I can’t believe how different my Banshee looks after these mods…

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I can’t believe how different my Banshee looks after these mods…

I can’t believe how different my Banshee looks after these mods…

Alright guys, I promise this is gonna be the last video that I blue ball you guys What’s going on guys welcome back to the channel for those of you that are new to the channel Make sure to hit that subscribe button Also, make sure to smash that like button if you like this content really helps me out a lot so we are about to hop over to the product table because we got some new shit and you guys are gonna love it and I’m really sorry. We’re not doing any running videos today, but you’re still gonna like this video I promise by the way guys before I even start this video John from stupid FAST and I are gonna be at the Pocono Raceway on October 19th for ATV and snowmobile drag races We’re gonna have both our banshees there. We’re gonna run them and we might even have a booth with products and stuff I don’t even know what’s gonna happen. But we’re gonna be there. It’s gonna be on October 19th. The rain date is October 26th I’ll put the flier up right here So you guys can check it out anyways back to the product table because the product table is what we all care about right now Since it’s the most important thing because it’s right in front of me Alright, but seriously, there’s so many packages here behind me. You guys can’t see them. It’s insane this these this probably most amount packages I’ve ever gotten and I don’t know if I’m ready for it guys, but I know that I’m not so end The video I’m not ready and the video Okay, but seriously, let’s just get started with this Gigantic package this gigantic package this gigantic package this gigantic package this this and this Okay, so I get carried away on eBay sometimes and I’ve been getting really excited about doing this 100 mile per hour run and it’s interesting because when I did the first top speed run on the banshee by the way guys Make sure to check that video out if you haven’t already So many of you guys give me crap saying it’s not fast enough this that and the other and I actually did a little bit Of research and discovered, you know I don’t think that’s through a slow but there are some other reasons why my Banshee wasn’t Popping out quite as fast as you might expect and I listened to everything that you guys say I’ve got a flood of DMS all kinds of comments and stuff and a lot of you guys were saying some really repetitive stuff and I’m kinda gonna go down the list here I have all the parts here to rectify why I think it’s going slow not all of them, but At least the more inexpensive ones. So first and foremost is gonna be this one I know some of you guys are already gonna know what’s in here Brand new plastics All right, so these are new old stock by UFO So I didn’t even know that UFO made plastics for the Yamaha Banshee and I don’t think they do anymore Like I said, these are old stock, but this is really perfect So a lot of you guys were telling me to get rid of the front fenders because they’re literally like air scoops They’re like little mini parachutes in the front And for some reason some of you guys were saying that it affects the top speed by 4 miles per hour I don’t know how accurate that is, but I’ll tell you what You could hear the wind like smashing into those fenders as soon as you got the speed up. So I figured what we’ll do I was gonna get the mayor racing front fenders and I was gonna get them in lime-green I thought that would it looks sick, but that was 120 bucks And I kind of I’m not really a fan of the race plastic style where it just kind of stops right here I like it when they’re cut and they kind of look like a bleed. I think that looks really cool so I got really lucky I got these for a hundred and ten bucks ship they’re brand new and they said in the description that there might be some discoloration from sitting around and Some wear and tear. Unfortunately, there is a spot right here that If that wasn’t there they’d basically be perfect for what our purposes are and You can see the warning labels actually have like a plastic outline around them, which is really lame like The mayor ones the stickers come off and you’ve never there were that they were there but for our purposes it’s not going to matter Because we’re shaving these bad boys those that part of the plastics not even gonna be there and it’s kind of cool It’s got the UFO Plast graphics on there. I’ll probably leave them on there kind of matches the FMF graphics that I have and That should reduce a lot of drag in the front end now just as a side note I did do a video a while back comparing mayor plastics to OEM plastics and the OEM plastics had a much nicer construction not to say anything bad about mayor. I think they’re perfectly fine Oh II am just kind of had a nicer fit and finish there were thicker areas like it was a little bit more it seemed a little more durable and the Cuts where the fender are the tank cover goes and the radiator cover go are much more I guess like accurate and pronounced on the OEM ones where the Mayor ones were kind of I don’t to say sloppy, but they were rounded and stuff Now this om one looks very reminiscent or I’m sorry, this this UFO one looks very reminiscent to the OEM It’s got see thicker plastic in certain areas. These cutouts are nice and clean These are probably really good plastics actually, so I just wanted to mention that next tires These are d’Oro Scorchers They are four ply I chose that specifically because I wanted the lightest rotational mass I didn’t want to go with the like skinny drag racing wheels, but these will be pretty small They’re 19 by six by ten in the front. So the offset with the 22s In the back should look pretty sweet The quad should have a nice rake Just from that dude. That’s gonna look so sweet with that tiny rim like that in the sidewall going for like 70’s old-school drag racing. Look it’s gonna look freakin. Cool, man. If only these were slicks That would look really cool To complement those Scorchers So straight from DBC racing some DWT a5s these are Douglas wheels and These are gonna look really nice They came in in matte black which is exactly what I wanted and I will show you in a second here what I have planned for the before the the back tires It should look pretty killer. So let’s set these aside. We are gonna mount these up tonight. Just not right the second Dueling boxes Wow, okay guys, so what we have here are some 8×8 lead lock rims now, this is not The company or wheel that I intentionally wanted to go with I had ordered wheels from gold speed I don’t know if you guys have heard from them before or not I actually have not heard of them before but they make or sell anyway a rim that is called the silver tech wheel and I’ve heard really good stuff about it and you could get them in that matte black finish and you could Get any colored carbon fiber ring, and it also had a dual bolt pattern So it has the four by 115 and four by 110 so you could run it on a Yamaha Suzuki Honda whatever you want which would have been perfect for these? street tires because these are I’m gonna use these for pretty much every top speed run I do on all my build so that would Have been perfect But I didn’t want to wait till mid October which is they were backward until like that far down the road Tried a couple other companies and I really didn’t want to go with Alba I’ll talk about that later on Maybe in another video but I just didn’t want to go with them this time around now I found these extremely cheap. These were on clearance for 50 bucks a wheel brand new now The company is called Magnum. I’ve never heard of them. I figured I’d take a risk They only came in silver with a silver ring. I mean John actually pointed out to me just by looking at the pictures you can tell by the porosity of the Aluminum just by looking at it It’s probably a softer aluminum, but for what we’re gonna be doing with these I think it’s gonna be fine they’re just gonna be for being used on the street for the speedruns and Even if the bead isn’t like the craziest bead lock it’s gonna be fine. I Didn’t really need a bead lock rim I mean, it’s not like a Top Fuel Drag Race Er where the wheels gonna be or the tires gonna be slipping on the rim I just thought it was a really cool look and kind of gives it that old-school drag racing look and last but not least guys some gold spray paint So some of you guys are gonna want to kill me actually what I’m planning on doing with this is painting The rim gold now originally I did want to get black wheels with a black lip This was the only option you could get with this setup. So I think it’ll look kind of neat with a gold lip I just you know if you’ve ever seen Some drag racers on the strip They have the chrome wheels or aluminum wheels and they have the gold bead lock and I just think that looks so sick so I don’t have the time to go get em powder-coated or Any kind of coating on this because John and I are planning on shooting this weekend So I’m gonna try the gold spray paint and just see what it looks like If it looks like hell, I can always change it down the road. It’s not gonna take any abuse We’re not going off-roading or anything So I don’t really have to worry about a flaking or chipping off and I’m gonna prep it anyway So we’ll see what it looks like. You know, what the hell? Okay guys moving along here Alright guys, so what I have here are drag racing struts Now the reason I decided to get these are because the front end gets really sketchy on This quad once you hit like 75 miles an hour I Don’t think guys are called out in the last video You can’t really see in the footage but it starts to shake around pretty bad. It’s kind of scary and after I posted the picture on Instagram And my last video saying that I want to hit a hundred miles per hour with gearing A lot of people were sending me dm’s like an alarming amount saying that I got to be really careful and taking a quad bus It’s not lowered or anything over 100 miles per hour is really dangerous and why not Which is true, but honestly, I got a little bit scared So I picked up these and I think it’s just gonna be cool Anyway, like I said, I kind of went overboard with the whole drag racing look thing These are gonna add a lot of stability and they’re also gonna save weight these things are really light and they’re adjustable too So you can adjust the ride height. I’ll probably keep them nice and low for what we’re doing But that’s gonna be really cool. I’m really excited to get this stuff on I just think it’s gonna look awesome. All right Getting down to the last couple packages here Nothing too exciting Brand new OEM style hubs from Vito’s Racing I don’t think these are actually OEM they’re just om style. And the reason I bought these if you guys saw and one of my Older videos my hubs are getting kind of whooped so I’m gonna go ahead and throw these on there because I don’t know how many more times I can take a wheel on and Off with those hubs. They’re probably the original hubs from 1991 or 1992 Is all of the parts so I’m gonna take these hubs and paint them lime green to match the ones that are going to be coming off and I’m gonna go ahead and paint the Rings for those bead locks gold and we’ll get that stuff cooking then we’ll throw our tires on get those plastics cut and we’ll throw the plastic so on I’m not gonna put any of the other stuff on though until we get up to John’s and Start doing our top speed runs. All right, let’s get these rings off so we can paint them Laughter this up with some 320 All right, so those parts are cooking I’m gonna go ahead and put those new plastics on the Banshee and I’m gonna show you how I plan to cut them Okay so this is how she sits these are the mayor plastics that I do not plan to cut and What I’m thinking about doing you guys have probably seen it before guys take these fenders and they basically chop them like right along this seam and It kind of looks like kind of gives it a wicked. Look. It’s almost like a spike in the front Like back here just kind of come around here and then maybe come down here and round it just a little bit thinking of that or maybe leaving like an inch of fender and Kind of swing it in I’m not 100% sure I kind of like to do stuff unique like my own way something that nobody’s ever done before I mean a million banshee plastics have been cut so I doubt it’s gonna be original of what I Do but I do like to put a little spin on my stuff to try to make it unique. Like I said sadly, all of our sponsors are gonna go and I’m gonna put these plastics back on at some point, but these other plastics will basically be You know For drag racing and top speed runs and we’ll see maybe I like it like that Who knows but I do know from running cut fenders in the past It’s gonna be a mud flinger mud just goes everywhere. It gets all over your face and stuff These fenders really do a good job of stopping mud. So that’s why I like full fenders Plus I like the look of full fenders, but I do like to switch it up So let’s get those the UFO plastics on there and get to work Alright guys now while I have both sets of plastics off I figured I would take the opportunity to do a side-by-side comparison And kind of show you what I was talking about before now. I’ll go to the UFO and As I was stating before you can see how nice and square all of these edges are and everything And I’ll show you what I meant by the kind of like bubbly rounded look That the mayor have not to say it’s bad construction or anything But I think that the UFO kind of had a cleaner look This is more like the OEM style Something else I noticed Mayor has these kind of ribbed things here and believe that’s for rigidity And if you go under here, you can see you can see them on the underside whereas UFO again Om style. If you go underneath it’s nice and smooth. Now. I really like that especially for what we’re doing because when I shave these I Do plan to put some decals under here because you’ll be able to see them. I think that’ll look really cool So I’m happy the way this is turning out. These are definitely the plastics that I would want to cut Also other thing I wanted to mention is that the colors They look almost identical They look really good so it should match perfectly I don’t know if you can see in the camera It almost looks a little bit darker on the UFO and the camera but in person It really depends on the angle They’re basically the same exact color. So they did a good job Really happy with that 110 bucks shipped. So I’m gonna throw them on there and we will see what it looks like But before I do that Let’s take the headlights off man. We don’t need headlights for top speedruns, right? Those are like two little mini billboards Get rid of them Those UFO plastics are on there and interestingly enough these things mounted up so perfectly I Mean I have to say something about it. The mayor’s you kind of have to stretch a little bit. The holes aren’t perfectly lined up Whereas these ones were literally Om and like they fit perfect and something else even if I was to button down These fender mounts which I’m gonna take them off. I almost don’t even have to cut the pipe all right, not the pipe the plastic if you guys remember the mayor’s I actually cut portions out To make the pipes fit which I don’t really flaw the other plastics for that. I guess they’re just wider but Same thing on this side. I’m not gonna stretch the plastics. But even if you if you put it down against the Bracket there look you don’t even have to cut it. I Really like that these UFO plastics are nice, man I’ve been tempted to keep these is the full plastics and cut the Myers mayor’s but uh I really do like how smooth it is under here Like I said, cuz we’re gonna have a nice Cut here now. Just looking at these things. Like I said, I was thinking about kind of cutting along this line But I don’t really like how they aim outwards If you see like the they’re kind of gonna point outwards and I think that looks kind of I just don’t like it so I think what I might do is come up here go with the flow of the fender and round it and Come back and go down And maybe right like that Or I might round this Come up and go around Not a hundred percent sure I might as well you know I can mark it out and Start bigger and if I want to take more off, I can always take more off Alright guys, well, I taped these off to kind of get an idea of what This would look like I actually spent a good amount of time just kind of thinking and deciding what it would look like. I Decided not to do the spike thing. Like I was talking about I like going back like that I think that’s a more racy look and it kind of goes with the flow of the bike and like angled backwards Personally I think that’s going to look pretty cool. I’m sure somebody else has done this design But I really like it and then on the inside We’ll kind of round and come in on here Can see from back here? Get an idea what its gonna look like So I’m gonna try to chop them on the bike Will like use a little cutoff wheel in the dremel if I have to I’ll take them off and finish the job But I don’t think I’m gonna have to do that. I like it being bolted down and you know nice and stable so let’s get the Dremel and Start cutting up these fenders Well, there’s no going back now Sir I think it looks it’ll look pretty good when it’s all cleaned up Alright guys, I got them all done. I think they came out pretty nice The edges are pretty smooth Be able to put a decal right under there. I kind of like the contour and everything Show you from the back What it’ll look like is if you’re driving it Plus wants the tank and everything’s on there. It’s gonna look a lot better. I Think that’s a pretty good look though, man. I’m happy with the way that came out Yeah, buddy so now I can take off these support brackets They’re useless to me at this point And we’ll throw our tank cover and radiator cover and seat back on and see what this bad boy. Looks like Oh Yeah, baby this came out excellent I am so happy with the way this looks Damn I’m usually not a cut fenders guy, but man, I think that looks sick. Damn Well, you guys think of those cuts man, I think it goes with the flow of the bike Not too rounded Cuz the Banshees kind of naturally a boxy look At those boxy fenders in the back and everything. Oh Man, I think that looks killer. All right. So the paint is finally done drying on our D Bach rims and our hubs I’m going to show you what they look like. I think they look pretty good. Here. They are I Mean I don’t think that looks bad at all for Spray paint I Think it came out looking pretty good And once the tires are on and the gradate Goldish bolts are in there. I think it’s gonna look pretty sweet So let’s put those tires on and we’ll see what they look like. All right, first things first our valve stem in I don’t even know what to say These wheels and tires look so cool. I Literally have no words This literally looks like a drag racing wheel I think that is so badass I can only imagine what its gonna look like on the Banshee. Okay guys, so I’m gonna wrap this video up I am super happy with the way these back tires turned out. I think it gives it a killer Old-school dragster look in my opinion. That’s exactly what I’m looking for with this build I mean, I don’t know if I would go as far as an extended swing arm, but hell I might even put a wheelie bar on this thing Now you probably noticed that our front tires are not mounted on those a5 rims And the reason that is is I decided I’m gonna take them to a tire shop and have them put on Because I could probably get them on with spoons, but those black rims there They might chip up around the rim and stuff if I use spoons and I just don’t wanna go that route It’s worth the 10 or 20 bucks to haven’t put on at a shop. So we are good to go guys We got all our bases covered. We got our bigger sprocket sizes. We got our bigger rear tires. They’ve got the street tires So we should be able to get this Banshee over a hundred miles per hour. There’s no doubt in my mind Let me know in the comments section below if you think I can do it. If you don’t think I can do it Let me know that also also, we have those struts that’s gonna help this with stability on this banshee and It’s just gonna be really neat man. I’m really excited So yeah I’m gonna pack this thing up and I’m gonna head up to see John at the stupid FAST ranch and In the mean guy meantime guys, make sure to give me a thumbs up If you enjoyed this video that really helps me out a lot member to comment and share it with your friends I appreciate all you guys you guys are the best you guys have been the best subscribers I could possibly ask for You guys all Rock and I hope you guys have either a good weekend or a good week Not exactly sure when I’m gonna get this video out. Well, I will see you in the next one

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  1. Thank you for watching my video ? I know I've been lax on my comment response lately but I still see your comments and I love all of you ? The 0-60mph and 0-100mph videos are coming next!!! ??

  2. Mike,
    Theres an article in dirtwheels how fast can a banshee go stock and mod on a radar gun on google.
    They do before and after mods like fender cuts and stuff,along with pipe and other mods.they also use road type wheels and of coarse use different gearing..you'll be interested

  3. hey man ive been watching your videos for the past year, im leaving this comment from my girls account lol. i really enjoy watching your videos. you do good clean work without being pretentious, very humble and real, and you do a better job than alot of professionals lol. I like your home made style. top notch

  4. Get some pin stripe tape to get the shape you are looking for. Way easier to shape than a bunch of wide tape……you know…..for next time lol .

  5. Hey I recommend trying to put the tires on the bead with fire instead of going to the shop it's easy and you don't scratch the rim

  6. It was allot of years ago we all had banshees. I think at least 10 of my friends owned them… i never did much of the work on mine. I gave a friend money, told him what i wanted, and he'd take care of the mods, then explain to me what he'd done (i was pretty lazy lol). All of my banshee friends always said, "it's easy to get a banshee to go 90, after that you better have a big wallet". Like, you need to switch things over and run race gas. Bigger, more expensive mods to go over 100 for sure. I only had small stuff done. Pipes, ports, gearing, welded crank. A few other little things i can't remember. On one good day, with the right weather, i had it going 90.

  7. I have 2 servals 1 with pro curcuits stock gearing and 20 inch tyres and it runs 92mph on phone app..pro circuits redline at 9200 but i dont know how much overev to get that speed.i have another 421 serval stock gearing 20 inch rear cut front ported and probably most important, sniper pipes which give good bottom but rev to 10000 and that bike is a lot faster(dose another 1000 revs and has better breath on top) so i estimate over a ton but i haven't run a speed check yet cause i have a broken collarbone. I do know it ran 85mph at a local dirt drags and it had plenty left.so in short a pipe like shears or better yet sniper with a little porting which i think your s will have should see a ton.
    Yours with a pipe that redlines 8500 to 9000 overev but with higher gearing should do it easy

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