HTML Introduction – Basics | Heading and Paragraph | Web Development Series | Class 1

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HTML Introduction – Basics | Heading and Paragraph | Web Development Series | Class 1

HTML Introduction – Basics | Heading and Paragraph | Web Development Series | Class 1

Hello friends my name is Sahil Khanna and you are watching intellectual indies this video is being recorded via webcam of my imac this series is being done via webcam only hope you will like it your target is we will do web development,app development so from starting we do html html means hyper text markup language means like ms word,let’s open it this is ms word here it opens like this this is coding like I wrote sahil anything if I want to change the color I can do bold here any thing this thing we can do in website old website looks like a word document so let’s start from beginning this above it let’s zoom it this you are looking at doctype,html,head you need to remember this so let me understand you above you can see doctype means your document type so how we write is “doctype html” so we defined it as html document below it is html in head you need to put meta description means you user can’t see it next is title we will talk after word next is head closed the code which is opened will get closed at the end like head tag here it opens and will close somewhere same as body same in html here h1 opens and will close somewhere here p opens and will close somewhere so all tags opens and will close somewhere like you cn see here lets go ahead in body you will put the things which you gonna to see in website here we will close the html in starting you can use notepad I am using this is the site and download it here I like this because it has a big developer community here you can see it github so I like this very much so let’s open any website,like so here we gonna to check it’s code by right clicking on the page and then page sourse here we see in starting we saw doctype then html,head,in head we can se alot of thing we saw the title here head ends and body starts so we will head below they close the body and html so all big sites work on this format I hope atom is downloaded you can see your atom like this you can use notepad too now we will copy it here we will paste it in song,there is a extension called mp3,for video is mp4 or avi likewise html format is .html so we need to save this file in .html I did my screen small so I need to capy and save it here saveas i need to choose a folder web-development youtube and will save it here named as first class.html you can choose the options from here and save it now we will find the saved html file and open it on the crome look ideally if you want to do a nice web-development then you can do like this and I am too visible because of the big screen so I will be doing and showing you likewise so the things we will be writing in the body will be shown here so what all things we can write in the body,first is h1 h1 means heading,all there h tags goes till 6,like h1,h2,h3…h6 so we will copy it to understand you better and here we will change h1 to h2,here again h2 I like the atom the most because it says your mistake and help you to rectify you, here you can see the coloring which you can’t see in notepad 5 5 6 6 and save it ctrl+s refresh it and look h1,h2 h3,h4,h5,h6 ok people think if I want text bigger then will be writing on h1 ans for small this and that this is mith,here we do not do designing,we do all this in css I don’t know about old times but now if you want to do seo then you need not to use h1 or h2 for the size h1 means heading and the main heading of the page will come here ideally we use h1 only once but h2,h3,h4 we can use multiple of times so this is heading,main heading,we have done h2 so we will copy here h2 and paste it here now paragraph tag p here means paragraph I think this is a simple coding,h1 means heading,p means paragraph so I will put the paragraph here ok so you can do like this,now I will remove it no use of it so we have 2 paragraph,will save it and refresh it this is heading 1,its description then heading 2 its description ideally I can increase the paragraph length like we do in word,so we will be changing the paragraph here I can write anything here if I press enter here suppose I want to go to the next line then I will save it and refresh it,but it did not work so in this page sensitivity will not work I pressed the enter here but it did not work,so for this we use br tag now it worked,br means break we called enter as line break,so for line break we use br tag so I will not explain you much,before the end I will explain you about title look here you can see the page atom,here you can see beautiful written here you can see its showing page title,so anything you change here you will see there so if you search on google like Lapaas so you can see only lapaas here here sahil khanna,business analysis,digital manager,freelancer….,so this is title so title too is an important part of seo,so you need to think accordingly like Lapaas digital marketing and company,so if you want to rank in digital marketing then you need to put title accordingly but if I want to make Lapaas as a brand I had my branding on youtube I can encash it,I don’t want result from seo I am getting result from youtube,so I want to brand Lapaas so I made Lapaas as the title so can see the reviews here,you can too put your input here so this is the basics of it so your homework is play with all this tags like h1,h2,h3,p write something in the paragraph next week we will be talking about how to improve coding, table,ui tag means bullet points coloring will try to improve the website,so work on it and try to improve it basically you need to organise your content heading and all that,basically structure it start it now buy good night,good morning,after noon whenever you are watching

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  1. Ser pls pls maine jo topic bola us par kab video banao ge ser aap invest wala video ser pls apka thoda time jaiga lekin meri bahot badi help hojaigi pls kaheta ser investment jo milta hai wo kis bes par milta hai aor usko wapas dena padta hai kiya banao ser video

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  3. ये जो आप बोल रहे हो कि
    Head yaa body लिखा हुआ है उसको रटना पड़ेगा।

    ये गलत है।
    आप उसको complicated बना रहे हो ।।
    उसका meaning समझा दो।
    लड़का खुद सिख जाएगा कि ये किस purpose से लिखा जाता है।

    आप syllabus को vast कर रहे हो।

  4. Sahil bhai really you awesome
    You are a light house for us,
    Those who did not get proper course but have burning desire.

  5. Brother #Sahil,
    Could u please temme what's that Major one difference that's between #Wordpress(CMS) and HTML ???

    And now that there are so many CMS then what's the future of HTML???

  6. Thank you sir, kafi time se Mai kisi YouTuber ko search Kar RHA Tha Jo mujhe coding sikha sake hindi Mai but ab Meri tallas khatam hui. Thank you so much again

  7. Sir a suggestion jo appne ye html file banai hai vo description mein Daal do dekhne mein mobile viewers Ko problem ho ti hai

  8. Bhai mai cp mai aapke peeche khara tha . Ap white color ki t shirt pehne they:) and baarish horhi thi halki si 🙂 jhanda utra hua tha:) . But log kaafi thi apke paas isiliye mulakat nahi hui

  9. Sir great job.
    Html sikhne k liye mein bhatak raha tha ab jake roshni milegi…thanks sir keep it up and help us like this. We cant afford to learn such things by investing time is centre and from money side too. But we can learn this great thing from youtube. Thanx ince again sir.

  10. Sir kya bolo appko apke ye series sabse jaada use full hai…. App hum gareeb log ke bahut madat kar rahe ho sir love u a lot sir ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. Hello Sir, Mera ek sawal hai. Kya aaj ke time me bhi html coding seekhna sahi decision hoga…I mean you know wordpress or wix that works on drag and drop. Is it necessary to learn? If yes then why?
    #sahilkhanna #intellectualindies

  12. Just a small tip from my side.
    Ki learn ke sath execute bhi karte chalo. 🙂
    1 Hafte baad hi kissi projects pe kaam karna shuru kar do.
    Agar sahi mein sikhna hai toh basics ke baad google karo aur shuru ho jao. 👍

  13. Bhai bahut bahut shukriya …. Dil se dhanywad bus bhai bahut chota dikh rha ha pressure dena pad rha ha ankhon pr plz thoda bada text krke dikhao mja aa jaega

  14. Bhai ek question ha ki break (<bn>) ki jagha alag paragraph (<p>) bhi to bna sakte ha to break ka use kyu karenge…..

  15. Bhai thanks for start this series,
    1 suggestion hai if u don't mind plz don't monetize for this series, ads kahi or hi le jati hai,
    basic or advance courses ke liye chahe koi bhi fees rakh do.

  16. #ASKSAHILKHANNA –hello bhaiya ur doing great job and giving the quality information thank you . I have one question. I am a reseller and i sell mens clothing on instagram. How to research for keywords to gain follwers and sales. Thankyou

  17. nice video sir, text type karte time zoom ka use kariye pls
    most viewers ki screen itni badi nahi hogi ki text saaf dikhe.thnx

  18. Bhai 10th class me seekhi thi HTML. Bahut Maza ATA h banane me. Initially bahut tuff HOTA h bohut tags and subtags Yaad rakhni padti h. XML ke baare me BHI video banana.

  19. Very useful video… I will share this with others…
    This atom app has another benefit then notpad, it has black background which result in less eye strain!!

  20. You can also use bracket if u want to experience on live preview… Then you no need to refresh browser again and again

  21. Sahil sir, PHP ki website pe SEO krna ho to meta tags kaise change krnge?? Iske upr ek video bna do..pls bht value milegi isse sbko

  22. sir ek question hai ki ye jo hum head aur body shuru krte hai html mai uesme itna sara likhna complusory hai kya

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