How to Sail a Boat : Controlling the Sails: Free Online Sailing Lessons

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How to Sail a Boat : Controlling the Sails: Free Online Sailing Lessons

How to Sail a Boat : Controlling the Sails: Free Online Sailing Lessons

Once we understand steering the boat, we’re
also going to need to learn how to control our sails. Our sails are the engine that drives
us, a sailboat is actually the ultimate hybrid vehicle, in that once we get ourselves out
in the harbor and we can turn off our motors; we’re going to use the wind power to make
us move. The big sail on the back of the boat is called the mainsail and the line that controls
it, pulls it in and lets it out, it’s called the main sheet. On this particular boat its
blue and it runs through a series of pulleys in the back of the boom towards the stern
of the boat and it’s controlled in the middle of the boat. When I pull the line in, I have
a series of purchases that allows me to have more leverage than if it was just one line.
I can pull the line in, I may not want to hold on to it all the time and I can clean
it off by just pulling it down through what is called a cam cleat. A couple cams will
open up and grip the line, now I don’t have to hold on to that line. On a smaller boat,
a dingy that can tip over, it’s important not to cleat your main sheet off because a
gust of wind can come and tip you over. A Colgate 26 won’t tip over, on a blustery
day though you may want to be able to let the main sheet out to spill some air out of
the mainsail if the boat starts to lean over too much. To review, if I want to let my mainsail
out, I lift the blue line up out of the main sheet up out of the cam that will allow the
sail to run out. If I want to pull it in I can pull that line in and if I want to cleat
it out, I just pull it through the cams and it will grip the line. The mainsail is this
bigger sail in the back of the boat and as its name applies, it is the mainsail on the
boat. It’s the sail that’s going to give us the most power and be the most important
to us when we’re sailing. We have a smaller sail up forward that’s a jib and we’ll
talk about that next.

5 thoughts on How to Sail a Boat : Controlling the Sails: Free Online Sailing Lessons

  1. yes, I've enjoyed this particular set of the sailing videos and this instructor very much. He is clear speaking and a good instructor. I only wish I had an hour and a half long uninterrupted video, not these 1 & 2 minute clips. then again, I just wish I was out on a boat right now.

  2. i like sailing small boats like 420's . getting a boat like this is stupid. if you want a boat like this just get one with an engine.

  3. Lol I made a sail for my canoe. I don’t know anything about sails. It’s not the trianglar shaped kind. I just need to know whether I need to pivot it when I change directions to match the direction of the wind or not.

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