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I Married My High School Sweetheart Of 10 Years | World Wide Wed | Refinery29

I Married My High School Sweetheart Of 10 Years | World Wide Wed | Refinery29

Hi, everyone. I’m Lucie, I’m a content creator and a video
producer and this is my husband. I’m Michael. I’m none of those things. We just got married after dating for 10 years. We didn’t have a wedding theme, per se. We wanted the tables to feel very inviting and cozy and warm and really beautiful. We wanted it to feel informal. Yeah. Just fun. We both have very big families, especially
Michael. So we wound up having over 200 guests at the wedding. I think what was particularly special about our wedding day was that because we grew up in the same town and we had been dating for so long, it wasn’t like there was a huge
distinction between the guests on his side and the guests on my side. It was like our town coming together to celebrate this wedding that has been long awaited since 2009. We met in 2007, went to high school together. I ended up asking her to prom and yeah, the rest was history, I guess. It feels really strange to introduce you to
people or refer to you as my wife. I don’t know what I’m going to get over that. Sounds legit and like we’re so old and so
mature. And like I have a husband? I’m sorry… I have a husband? Being a content creator and a video producer for a living definitely came into play a lot during the wedding. I did feel like people wanted a lot of wedding content and I really wanted to give them that. But at the same time, I wanted to remember that the wedding day was about us. And I just had to remember, you know, Michael doesn’t do this for a living. He’s been so generous to let me throw him
in videos like this one and to be on my YouTube channel at all. I’m so grateful that he does that and lets me do that with him. But he didn’t sign up to do this as a job. So I try to remember every time I’m filming
something, especially if it’s for a personal moment in our lives, that there are so many things that are better kept personal. I think a wedding is one of the huge events
in your life, so naturally you’re going to capture it in a lot of different ways. And coming out of it, we have these unbelievable photos and videos from the event and it’s really nice that you’re able to share that with a broader audience as well. When we were first deciding what to do for
this wedding, I think our first stop was picking our venue. We knew we wanted to get married in the Hamptons. We actually considered getting married at his family house. But that was becoming too much of a production to set up tents and building a whole venue in the backyard. So we decided instead to pick a venue and we went only to look at one venue, which was the Parish Art Museum, and we fell in love with it. The Parish was great for us because it had
a bunch of indoor and outdoor space. It gave us a lot of options depending on how we actually wanted to do the wedding. So when our planner showed us this room, that was essentially a black box, and they suggested we do our ceremony in there, at first we both said, “no way, we’re not doing this.” And then we just kept looking at this black
room and thinking about what we could do with it. And eventually it really hit us that doing
the wedding in this dark room and changing the theme from bright sunshine and natural light to dramatic lighting and pin spotting on us and having the whole room be pitch black, except for the two of us that started to become really appealing to us. Leading up to the wedding itself was really
nice because both sides of the family were staying at my parents house. And then the day of was… It was a lot. It felt like, I don’t know, 10 days all in
one. It felt like a very long day. Woke up bright and early, even having not
slept very well, I just felt very energized. Was ready to go. Didn’t need hair and makeup. Didn’t need hair and makeup, all that stuff. On the flip side, I woke up and had a lot
to do. I also didn’t sleep well at all. Despite not having slept well, I was also incredibly energized and I was really excited. My makeup artist actually slept over the night before and she pretty much got started just like prepping my face very early in the morning. And pretty soon it was just a very busy, bustling scene. We were also at Michael’s house, but all the girls got ready upstairs and all the boys got ready outside in the pool house area. So we were not even technically in the same house. Everyone was telling me about how crazy it
was that Lucie was so patient and calm. I just felt like I didn’t have any reason to be otherwise. It was incredibly organized and I woke up and it was my wedding day. I just felt like it was the best day of my
life was coming up. And there were so many people from out of
town that had flown in and driven in to come be with us. And I had such a fun night to look forward
to and I had so much in the day to look forward to. And I just had awaited this day not only for a year and a half, but for ten years with him. So I was just so excited. When we were ready to do the first look, they had me standing just facing a tree. I got to know that tree very well because I was just standing there with it for what felt like honestly 45 minutes to an hour. I think in reality it was like at least 20
minutes. Yeah. But finally, I made it out and I walked across the lawn in my dress and what felt like the longest rock of my life, just making my way
slowly to where Michael had his back to me. And when he finally turned around, he kind of went weak at the knees for a second. I think I took your breath away. Definitely. He’s a really emotional guy. I think in most of our relationship, I think
he cried more. I don’t really think it’s about who cries
more or less. I definitely cried better if that’s a thing. He’s the better crier of the two of us because he has more experience, you know? Yeah. Yeah. So in terms of our ceremony, we had a Jewish wedding. We had a rabbi who was reading Hebrew prayers and we did a lot of the classic Jewish elements when it comes to a wedding. That being said, it was more of a reform Jewish wedding. There were certain aspects of our ceremony that were a little bit alternative and maybe not traditionally Jewish. For instance, our Chuppah, although it did have four points, it didn’t have the cloth that covers it. That would make it a traditional Chuppah,
but it was more of just our own version of a Chuppah. Our rabbi also did read Hebrew prayers, but
because I personally don’t speak Hebrew or understand Hebrew, I didn’t want too much Hebrew to be read. So we did transfer some of the Hebrew blessings into English blessings. And our rabbi, I would say, was more spiritual than religious. He’s super cool, really young guy. And he just stayed at the wedding as a guest after. But we did, you know, the drinking of the
wine. And we used Kiddush cups that were engraved from my family back to the eighteen hundreds and one from his family back from the nineteen hundreds. And then we also did the classics Smashing of the Glass. Right when he slammed the glass he screamed like as if he just won the World Series, like “wooo!”. Yeah, my voice was a little bit lower than
that but, something like that. Wooo! I think we realized pretty early on it would
be very easy to get sucked into just going the traditional route. I think you and I had a bunch of conversations early on in the process where we just realized that we wanted to do it in a way that made sense for us. The whole day and then the ceremony itself had just gone so far exceeded the expectations that we had. That to me at least, I don’t know if you felt
this way, too. It felt like the reception was just going
to be icing on the cake. We walked into the room to the song September by Earth, Wind and Fire because we got married on the 21st night of September. So that song was kind of the song of the evening. I just remember turning to Michael while we’re waiting outside saying there’s no way people are sitting down waiting for us to be introduced. It sounds like there’s a full party going on in there. And by the time we entered and we could hear the song September was playing, we could see that the dance floor was already packed. And I almost expected the night to just be
calm. And one thing leading to the next. But it was an explosion. It kind of went by very quickly in some ways, but I feel like I have a lot of amazing memories from it. I don’t know to me that that’s kind of how
the whole day felt. In some ways it felt like it took a really
long time. And we did so many things. But it also, when it was over, it kind of felt like it went away like that. At the end of the day I think we both had the best day of our lives. We wouldn’t change a thing. At least I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t either. I felt it in the moment. But also looking back at pictures and videos, I’ve never seen myself that happy. Are you crying? Nobody’s crying. He cries all the time. She’s making things up, come on. His eyes are moist. Love you. Love you too. Thank you so much for watching this video about our wedding. If you want to see more videos, click right here to watch more content on our channel, and click right here to subscribe. See ya!

100 thoughts on I Married My High School Sweetheart Of 10 Years | World Wide Wed | Refinery29

  1. Congratulations!!!! 🎉 Your story reminded me so much of our story (I asked him to prom and we were together 10 years before we got married.) Wishing you many more decades of happiness in this new chapter!

  2. I'm celebrating my 10 year relationship with my fiance on January 1st. Lasting relationships that start in high school are rare!

  3. i don't think there was a single person of color among the gigantic bridal party. or among the guests, really. aside from the entertainment. in america. in 2019. yikes.

  4. My bff married his hs sweetheart of 10 years and we all became friends. She thought marriage would change things, then she thought a child would fix things. When it didn't (and she didn't let my bff or us in on this) she decided she was gonna convince us all shd was polyamorous and cheat with a mutual friend. Turns out she was just a lesbian. That didn't stop her from kicking my bff out on thanksgiving and then telling him she was pregnant with their second child two weeks before xmas. All in a matter of 2 years of marriage. She's fat now and miserable and the kids suffer for it. He's happy and moved on. Point is, it depends on the people whether the relationship lasts. Don't hide things, be honest and compromise on both sides. Remember to grow with each other, not away from one another, and communication is key. Keep it open; don't lock it up.

  5. Who cares ?? Why is so important ?? Because both part's are ultra rich ? A wedding is a hughe Event when you are ultra rich ! Stupid Content !

  6. I have been with my high school sweetheart for eleven years and been married for a few months. We've been together for so long already and everything about our wedding was awesome.

  7. Why did the rabbi’s involvement have to be justified by his being “super cool”, “young”, and “spiritual but not religious”? Your having a religious ceremony is not a bad thing. Be proud of it and don’t feel the need to defend having such a beautiful ceremony!

  8. Ohhh so they have money money, suddenly it makes much more sense that they had an expensive big ass wedding and an incredibly nice apartment in nyc even though she’s a blogger

  9. Such a rare thing to marry your high school sweetheart! Dating for ten years was a smart decision in your situation being so young. You gave yourselves time to grow into adults and into your careers first. What a beautiful couple

  10. This video was just a joy to watch. I love how sweet and comfortable you all are with each other. Your wedding was beautiful. Wishing you all the best for the future.

  11. Me: 200 guests? Must be super expensive!
    Them: Our family's house in the Hamptons…
    Me: Never mind. I'll go back to planning my super low budget wedding

  12. Omg! You guys finally got married! I’ve been watching you for over 3 years, and this whole entire time I never knew you were Jewish, that’s amazing. I am too! I’ve always felt like an outsider bc of it, bc everyone I know is Christian which is totally fine, it’s just not a lot of people really get it. Happy Hannukah by the way!

  13. It’s so nice to see another high school couple get married! My husband and I have been together for 9.5 years and we eloped almost 5 years ago (His deployment and most of my family being in Mexico did not make for easy or affordable planning)… We’ll have an actual wedding and honeymoon eventually 😂😅

  14. Wow still being compatible with your high school sweetheart 10 years later! I have grown so much since high school. I'm 26 so a similar age.

  15. Me and my husband are also high school sweet hearts. We celebrated by going out to eat sushi lmao. There’s beauty in simplicity, being poor ain’t all bad.

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