HTML5 Basics – History of HTML (Part1)

75 thoughts on HTML5 Basics – History of HTML (Part1)

  1. This is great to learn about the rough journey the web has taken to get to something usable and elegant like HTML5, as well as a bunch of silly acronyms.

  2. … Well, you beat me to the punch in regards to a Design Tips and Philosophy channel… Time to delete all my footage and dump all my work… I hate you, Travis.

  3. 😉 (Mind you, I was being sarcastic) Well, pretty much this, but a little bit more. You know how as designers we write articles about the state of design? Well, I want to do videos about the state of design. It's a nice change to see someone actually talking about it, rather than just reading someone ranting.

  4. There is definitely room for more!

    Also, while I am a designer myself, this channel is more about helping designers learn or get better at coding, so there isn't going to be much talk about design in terms of visual/ux/interaction, just making those designs come to life with quality code.

    I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  5. Whooops! It's Nov 12, 1990 — link w3[dot]org/Proposal.html

    I wish YouTube had a more elegant way to edit after you publish, annotations are gross. :/

    Thanks for the help!! I can't believe I slipped a whole decade in there!

  6. Small world! @patch & @Travis. Two of my favorite designers making awesome ish. Excited to see your stuff as well @patch rogan

  7. Thanks for shearing too many things with us here a great article for history of html5 which must needed

  8. Okay, but actually, Sir Tim Burners-lee didn't coin the term HTML, he just proposed it. Ted Nelson coined the term

  9. Did you know that hypertext systems existed before WWW?  I worked at Symbolics which had the Document Examiner:

  10. Heyo! I'm a dev bootcamp student getting up to speed with all the basics of the industry, and I'm really enjoying your videos,they truly help me on my educational path. I watch you videos sped up (via Chrome extension) with closed captioning as to get though then quickly (humans can hear and understand faster than they can talk). Closed captioning can be quite off the mark at times, to hilarious ends. For your entertainment, this is how closed captioning interprets your little song and the end of this vid: 

    "Circumscribed suscribe to Chino,
    so screen nude tinted,
    min and skins and skin do you do
    dupes so who designers"

    Very avent garde. lol. 

    Keep up the great vids.

  11. Watching your vids I see that DevTip'ers email you. Whats your email, cause I wanna email you. So I'd like to ask you about your coding routine. I notice that my eyes fallout after awhile of coding. Do you have suggestions on how long stretches of coding should be before a break, how many breaks, etc., etc.,? Thanks in advance!

  12. OH, you're just awesome, i love the way that you say everything, is so fluid and easy to undestand  even you don't really know english ^_^ ♥

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  14. do i really have to remember all this history of html for an interview?? sorry for this stupid question by the way 😉

  15. I am 50 years old and scared as hell of joining the web design community when I graduate in two years. I feel that I'm left behind by the young guns. (yes, I'm fishing for some comforting words at this moment)

  16. I am an aspiring programmer, I think that is how you say it lol… I just have to say, watching your videos has helped me out a lot.. I will become a patreon when I can .. Keep up the great work, there are other tutorials and info out there, but none are as easy to listen to as yours lol No Homo


  18. excelent video!
    u make geek topic interesting and fum. thx a lot for that.
    i am designer entering jungle of front end web development, being scared to become geek in a way i don't like. too uch coding and stuff.
    U make transition more smooth.
    Thank you!
    Keep up good work! Cheers!

  19. Congratulations on you new job at Google! And thanks for all the useful info you have been sharing! You are a good person Bro!

  20. Another great video!
    By the way, do you teach? Or has ever taught? Simple, clear and funny. Your teaching style is amazing.
    I know it's an old video but, keep up the good work!

  21. Just found your channel last week. I'm sad that you are finishing it up. I've really enjoyed the episodes that I've watched so far. I've learned a lot! So I've decided to start watching all of them from the beginning. Can't wait!

  22. Hey, I just wanted to say you're really good at what you do. Thanks for doing a great job at providing this incredible service!

  23. I think HTML goes back before 1999. I think DOS used it to set up documents in their word processors. I think I remember the "Reveal Codes" function using HTML to design the document. That was in like 1984. I'm pretty sure it was HTML. But a great video! thanks!

  24. Super informative, thank you!
    Now, if only we could make politicians out of W3C & WHATWG personnel. Joining forces for the betterment of the people gasp what is this sorcery!?!

  25. I don't know why you thought having your face so close to the camera was a good idea. It's not artsy or helpful. It sucks. I'm only watching these videos because my college class requires me. FTW.

  26. My school makes me watch these stupid, horrible videos. I can’t stand this class simply because of this douche bag dude who can’t step five fucking feet away from the camera. You’re a fucking dumbass.

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