How to Setup Your YouTube Channel – Homepage Customization, Playlists, & More!

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How to Setup Your YouTube Channel – Homepage Customization, Playlists, & More!

How to Setup Your YouTube Channel – Homepage Customization, Playlists, & More!

Your YouTube channel is a lot like this refrigerator. You might have a lot of content, but if nobody knows where it is, they’re not going to see it. Hey, ma! Where’s the ketchup? I’ll just put ranch dressing on my eggs… Hey, everyone! I’m Vickie Now, if you’ve watched my channel before, you know that I usually do comedy videos. However, I’m trying something new – by request I’m making a video about how to setup your channel in order to get more views and subscribers. The idea behind this video is that even if you have amazing content, if you don’t setup your chanenl so that people can easily find that content, nobody’s going to watch it. If my screen recorder worked correctly, – it has been very finicky, so hopefully it did but, if it worked correctly then I should be in a little box in the corner of the screen and we should be looking at my homepage for my channel. So, if we take a look, you can see I’ve got my channel art setup. I have my profile picture setup. I’ve got some links to my social media. I can go over that later. What I really want to focus on here is the way I’ve setup my channel page layout for my videos! When people come to your channel, you want to make sure that they are seeing right up top the videos that you want them to see. Now before I talk about my strategy behind how I set up all of my different playlists on my channel as you can see, I have a lot here and I use different formats for them all I do want to address something because I know a lot of YouTubers- when they start- get a little frustrated because instead of having all of these nice playlists on their channel, they’re not able to do that and they just have a recent activity feed. Now, in order to change that what you want to do is go over here and click the gear near the subscribe button. and you’re going to want to click on “customize the layout of your channel”. That’s going to allow you to choose which playlists to put on your channel and how to arrange them. This channel, “The Lunch Crunch with Vickie Eisenstein” is a channel I made for that one show, The Lunch Crunch. last summer. and I did maybe 20 some episodes of the show all on this channel. But, then managing 2 channels became way too much. It was way too hard for me to handle I’ve set up this channel so that we can see the most common error that I see in small YouTube channels. I go to somebody’s channel page and what do I see? I see this note: “This channel doesn’t have any content”. and I know it’s a lie! Because when I put my mouse over your name, I saw that your channel has 8 or 10 videos! But yet, when I came to your channel homepage, this is what it displayed for me. Now, a savvy YouTuber will say, “Oh, I’ll just click over to the video tab and that’s where I’ll find the videos.” But, somebody who is not as savvy is going to see this channel doesn’t have any content and figure, “hey, this person doesn’t have any videos, so I’m just gonna peace out! I know if I click on “videos” I’ll be able to find all my videos and so will anybody else accessing this channel. But, you have to assume that most people visiting your channel are either lazy or don’t know how YouTube works. So, they’re not going to actually go through that effort. When they see that there’s not any content there, they’re not gonna go there. I switched my account, so I’m using The Lunch Crunch You can see that I have set this up so that my most recent uploads are showing for people who are already subscribed to me. My returning subscribers are seeing my most recent uploads, where I said “hey, I’m moving!” Now I want to make sure new visitors see something. So, I want to upload a channel trailer. So, I’m going to pick my moving announcement video. I’ll save that here. The other thing is, maybe people do want to watch my old videos. In that case, I need to “add a section” here. So, I’m going to add a playlist to my homepage by clicking “add a section”. I’m going to go to select content and pick “uploads”. Let’s put it in a horizontal row, which displays these three videos horizontally. Depending upon whether people have scaled their view up or down, it might show more videos. And if I select “vertical list”, it will display the videos like this. People will actually see a little bit of the description that I’ve written for each video. So, I’m just going to make it into a horizontal row and add the section there. Now I’ve switched back to my personal channel and you can see that the first thing I see on here is my announcement, “we’re moving” And then seeing the uploads. So, instead of no content, people are seeing that there actually is content. That’s how you get more subscribers and views on your youtube channel. So, now we’ve come back to my personal channel. I’m going to go over why I set it up the way that I did and maybe you can draw inspiration from that or figure out how it may best behoove you to set up your channel. When I set up my channel, one of the first things I thought about was my channel artwork. It’s taken me a while to get to what I have now. I like to set the tone for my page. My page is comedic. I’m a bubbly person. I have a personality! So, I want to make sure that that is expressed in my channel banner. because that’s one of the first things people see when they come to my channel and it tells them what to expect. So, to set the tone, I used a kind of fun picture of myself and I also told people what to expect by explicitly putting on my banner what kind of content I have: So, I put that I have sketch comedy, news satire, interviews, and vlogs up there on the picture. One thing you also might want to consider for your channel is using a headshot or using a logo that’s standard across all of your social media accounts. So, on your Twitter, you might want to use the same headshot that you’re using on your YouTube. That way people will form an association of you with that headshot or logo and that’s then your brand. People will recognize it from the tweet and say, “hey, that’s the video from the same person that tweeted that thing!” Or they might look at your tweet and think, “oh yeah, that’s the person that has that video!” It’s really good to start having that recognition and to have it standardized throughout all of your different social media platforms This may also draw more views and subscribers to your channel. When it comes to the playlists on my channel and the setup of my channel, I made it so that my “what to watch next” videos are my most recent uploads. I don’t have a specific channel trailer. I’ve made it one of my most recent videos that I want people to click on and to automatically watch. Down below, I’ve put my most popular uploads playlist. I figure if everyone else liked it, my new visitor and potential new subscriber may also like the video. and therefore, they’re more likely to subscribe to my channel. As we scroll down, I made a playlist that is all playlists. I have my comedy sketches playlist, my Lunch Crunch playlist, my interview playlist here for my podcast interview show, and my vlog playlist here. You can label each playlist section. I called this, “A Taste of my Channel”. I figured that’s a great way for people to see all of my content in one small, little area. So, then I have each of those playlists expanded as a single playlist section. I used a vertical spread on my comedy sketches, so that people can see a little bit of the explanation/description of each one. For my Lunch Crunch episodes, I figure it’s all the same sort of thing -it’s all jokes on the news – so you kind of basically know what it is off of the title, so I just made it a horizontal playlist. Then for my interview show, I also made that a horizontal playlist. As well as the vlogs, and then I’ve got my Shout Out Sundays here. And then I have my uploads spread out a bit so that people can take a look at the actual description. So, if we look at the very bottom of my YouTube channel’s homepage layout, we see that the last playlist I have featured is called, “Find me elsewhere on YouTube” And these are all videos that I’m on on other people’s channels and on other company’ channels. These are videos that I WANT people to see from other channels… Don’t include them on your channel if you don’t want people to see it. Why would you, right? These are some videos from when I did a Chinese tourism promo video because I speak Mandarin and also I speak Korean, so I did some Korean travel shows. I also did this fun little marketing video for Firehouse Subs. The thing about this is once people go onto these videos, they are no longer on my channel. So, there is a good probability that they’ll see something on the sidebar that they like and they’ll click away and they will never come back to my channel. That’s how you lose subscribers and views! So, that’s why I have this playlist down on the bottom of my channel layout. I don’t want it to be the first destination for new viewers on my channel. I want this to be something that people who have already seen my content then go to this content. Because it’s fine once they’ve subscribed and they like me if they want to go off wherever else But, I do want them to check out my content first, before they run off to all the ends of the internet! Now I want to show you how to make a playlist section on your homepage when you have more content. If I go to “add a section” and I click on “content” I have a choice I can do streams, created playlists which will just do a bunch of the playlists that I’ve made, I can also do a single playlist, which is just displaying one playlist. Let’s say I do a single playlist. Here I can enter the URL, which I’m too lazy to do. So, I’ll go to “find a playlist” and that will give me all the choices that I have here. I’ll choose from my Taiwan travel videos. Some of the first videos I ever made were actually when I was traveling around Taiwan for 3 months in 2010. I think I have the maximum amount of playlist sections that I can here. So, if I want to change that into a playlist collection, what I can do is select “multiple playlists” and then I can pick and choose which playlists I want to have in that section. Under “find a playist” I can choose which ones I want to display for the multiple playlist secition. Okay, I want the Taiwan travel videos, maybe I can put – I don’t know! I have everything already featured! But, you know I can put Shout Out Sunday in here. I can put Eisenstein Effect, Parodies, etc. So, I choose a couple and make a title for the playlist: random stuff. And then I can choose if I want it to be a horizontal or vertical list. If I make it vertical, we can see a couple of video titles from each playlist. Maybe I should have made a script! I don’t know! I’m out of order! More subs! More views! Subs! Views! Writing this here for SEO purposes! Get more views! Get more subs! So, another thing that’s good to know is “Where do you make a playlist?” Let’s say you don’t have a playlist yet. How do you make one? I have a really cool program that I use called “TubeBuddy” and it makes it really easy for me to access different aspects of my channel Just by clicking this little button up top! I love it. There’s so many things you can do with it. And if you want a tutorial about Tubebuddy, I’m happy to do it. Just request it. But, that’s a lot and we’re not gonna take that on right now. I think if you don’t have Tubebuddy – I haven’t done it in awhile- but I think to get to playlists click on “video manager” Then click on “playlists” Then you’re going to click “new playlist” And you can choose a title. I’m going to to just call it “hahahahahaha” Let’s create that and add different videos to it. And when you select which video you want to add you can use the video search feature, add by URL, or you can pick from your youtube videos. That’s probably going to be easiest. Let’s just do a random selection of comedy videos. So, what happens now is it will load up the top video as the thumbnail for that playlist. So, that’s the most recent video. You can decide not to have your playlist ordered from newest to oldest. You can choose from the ordering – you can choose manual, or to go from the date added from oldest to newest or newest to oldest or you could do a most popular playlist. Let’s say I do a most popular playlist. It will probably rearrange my videos So, yeah, “Questions from Popular Songs” was my most popular video of these three and it goes up top. And it’s ordered in that way automatically. So, when you add a new video to this list, it will automatically be put in order by most popular – aka ordered by view counts. The other thing I really quickly want to show you here in “playlist settings” that I think is very important and is probably underrated or maybe not known about Is that when you go into “playlist settings” you can choose “set as an official series for this playlist” Once you do that, you can only add the video to this one playlist if it’s part of an official series. What I thnk is great about this is I have noticed from using this that the related videos on the sidebar include a lot more videos from the same playlist if it is an official playlist. Which means more views for your channel! So, you might want to consider setting that up for some of your series. And the other thing too that people don’t really think about is adding a description to their playlist. Some people don’t even bother. But, the thing about a description is anything where you can write more words (keywords) to tell Google and YouTube what your videos are about is good for search engine optimization. That description is searchable and you might notice now that when you search on YouTube some of the top results that come up are playlists. Help your ranking for your playlist by adding a description. It will also boost SEO and get more views and subscribers! If there’s anything else that you want a tutorial on, like I mentioned TubeBuddy. Maybe SEO? Something else for getting more views and subscribers? I’m not a professional how-to guru person, but I’m happy to help and happy to share the knowledge that I have if you would like that. Go ahead and ask me down below anything that you want. Also make sure that you like this video and that you share it with whoever might find it useful! Because I’m sure there’s somebody out there who has no content displayed on their channel who needs this. So, thank you again for watching and I’ll catch you in my next video! Bye!

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