How To Use cPanel & Optimize Your WordPress Website

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How To Use cPanel & Optimize Your WordPress Website

How To Use cPanel & Optimize Your WordPress Website

Now it’s time to show you around your new
web hosting account so you’re on the control panel in there’s a couple things we need to
do before we install WordPress so you need to do is visit emotion hosting you might already
still be there and then you can always login by clicking on this option right here that’s
his amp login someone to go ahead and click on ample login and it will take you to this
a login form summoning enter my login right now okay now for me because I have more than
one account with them it gives me the option here to choose which account I want to use
to login so I’ll just go ahead and choose the account that I’m going to use a login
but for you it’s going to take you right on into the first control panel you’ll see okay
so I’m now logged in now I am blurring out some of my private information of course which
is reasonable and I’ve got my billing information on the right blurred out and this is the first
place you go when you first login this is where you’re going to manage your account
with InMotion and you’re really not to do a ton here you can obviously reach support
right here on the top right there is an option to contact support you can update your contact
information if you have a bill you can pay you can reset your password you can add domains
and features and stuff like that your account you have these options here but working to
spend most of our time is this option right here that says cPanel so go ahead and click
on cPanel which is sans for Control Panel this is a industry standard so no matter what
web hosting company you do end up using their all probably going to be using this thing
called cPanel so go ahead and click on cPanel now right so now I am in my cPanel now your
see panels either to look something similar to this or there’s a different view for it
as well so right here’s my username drop down a bit and choose change style and it’s can
give me the option of the style I’m in now which is the modern looking style in this
classic style right here so let me go into the classic style and see it’s already switched
and when I click on home it’s going to go ahead and show me the classics down this is
probably what most people are used to but if I want to get into that other style I can
just go ahead right here and choose paper lantern and it should take me over there but
I would go ahead and use this one because the one that I’m most comfortable with but
either one that you’re in these different areas of your control panel are all going
to have the same names so it’s his file manager here if I was to switch it by clicking right
here in the top right there and clicking on change style I can jump back into the other
one and then click on home and it’s the same thing it still says file manager so you can
have whichever view you want or they want this view or the other view now there are
a bunch of things that you can do in here and I don’t want you to fill overwhelmed because
you’re not can actually use most of them so let me show you the things that we are going
to be using mostly so right now I’m in to scroll down and working to see the section
that says emails so one of the things that we need to do is is create an email account
that were going to use on this WordPress website and there’s a bunch of things you could do
here so if this can be your business website you’ll obviously want to know how to create
email accounts and will do that right there and for right now we need to do one little
techie thing I want you to click right here where it’s his PHP configuration and we need
to change something so by default whenever you get a web hosting account it’s can I have
this thing called PHP 5.6 and this is kind of an old one so we want to change this to
PHP seven and what this is going to do is make everything twice as fast so it’s worth
it to take this one minute and do this update some and go ahead and click on updates and
now it’s saying working to be on PHP seven which is exactly what we want us go ahead
and click on that home button again to get here now what I want to do is create an email
account so to go to email accounts right here in a click on that and then this is how you
create an email account you just entering what you want the front part of that email
account to be and then you put in a password and then you’ll choose a quota to play on
that quota will always choose Unlimited so I want this to be the email address that you
used when your website is sending out emails so you can choose whatever you think is going
to be appropriate there now with my website I still like when it’s sending out emails
to have my name that it will say Adam at whatever so if you ever receive an email for my website
it’s gonna say Adam from and that’s just how I like to do it so I’m to
go ahead and enter that in right now but I’ve seen people use customer service or hello
or support words or orders or something like that you can use whatever makes sense to you
but working in need this to plug into the WordPress website so that it’s sending out
emails from this email account some go ahead and enter Adam just like that and I’m going
to choose a password okay so I entered in my password and there certain password requirements
someone go ahead and enter it again okay and this is telling me that I’ve generated a strong
password now you can use the password generator but it’s good to know what the password is
because there might be some times where you want to maybe take this email address and
put it in your iPhone or your android phone or your Outlook or your Apple mail so you
might want to go ahead and have it be password that you can remember some ventures unlimited
in the number click on create account and it says right there that the account is created
and that we keep in mind we need this information moving forward in this video series so make
sure you make a note of it maybe just open up a notepad and write down the email address
you created and write down the password that you created and also you’ll be able to come
in here in the future to change your password and what I want to do right now you can also
delete your email account but I want you to click on set up email client and this essentially
get to give you all the settings right here that you need to configure it on your phone
or your program and also in this WordPress website’s work and use the info we have right
here where it’s a secure SSL settings make a note of the outgoing server setting so this
is the outgoing server because we can figure this on our website will need to know this
little piece of information right here so go ahead and get a notepad and copy and paste
that in there and the sport here and you might want to also make a note of this incoming
server right here as well if you’re in a can figure this on any of your email clients now
right here is your non-SSL SSL basically means is going to be encrypted communication so
if you wanted to use an unencrypted communication from your device and your new web hosting
account you can use these in for this information right here but I recommend just going ahead
and using the secure information right here so all your email communication ends up being
encrypted so other than that that’s what we really needed to do in our cPanel when just
give it a quick glance over to see if anything else that you need from time to time and some
of my videos I do things in the file manager so that’s good to know right there if you
wanted to make a backup of your entire cPanel account you can make a backup right there
this database stuff for knocking to touch it directly you can do some neat things here
by adding a subdomain that would be if I wanted to say put a website where it would be and
why my thoughts show the that’s called a subdomain you can do neat things like that
if you wanted and here is some DNS stuff were not to talk about that in this video but I
talked about in some of my other videos here’s your email things so we can create actually
an email forwarder that’s interesting so if you wanted to set up an email address on your
domain name such as [email protected] you don’t actually have to create the email
address you can just make it so it’ll forward someplace else and so some neat things you
could do right here metrics this is just gonna give you some stats on the usage of your web
hosting account in the traffic that you’re getting here some security things right there
are software advanced let’s see here Cron jobs will be using that in this video now
in the next part of the video working actually use this section right here so that’s it for
this overview of cPanel in your web hosting account and the main thing we needed to do
was upgrade your PHP to version 7 you never have to think about that again by the way
and we wanted to go ahead and create that email account that were going to use in this
website that you are about to build

17 thoughts on How To Use cPanel & Optimize Your WordPress Website

  1. Hi Adam
    I am a bit late. I already created my wordpress website. Can I configure c panel now? and will it affect my wordpress website.

  2. Hi Adam
    I can find only these through PHP version
    which one should I choose?
    note that the default version is ea-php55 inherited

  3. Hi Adam, after you created your email on cpanel for your website, HOW do you connect your gmail or whatever you use on the regular basis to this NEW email you just created? Thanks and love ALL your videos!

  4. Hey Adam!! (Lee posted you channel in WP Innovator 😀)

    If I change the PHP version to 7.0 with a live site, is that possibly gonna screw things up??

    Thanks mate!!

  5. When I tried to change the PHP version in my existing account with InMotion Hosting it says

    Account PHP Preference Updated:
    The “.php” file extension will be processed by PHP 5.5 for this account.
    Why can't I get to v. 7.0?

  6. Hey Adam i'm having an issue with accessing cpanel, i'm helping a friend with making a simple about us wp site. I used namecheap for domain and stablehost for hosting. Everything was going well until after i paid for the hosting. I assume i am supposed to receive an e-mail for (cpanel access) with important info that comes along with it and it's been almost a full day since then and i have yet to receive in mail. I chkd trash and spam and nada.could u advise me on what to do next because i honestly have no idea. Thank u for ur time .I have learned so much from u.

  7. Hey there! thanks for the tutorial Adam..can you help me to understand this message "Attention! Please register your email IDs used in non-smtp mails through cpanel plugin. Unregistered email IDs will not be allowed in non-smtp emails sent through scripts. Go to Mail section and find "Registered Mail IDs" plugin in paper_lantern theme." ..

  8. Hello,
    Anyone could tell me, please. I am working as a freelancer. I want to create a website for my clients BUT I have bought Divi own my own money. if i want to make a website for the client and use my theme divi, how i prevent my clients to use my divi themes.
    is there any way to create a website in my WordPress site and make a zip file and give to a customer for their WordPress site.?

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