How To Start Your Own Business – Free Online Course – How To Start A Business With No Money

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How To Start Your Own Business – Free Online Course – How To Start A Business With No Money

How To Start Your Own Business – Free Online Course – How To Start A Business With No Money

Hello. and welcome my name is Vitaly Geyman
I am the creator or passion to profit program. A business coach, an artist and the author
of wealth secrets of the ancients. In this program we going to explore how do you turn
a concept and idea into a profitable business. And on that note I want to ask you a question.
Have you ever thought of starting a business that is based on your passion, have you ever
had an idea that you thought would make a terrific business. Well if you have in these
video. We actually going to look at the 10 steps of turning a concept into a practical
business If you already have a business but you feel not aligned with the then you will
learn how to realign with it, so it truly expresses who you are. Welcome again passion
to profit. Let’s first begin by outlining our objective for this evening subjectivities
to identify your passion and Italian to profit profitable business. Notice that passion comes
first and then profit second hole explained much more about that later. But before we
get into the 10 steps. Let’s look at the major trends in the job market. What you probably
are ready realize that the job market is changing dramatically particular due to our economic
situation right now, more jobs are getting outsourced and instead interest for last 20
years and it increases corporations are looking for more economical ways of receipt to source
stuff and the going to India and China and that’s definitely on the rise, companies also
cutting staff due to economic situation. The cost of labor is one of the highest costs
in many businesses and sell a lot of stuff or being cut for business opportunities. That is the same
in a small business or amazing objectives in small business, small business and Japanese
have the skills and this is what this course is all about Internet
have since created an amazing business opportunities
and in the warehouse and a distributor and adventure the product and up with the store
it’s a long chain. Now you can literally bypass and go directly to the client through the
Internet silly Internet created tremendous a Virginian also for large businesses, but
also for small businesses who can set up with minimal course cost and reach many clients
and finally the major trend is working from home a lot of people working from home. They’re
looking for a lifestyle not just a job. They tried of traveling in congested traveling
to want to spend more time with the family. Women that have children who want to be flexible
and cater for the needs so working from home has become a major trend. A lot of moms and
dads are really wanted to stay at home and do with flexible hours. So these are the five
major trends now little bit about myself if you like I went through those chance because
I started as a corporate executive, was an engineer and MBA and pretty quickly I realized
whether things are heading. I need to be able to be master my own destiny. Although I love
my job and I learned a lot working for a large the communication company. I realize it is
the time for me to do something of my own so I literally tunneled my way through. It
was a gradual transition. First, a status it. Teaching business but time is a business
professor and Dean consulting on the side as a business consultant and this allowed
me to a feel for what is to run my own business and be master of my own business. Create my
own job. If you like really enjoy teaching personnel of working with people then consulting
business I work for, what 15 years have spent literally of a 300 clients was very fortunate
to work with some the great organizations, medium-sized and small businesses. Starting
from nothing. Starting from psychologists to artist to television stations you name
it. Now one of the things I always want to do is to test out my own skills by studying
a number of businesses was fortunate when it came to the US, originally from Australia.
10 years ago to to meet my wife and both of us had a passion for personal development
and growth learning. So we started a publishing business based in inspirational learning to
produce inspirational quotes, which would inspire people and the good place them around
the workplace and home and within three years would have reached approximately hundred $150,000
in revenue and this being a part-time business with distributor for or 400 bookstores and
still do. Also in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and UK I really applied my knowledge in this
business and learned a lot how to literally start a business from nothing and with no
money at all and take it to the market and I’ll be teaching with you very openly all
my mistakes and my successes that I have . I’m also a professional photographer, although
I started my business on the four years but last year I have opened an online retail store
wanted to test my retail skills and of the year were managed to get all 600 clients left
enough about me. Let’s get into the 10 steps. The first step the first and most important
this is to identify your passion what you love to do what really turns you on certain
makes me simple but I know a lot of people who say I don’t know really know what I love
like a lot of things but I’m not sure if this guy be a successful business that’s okay.
At this stage although one should do is relax and take a blank piece of paper and write
down all the things you love to do is a brainstorming activity for Don get hung up on anything and
this is very important because the first that being passion sets the foundation for everything
else is in the journey of of starting a business running a business can be a long one and there
are some challenges along the way. See if you do not have the passion it’ll be a difficult
journey. On the other hand, if there’s something you love to do it becomes engaging like playing
a great game. The second thing is to list what you’re good at what are your strengths.
For example, you may be good at organizing was speaking to people who may be a great
writer, what LEDs just list all the skills you believe you have. This is really critical
as well because. Number three is matching what you love with what you good at what things
come together that is your natural strengths. That is where your success lies in life in
general not just in business, but particularly in business. Some people call it being in
the zone when your talent meet your strength and your passion ok you have done that. The
fourth thing is what is important to your life but let’s assume you have done that or
maybe it’s important that you spell a lot of time with your children or your loved one
or your hobbies or your health sorting courage you to do is list all the things that is important
to you like they be like to travel so you want your business to support that kind of
lifestyle. That’s why a call list for a lifestyle business and inspect what I have been doing
for the last 10 or 15 years is supporting my lifestyle with my business not the other
way around the thieves left aside and type of business you would like. For example, you
might want to start an online retail business or you want to open up a store, or you may
be wholesale business online. Selling goods wholesale seller is all sorts of businesses
is that an information-based business or you teaching something, or you consulting was
that of goods business with a specific product you have in mind. Okay, number six and this
is really important step because a lot of times people don’t do their research, you
need to research the market and these days there is no SKUs because the Internet provides
a phenomenal tool you can Google literally find anything about businesses online circular
product in mind all you do is type in this product the keyword and you look at what other
people doing in the market for that particular product how the pricing it how they’re presenting
themselves to the market. You can learn so much from that and bypass so many mistakes
because these people already doing it as successful at number seven is a need to identify what
is the key problem you’re trying to solve. Basically marketing in business and is about
identifying a problem and providing a solution for it. This is it an much the better. There
are solution to the problem. The more people are willing to pay for it. The more people
that have the problem the more your income rises, someone your identify the problem,
then your for your particular solution and you just write a paragraph on each what is
the problem your right to solve them. What is a solution like to of the can. Number nine.
How is your offer better and different, this is a point of differentiation in the market
that once again she did not have to be super unique he just has to be a little bit better
and different. I’ll reiterate this point later on and finally this is important for your
clients and how you going to reach your clients. It’s really important to clarify who will
be buying your product and where are they high ego to reach them because people spend
millions of dollars trying to reach their clients if they don’t know what they’re doing
but yet if you know where they are. Sometimes you can go straight to them and make an offer
to them the sum is small efficient the case of this are the 10 steps. If you like this,
also called business plan a mini business plan of course will go much more detail but
this is it not sure but you notice that the first five points almost half of them in my
current business plan relates to you and your passion what you want to do, how you want
to live your life and this is what’s missing from a lot of business plans when I was a
professor at the University had many, many students writing business plans and I’ll ask
him this question and that which we number thought of that. Nobody told us that. But
when they really thought about it, it made a whole difference by identifying what their
love to do and then matching it with the business. Step 6 to 10. When you have that powerful
combination you much greater success rate suggestions seem I have done this and still
come up with nor unique business ideas to research the Internet and you found they already
doing it, and that’s not unique at all and a lot of people get this injunctive well I
can tell you remember what I said the product does not have to be super unique, effective
it is so unique then it’s UI in trouble because maybe there are no demand for it it’s much
better to imitate someone who already is successful and has a successful product and just a little
bit better and different men look at some the products of their huge businesses I just
better and businesses. In doing quite a okay just because Facebook before faced with the
were plenty of chat rooms and forums who socialize online but they still come up with something
more unique will be better more user-friendly and bang the whole thing just took off so
doesn’t have to be sipping the search better to imitate success okay so one of the big
payouts of having your own business. Well, first of all, a business that is based on
passion allows you to do what you love doing and that is so important because we spent
some money hours working you’re living your passion, you know, just talking about doing
it once a year you actually living it. Once dated a to radically changes your life and
it affects a lot of people around you including your close ones third of course you’ll be
financially rewarded because when you’re good at something and you’re letting that patient
people would like to reward you you’re excited. Just imagine if your surgeon who’s not really
leaving a passion, and operating on someone would you like to have the services of that
surgeon. Number 15 is flexible working hours. We already talked about that for example myself.
I like to wake up whenever I want to wake up. Nine o’clock in the morning, go for a
walk and catch up later during the day sometimes a taker to or stroll and having that flexibility
allows me to alive live a life that I want to rather than be locked into someone else’s
agenda more time with families people are realizing recession. Remind monies important,
but actually being in relationship is even more important. That is what we think finally
analyze and finally control of your own destiny. This is important because corporations are
having all sorts of agendas Tuesdays relocating their staff downsizing fried sizing and at
the end of the day. We need to take control of our own lives and create our own jobs.
Some that note I want to challenge you want to put you straight into action as all great
ideas but I like to you to come up with it with a three page business plan and the best
one. I would give a personal one-on-one consultation we have to do is write 1 to 3 pages and follow
the 10 steps that the best business plan will help out and give a person a consultation
e-mail me. Make sure you include a phone number in the amount and I’ll get back to you so
you’re up for a challenge. The Next video will look at how went from zero -150 K in
my publishing business will go through very specifically through our started with this
10 steps and you’ll see much more details than that. Look at some the myths of starting
a business is so many incorrect information about starting a business and how to CHALLENGES
when you’re particularly the start of starting a business. A lot of that you subscribe to
this free course simply put, your e-mail and your name and above and are looking really
forward to seeing you next session. Until then it is to your patient in your prosperity. Thank you
very much.

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