How to Move WordPress from Local Server to Live Website

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How to Move WordPress from Local Server to Live Website

How to Move WordPress from Local Server to Live Website

Today, we’re gonna see how you
can move wordpress from your Local Computer to
a Live Website Hi guys, I’m Subhang
from Now, In our previous
video, I showed you, how you can
install wordpress locally on your computer Now if you want to
move that local wordpress site to a live website you can do that by
following the steps that I show you in this video So, once you get
your website live, anyone will be able
to access it, just by going to
your website address So, make sure you watch
this video till the end to learn how to do it! Okay, So now I’m gonna show you
the wordpress site that I’ve build on my computer So let’s see So, this is the site! It has these pages and this content You can see that,
right now, this site is on the localhost which means, it’s
on our computer Now, to get this website live,
we’re gonna do it in just 2 Parts! The first part is to setup a new wordpress site on a
webhost So, to get our website live we need a hosting account
which provides a space, for storing
our website’s files on the internet So to get a hosting account,
let’s scroll down this video So I’m gonna scroll down, and click this link and, it will take
you to this page Now, this is where, we’re going
to buy the hosting So let’s click ‘Get started’ and now, you need to choose
a domain name for your website So, the domain name is your
website’s address which people can visit,
to go to your site So, I’m going to search
for ‘’ which is the name of my
website and then click ‘search’ and, as you can see, the
domain name is available so let’s click
‘select and continue’ and it will take you
to this cart page So you can see that
we’re getting our domain, and our hosting Now, both of these are going
to be valid for 1 year So to complete
the purchase Let’s click ‘register’ and, I will quickly
fill this up and click ‘Create account’ Now let’s add the
payment method Enter the details and click ‘next’ Now click ‘complete’
to make the payment and it’s done! Okay, so now we’ve completed
the payment & we’ve got our domain & hosting Next, we need to
Install WordPress on our hosting account So to install wordpress,
let’s click ‘Add site’ and then click
‘Get started’ Now just select your domain and click ‘next’ then again click ‘next’ and now you need to enter a username and password for wordpress you will need this to login into wordpress So I’m gonna enter my name and password and click install Okay, so wordpress is installed Now let’s click ‘Get started’ and then click ‘No thanks’ and ‘Ok’ As you can see, wordpress is now installed on ‘’ So, once you
install wordpress your website will now be
Live So let’s check that, We’re gonna
go to our browser and then type our domain name So, I’m going to enter ‘’ and press enter As you can see, the site is working and it has this default
wordpress content Okay! So, now let’s go to the Final Part of this tutorial which is to bring-in the content, from the local site to this live website Okay! So to move the content from
the local site to the live website, We’re going to do 3 things, First, we’re going to install
a plugin on both of our websites Then, using the plugin we’re going to export the contents
of the local site into a file Then finally, we’re
going to bring that file, into our live site So first, let’s install
the plugin on the local site So, let’s go into our
localhost dashboard and then go to plugins and click ‘Add New’ Now, search for ‘All in One’ and then install
this plugin So, let’s click ‘install’ and ‘activate’ Okay, So the plugin is installed on the local site Next, we’re going to
install the same plugin on our live website So, let’s go to the
wordpress dashboard on ‘’ And then go to
plugins again click add new then search for ‘All in One’ and click ‘install’ and activate Okay! So, now the plugin is
installed on both of our websites So, now we can go to Step 2: Which is to Export
the Content of our Local Site So to export the
content of our local site let’s go to our localhost dashboard And then go to ‘All in
One WP Migration’ and click ‘Export’ Now click ‘Export to’ and file Now click ‘download’ And the content will be
downloaded into a file and then click close Okay! So now, we’ve got the content of our local site into a file So, now we can go to
the final step, which is to import this
file into our Live website So, let’s go to our Live Site’s dashboard Then, go to All-in-One
WP Migration and click ‘Import’ Now click ‘Import from’ and click ‘file’ Now, choose the file which
you’ve downloaded and click ‘open’ Now click ‘Proceed’
to start the import and then click ‘close’ and it’s done! So, all our local site
content has been imported into ‘’ So, let’s check that We’ll go to
‘’ and reload the page So, you can see that all the
content has moved to our live site So, this is how you can
move your wordpress site from your computer
to a live website Now, if you want to login
to your wordpress site Just add ‘/login’ after
your site’s address, and press enter Now to log into wordpress,
you need to use your localhost’s username & password So just enter the login
details of your local site, and then click login Okay! So now you can start making changes to your website and all the changes will appear on your live website There you go! This is how you can
move wordpress from your local computer to a live website So, now if you wanna learn how to design
your wordpress site, You can watch this video! We show you how you can
build your website in just a few mins So, that’s it Guys! Thanks for
watching this video If you like it just hit the like button and also subscribe to Website Learners
to watch more videos from us I’ll see you in
the next video Babye 🙂

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  2. I have done same thing as you did. But problem is that the only HOME page that was already on live default wordpress have not been changed. Local website also had a page with same name that is HOME and it has not been overwritten. And in result still live website has old default home page. Any solution?

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    I will be very much appreciated if you answer my questions.

    Again. thank you for your wonderful videos.

    Best regards,

    Kian – Iran

  6. GUYS if you want to increase your upkoad size, ask your provider to increase the php to whatever you need at its helpdesk. you can also do it yourself if you want.

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  15. Hi shubhang, thank you for reply , 80% youtubers especially tec youtubers wont give any reply to comments.
    Iam facing some problem in moving my local site , when i try to move by import export by all in one wp mig plugin the it say the file upload size is big i.e. beyond 32mb and i should go for pro version it says and pro version is 70$ which is beyond my capacity as iam without any job / income . Pls help me how to move my local website which is 125 mb size to live server.

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  32. Stop moving your hands so much, it doesn't add any intellectual feel to your video.. You aren't teaching quantum physics or rocket design dude

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