How to write copy for website (5 Simple Tips to Create Website Copy)

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How to write copy for website (5 Simple Tips to Create Website Copy)

How to write copy for website (5 Simple Tips to Create Website Copy)

writing copy for a website is no easy feet
if you need some quick pointers stay tuned to this video because i’m gonna give you top
5 tips for writing copy for your website for the best tips in creating the life you love
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one page on your website that matters the most it’s your home page this is where your
potential customers are going to go first your homepage should eye catching this is
the point in time where customers are gonna decide if they want to stick around or if
they’re gonna hit that back button the best way to catch their attention is to speak directly
to them the best way to do this is to create verbiage where your speaking directly to them
using words such as you instead of we or i remember its about your customer you want
to get inside their voice inside their hear and speak to them in a way that draws them
in another way to do this is by creating a scenario or a story that walks your customer
through some of their pain points and then the resolution which comes with working with
you the second thing that your gonna need is a tag line that sums up what you do there
should be one sentence or a phrase on the top of your website that sums up what you
do and what results you deliver to your customer your customer shouldn’t have to dig through
all the copy to figure out what services you offer just create one sentence or one phrase
that sums it all up so it’s easy for your customer to grasp and understand if your already
using a tag line on your home page comment down below and let me know what that is now
that you have a catchy tag line or a phrase that sums up what you do and you’ve also created
a scenario or perhaps a story that walks your customer through what its like to work with
you and what results you get the next thing you need to do is tell them exactly what you
want them to do whether its a freebie or a consultation that you want them to sign up
for you need to direct your customer to do that and you can do this by creating buttons
such as download your free guide here or schedule your free consult here use buttons that speak
in the same language that you’ve created for the rest of your home page make sure your
speaking directly to your customer in a way that they understand and that’s easy to follow
you can also do this by creating a conversational tone with your customers so that they feel
that their having a real conversation with someone such as are you ready to go ahead
and schedule that free call yes i wanna schedule that free call that would be perfect verbiage
for a button make sure whatever it is its easy for your customer to understand and follow
so they know exactly what to do next to initiate the process of working with you the next step
is to create a compelling why why should someone want to work with you the best way to do this
is by featuring reviews on your page your customer needs to know that whatever service
or product your providing as worked for others number 5 ask them again so your customer as
read your tag line they’ve read the copy that speaks to them they’ve read the reviews and
they have seen your free offer but perhaps they missed it the first time ask them again
you can do this by including your free offer on the bottom of the home page with a little
bit more details or in a pop up that offers to schedule a free call after they have been
on your website say 30 or 45 seconds this makes it a difference in the conversions that
your gonna get from your website as well remember people get side tracked they may have kept
scrolling past the original offer to read more about you and to check out those reviews
so ask them again and make sure that your doing it in a way that provides more details
so that there comfortable with going ahead and proceeding in initiating and excepting
your call to action so to sum up what I’ve talked about in today’s video its make sure
your speaking clearly to your customer in a way that they can understand you can do
this by creating scenarios and then showing the results that they’ll get by working with
you use more you’s then we’s also show the results from other customers by displaying
your customer reviews and most importantly have a call to action on your website such
as a free downloadable or an offer to schedule a free consultation with you over the phone
now that you know the basics of creating copy for your website comment down below and let
me know which of these tactics your already using and which of these you plan to implement
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4 thoughts on How to write copy for website (5 Simple Tips to Create Website Copy)

  1. What strategies are you currently using on your website to ensure your copy converts potential customers into paying customers?

  2. This was a VERY good video-and Timely for me as I am tinkering with my home page and need to add some of the things you are talking about. I will use your video as my guide !

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