How To Sell T-Shirts Online | Free T-Shirt Sales Funnel With ClickFunnels

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How To Sell T-Shirts Online | Free T-Shirt Sales Funnel With ClickFunnels

How To Sell T-Shirts Online | Free T-Shirt Sales Funnel With ClickFunnels

hey there and welcome if you’re here it
means you want to sell some t-shirts right you want to sell this legendary
t-shirt to this guy he is loving this t-shirt it’s not our design this is a
placeholder image but we want to in the end deliver t-shirts to customers that
are gonna load their t-shirt as much as this guy’s enjoying case right so I
actually have an example page set up here if you want to recreate it with
your own platform go ahead no this is just a template I made to help guide you
through this process at least get started on this process right so I’m
gonna jump over here to another page here we go we’ve got my company bond
tees right so you know for all you know it doesn’t exist it doesn’t matter you
just need to know that this could be your logo and this could be your design
right so here we have some options this is just you know not a one fits all sort
of template so keep that in mind as we’re going through this your template
may look much different you may not like this graffiti you may want to have a
more professional design site that’s fine
it doesn’t matter you’ll be able to do that later right so some key features
here on this page scarcity easy to share design benefits
call to action right rests just bonus ok gallery right we can see some example
pictures this guy he loves his t-shirt you know we’ve got customer reviews
social proof right so another call to action of course we could add to this
page as we go on but for now it gets the job done and they point across right so
I clicked this call to action one of two things we can either collect emails or
we could skip that and actually send them directly to the order page so if
you’re using the platform that I am you’ll notice that you’ll be able to
track people if they buy through your platform so if you’re not sending them
somewhere else you can track and see you know the people who’ve opted in if
they’ve purchased right and if not we can mark it to them for as long as the
campaigns running so if the campaigns running for a month and they’ve popped
in at the beginning of the month well we get to send them emails hopefully not
spam or at least I don’t feel like it’s spam until the end of the month right
and then maybe the last couple days you say hey save five more percent on this
shirt right so basically buying it now this page
we want them to opt-in you know probably because we’re saying okay if you opt in
you get it at this price right regular this price or get the access to this
design you won’t be able to get it without upping and so that those are
your options right opt-in or of course excuse me go to the order page right
away alright here we are on the placeholder order page right so we’ve
got the design of the t-shirt we’ve got more scarcity it’s probably not going to
be two hundred and fifty four days but you know allow them to select the
t-shirt sizing and of course perhaps the style right so maybe we have men and
women’s of course you can add a sizing chart on here and of course we’ve got
the order form itself right so where are we shipping it – yes ship it now we can
actually even add an order bump to this maybe you want to offer express shipping
alright next up we’ve got our upsell page right so this could be another
accessory how are the fulfillment company that I’m using right now
actually allows you to do mug designs and of course they deliver the t-shirts
and the mugs themselves so we just add our design here we tell them what the
mug is drink this stuff you know it could be it could literally say drink
this stuff or drink this you know swear word whatever catch their attention look
cool for you know your target audience right of course like I was saying you
can actually add a bracelet necklace accessory whatever you want here to
upsell them right so you’ve already sold them a t-shirt you know another option
is to upsell them on you know perhaps a monthly subscription where they’re
saving on each month they’re getting the design they want or maybe offer so many
designs that they can have at a discount or buy them ahead of time right they
maybe they can come in to select which designs they want and get them shipped
throughout the year perhaps right sort of like a subscription where you don’t
get two designs you don’t want right we want them to like the t-shirts so
awesome so we got our awesome upsell here of course they can say no at any
time so using the platform that I use I use clickfunnels we can actually go
ahead and if they say no we can actually send them to a down sell if they accept
yes they we can upsell them on another product lastly we have an order
confirmation page or order summary page right so here we can actually see what
they’ve purchased at the end of the funnel right so of course we’ve got more
information questions about the shipment we can you know shipping details what to
expect engage with them on this page you know maybe have a great thank you
page here where you’re telling them more about the company or more about what to
expect you know in an autoplay video here right so of course social media
social proof more more places for them to engage so you know if they join you
on Facebook that’s great means they’re easier to reach out to
later on alright here we are we’ve come full-circle back to your happy customer
so this is gonna be your design on his happy face there he looks like he’s just
basking in this awesome design so the one fulfillment company I recommend at
the moment is scalable press and so they actually allow lots of different shirt
types as well as they have the mug design feature so you can actually
upload designs of a black or white mug background base color right so you can
upsell those that’s why I had that in this template that I went through so
definitely very easy to use great support they work with you an agent
works with you so definitely recommend going there and getting started up with
them there’s no cost to get started and check them out for sure to use with this
funnel here so even if you don’t decide to use clickfunnels you know there’s
still a great company I absolutely love them and yeah if you have any other
questions just leave a comment below I’ll be more than happy to get back to
you on any questions you might have specially if it’s about click balls I
use it every single day so happy to answer questions about that or if you
want one of the templates you know just shout out let me know and see what we
can do for you

12 thoughts on How To Sell T-Shirts Online | Free T-Shirt Sales Funnel With ClickFunnels

  1. So you have to upgrade with
    Pro Tools for sizing with this funnel, correct? At the end of the funnel, when the customer clicks "yes! Ship my order" button, at that point they're redirected to Scalable Press to complete the fulfillment? So the customer info is transferred and re-populated at scalable Press? Just trying to understand the sequence.

  2. I'm planning on opening up a Spreadshirt store, I'm assuming this can work with ClickFunnels too? However, since Spreadshirt has a storefront built for you, there's not a need for the Shopify process. Can this method still work ClickFunnels as well?

  3. Great video dude. I have a similar funnel I put together a few days ago but I can't for the life of me figure out how to add the shirt sizes on the shipping page of the funnel. Also if you could send me this funnel that would be great. Cheers

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