basically fake the capacity of the thumb drive and Obviously this has a terrible review rating. Everyone’s saying this is a scam It’s like two and a half stars But then it also has an A rating which just means yeah all the people saying it’s crap are reliable But if you don’t know that you go on and you’re like, oh well This must be actually a good product even though the rating sucks. No, it’s the exact opposite So anyway instead of looking at the actual letter grade It does actually show the adjusted rating which you can look at similar to review Mehta And also if you scroll down it will show more details about the reliability of the reviews so for example it’ll show things like how suspiciously positive the reviews are which I mean could just mean that a lot of people really liked the product and also It’ll show you what percentage are reliable, which I think is probably the main number you want to look at and also another thing to point out is it does seem Like this site is really heavy-handed and very strict with how they letter grade their reviews anyway So there might be a product that the adjusted review is basically exactly the same as the regular review Rating but it’ll have like an F letter grade So, I don’t know you I would again not even look at the letter grade grading It just kind of look at the details in combination with the review meta of reading and also fake spot does have a Chrome extension But again, I would just probably disable the thing where it shows the letter grade because to me that’s personally useless But it’s up to you. And obviously you want to take both of these sites with a big grain of salt They may completely disagree because they use different algorithms to determine what’s reliable. And what’s not So before we get to the final website, we can quickly go over an example of something I actually bought and I looked up the ratings here So this is just some random pack of short USB cables And I thought this was a good example because it’s a very generic product It’s extremely cheap and I don’t know sellers might have trouble distinguishing from other sellers So they might be more prone or tempted to leave fake reviews. It does have like a thousand reviews So that’s probably less likely, but we can still look at like review meta It goes from an adjusted rating of 4.4 down to 4.3. So that’s pretty much the same It says it removed 9 percent of potentially unnatural reviews that again doesn’t mean that 10% of the reviews are fake. It just means that Maybe a couple of them are fake or just the people who leave those reviews Tend to just leave crap your reviews and down on the report card. There’s actually kind of a mixed bag here so it’ll say like word count comparison phrase repetition and Overlapping review history or fail and then like the warning you have delete or review suspicious reviews reviewer participation that sort of thing But again, even these you have to take with a grain of salt because looking at like phrase repetition Which was a fail really there’s only 20 of each out of a thousand reviews That’s not too bad and they’re kind of generic phrases like exactly what I needed. I don’t know I’ve probably left a review saying that and there’s only 20 of them USB charging station I mean, this is probably a product where you would be using that So again, I wouldn’t even think that’s too suspicious even though the algorithm says to fail So really you still have to do some due diligence again This is probably gonna be for stuff that you know, you really want to know whether you’re buying a decent product or not You’re willing to spend a bit extra time analyzing it and then funny enough if you look at the fake spot rating, it’ll actually give it an F and it says Insufficient reliable reviews which I think is kind of stupid. There’s a thousand reviews really you can’t get enough out of that one so again this website I would kind of use as a backup or on a site that maybe I don’t know review Matt a dozen support, but you can still look at both of them and kind of get an idea All right. Now the final website is called camel camel camel There is also a Chrome extension for this and Firefox extension as well And this is just for Amazon prices so you can literally see a graph of the price of a certain product over time and this actually does differentiate between Amazon prices at Third-party prices used prices so you can see exactly and I find this pretty obviously useful because you know an Amazon Literally, everything is shown as having a discount So you can’t really trust it and even like on Black Friday Cyber Monday these special deal days, you know I’ve looked at products and seeing wow. This is not even the cheapest. It’s ever been What the heck so you might want to think twice about jumping? Onto suppose a deal when it’s not even that great of a deal. This one’s pretty self-explanatory You probably see exactly how it works just from looking at it here So I probably don’t have to go too much in detail about it But it is really useful and I use it all the time. So anyway, that’s it but if you guys want to keep watching another video I’m recently which I recommend is talking about 12 iOS and iPhone settings These should probably change now one of my most popular videos. We talked about 13 iOS settings to change So this is kind of like a part two so you can just click on that and it’ll pop up right there So thanks so much for watching guys, and I’ll see in the next video

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  1. joe should know that money controls all in this world!!"" ""he should know also it follows that which people say is never to be trusted!!"", ""i never, ""repeat (NEVER READ OR TRUST REVUES)!!"", ""google the product and find out for yourself!!"", ""if i have learned anything in my sixty nine years it is to never trust what people say about products for sale!!"", ""find out for yourself!!", ""as i am sure most of you guys do!!"", ""your not brain dead are you?????"".

  2. I don't buy online.

    I live in a third world country with a horrible mail/packaging system.

    For example I live at the border and there is a town at the other side of the fence.

    If I wish to send mail to my next door neighbor.
    It won't go directly to it, no, no, no instead it has to go all the way to the capital (3 months) and THEN get send outside the country (also 3 months) and vise-versa.

  3. Who even uses these websites? Just saying, a lot of these people in this channel ESPECIALLY the discord server really prefer different things, and they just criticize me to go with their opinions.
    I have no use for this site; considering I don't spend the money I have very often.

  4. Have already been using Camel Camel Camel. It is great. Once you're registered it automatically notifies you of price changes. Often, not enough to change my mind or induce me to purchase (like $0.35 price drop). Nevertheless, it is worth it. I've also used the review of reviews site. Not always helpful, to me.

  5. So if I don’t use the second website than I will get a pass on being stupid. Right on. This is great. I cannot afford another stupid. 😀 ps. If you are stupid. Stay away from the second website. This is definitely going to confuse you.

  6. I left a bad review on something on amazon and like 3 years later they offered me a refund if I would update it to 4 or 5*. I think a lot of take back reviewers are similar

  7. Joe, include Keepa Chrome Extension in your video, It works like CamelCamelCamel and integrates itself into a product webpage. Really awsome. I have used it for years.

  8. There's one issue with camelcamelcamel, It's not updating that fast sometimes.
    And I actually missed a sale lately of a product I wanted.
    And I'd might miss another huge 1 on Black Friday but I checked manually the prices and saw something I wanted on sale and got it! (Wanna know what it is? haha! your turn to be clickbaited by me and watch my videos) anyways, camelcamelcamel is great but not perfect.
    Add the website links in the video description!

  9. Don't do anything thing this guy says, I once did an Xbox 360 tutorial and now I can't factory reset it because there is a passcode I never set and a security question I never set

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  12. Why am I stupid for not using this sites? I can't even buy stuff from Amazon 🙁 and If I can the shipping cost is way to high

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