How To Manage Multiple WordPress Websites In 1 Control Panel To Stay On Top Of Everything

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How To Manage Multiple WordPress Websites In 1 Control Panel To Stay On Top Of Everything

How To Manage Multiple WordPress Websites In 1 Control Panel To Stay On Top Of Everything

If you want to know the best way to manage
all of your WordPress websites then this video is for you hi my name is Adam from
where I make WordPress videos for non-techies and I know for me as soon as I started to
get 234 websites into one he websites it is a nightmare to keep tabs on all of them and
to keep them all organized and it gets exponentially worse if you’re managing clients websites
in your keeping tabs and keeping eyes on them keeping them updated it can be a lot to manage
now the good news is there are different options available to manage all of the WordPress websites
that you have control over very very easily and this is something that you want to think
about if you have more than one website even if you have just two or three websites you’re
going to want to pay attention to this video and I want to go through all of the different
options out there, to share with you all the ones that I use and at the end of the video
me to tell you which one I am still using and I think is the best solution for this
problem and I’m also going to show you how to use it your self so these solutions that
are there there’s some that are what’s called sass software as a service so everything’s
had a hosted in the cloud view link in the control panel to all of your WordPress websites
and there’s also two that are self hosted that means you would have full control full
reign over everything full control over your data but you would be self hosting it now
some of these options they charge per site some have a lifetime fee were you just pay
a lifetime fee and you can have as many sites and some of them there actually free platforms
and that’s actually kind of the direction I notice a lot of them going into is to providing
a certain amount of websites for free so if you have lessons and websites and your needs
are very basic then you’re going to definitely find some free options out of this video and
some of these solutions they are very feature-rich you can automate not just updating your plug-ins
and themes in WordPress that you can have a central component control panel to automate
making sure everything’s backed up monitoring the uptime generating reports for clients
based upon the things you might’ve done to the website for them in a certain period of
time managing WooCommerce a store managing in and pushing out new content managing comments
doing malware scans there’s just so many different things that you could do when you’re using
one of these control panels well enough gapping for me let me just show you some of the options
and I want to go over the main four options the first one is called manage WP and I think
they might have been the first platform like this I could be wrong it’s a tie between this
one and another one I’m going to show you now this is a software as a service you you
they have different pricing tiers to show you in a moment now keep in mind that this
was a privately owned company but a few months back Go Daddy did purchase them and some for
some people they see that is a big negative having’s anything time to go daddy because
it’s a software as a service who knows what’s going to happen to your customer data or what
errors are that kind information so you know that something to definitely think about I’m
not implying or saying anything bad can happen to your customer data if you have them in
this managed WP platform I will say that the platform that’s can have the prettiest interface
is most likely going to be manage WP but it’s also because it’s the most expensive so they
actually have this before but they have it now they actually have a free tear where you
can actually start using the service for free and it’s going to give you access to some
of these options here but if you scroll down these are really the options you’re gonna
want if you’re doing this for customers or even yourself so if you want automated backup
if you want a white label to the white labeling is an interesting point just you know the
way these all of these solutions work you have a control panel and then you have to
install it you have to install a plug-in on the website that generates that Lincoln so
when they say white labeling it’s white labeling that plug and that gets installed on the website
that you’re remotely controlling that’s what white label is you want to analyze a Seo rankings
uptime advance reports now look at each of these things is one or two dollars per month
per website so you can see how it’s going to get expensive really quick I personally
don’t use manage WP I’ve never used manage WPA because I don’t like the way they price
it so this is probably though the fanciest interface and the prettiest interface all
of these platforms are pretty much could do the same thing so you really boils down to
cost and you want software as a service or self hosted that’s just my opinion okay so
this is managed WP there there got here is I themes they came out with something called
I themes sink and it does a lot of the same stuff and you can read all about it here let
me scroll down to the pricing all the way down here’85 Okay they have a free tear your
to get 10 websites and they have probably the one of the most reasonable price for the
software as a service options so for just 25 websites you’re only paying $50 a year
now that is actually not that expensive for everything that this is going to bring to
Dick to you and I’m sure the package that it offers you the features that it comes with
our very complete as far as backups go in all that however what I don’t like about it
is I’m I’m not a fan of backup buddy they also make plug-ins I themes one of them’s
backup buddy some people swear by it but that’s because it was probably the first real commercial
backup solution that was out I find it very outdated and slow unreliable and everything
bad that you can think of has been my personal experience is not an opinion it’s it’s it’s
actually based on experience with it up drafts for a commercial backup plug-in is way way
better from my experience so if you have question about my expense I’ll add it down below but
here is I themes sink now working to get into the self hosted options one of them is called
infinite WP and I actually own this I was using this when they first started really
going after this these paid add-ons and I actually have the full package and their pricings
a little different but this definitely bit more innovative now this isn’t WordPress so
you’re installing an application on your server is not hard to install it’s just not WordPress
so it’s not to look like WordPress or anything like that looks like a real control panel
and for this you can choose any of these packages now you can see it’s more expensive than I
themes sink is but it’s more feature-rich than I themes sink so if I went to add-ons
when you get any of these packages this can include all of these really innovative add-ons
right here staging add-on you’re not getting that with lightning sink that’s pretty awesome
two factor authentication client reporting schedule backups and there’s multiple locations
where you can back your websites up you can clone the websites through it you can have
multiple users and you can actually have this team environment where you can maybe have
some people that work for you and you give them permissions of what they can and cannot
do to these sites you have scanners for malware you have a firewall monitoring uptime Google
analytics in it and the list goes on and on and on you really get a lot more with infinite
WP than the other two platforms even offer I guess the question is do you need some of
these extra things and then there’s a main WP now I’m going to just tell you finally
I use main WP even though I own infinite WP even though there’s free tears on the other
two I use main WP and I have been using it for the last two years and they have a free
version that I’m actually going to install in this video but it’s the same thing where
it is actually so easy to implement it’s the the control panel is a word press plug-in
and you manage everything in the back end of a WordPress installation so it is so easy
to use your already use to the interface you don’t have to learn anything new is just a
matter of installing it now the core plug-in is free and they have add-ons as well now
you can just purchase whatever add-ons that you want or you can buy the entire bundle
on a monthly or a lifetime package so you can click right here and let’s look at some
of the extensions they have this just so many love the same things I listed on infinite
WP have the same extensions here your uptime monitor you can use the backup solution of
your choice and so what that means is if you want to use backup buddy you can use it if
you want to use a blog vault you want to use backup WP if you want to use updrafts which
has my favorite and keep in mind this is the only solution that supports updrafts you can
use that as well and it also has its own backup extension although they realize that people
most likely want to use their specific plug-in and that’s one of things I really love about
this is I want to use updrafts I want to use a management platform that lets me use what
I want to use a lets me have the choice versus doing it for me so you have all these various
options here both settings manager cloning client reports you can customize some of the
way the children sites back and looks there is four pages of extensions there’s WooCommerce
extensions I’m knocking to go into each and every one but it’s definitely a lot more deep
than all the other platforms let’s take a look at the cost now you can purchase them
on an extension by extension basis and just get what you want you saw a lot of the extensions
might’ve just been a $30 one-time fee or $40 one time fee so this actually ends up being
less expensive because you’re just getting what you want or what you need now here is
the full package as though if you just wanted everything it’s either $30 per month $200
per year or 399 400 bucks one-time lifetime fees you’re only paying 400 bucks and you
don’t have to pay anything else moving forward if they add new extensions and release new
features and extensions you’re not paying for that which I think is pretty awesome now
if you’re an agent senior managing lots of websites for people I think that main WP is
the best way to go because there extensions in my opinion are more innovative than what
you’re getting from the other platforms from all the other platforms I find that the main
WP extensions are just better and I really think it boils down to they allow you to use
what you want to use so for instance on most of my websites I use WP rocket which is a
caching plug-in while they have an extension for that so I can easily apply the settings
that I want to all of my websites for backup I like to use updrafts although I’ve been
using WP time capsule I still have updrafts and they let me use updrafts and I can easily
configure every website with one mouse click and when I add a new website I can easily
configure it as well they let me create plug-in bundles so I had can have my own list of plug-ins
and just with a few mouse clicks I can install them on any website that I want so when I
add a new website it’s really easy for me to get all those plug-ins installed in it
they also just re-released a new version of their client reporting module which allows
you to make beautiful reports that you can send automatically to your clients that you’re
managing their websites which is really good to justify what you might be charging them
per year or per month and I really really like that you know what on second thought
him to go back and let’s just look at all these extensions right here because I think
it’s going to be worth it so let me just change this here so it the bundle has 39 looks like
it has 39 extensions and a scroll through and say what’s very interesting to me book
settings manager broken link checker the others don’t have that are will find broken links
that you might have branding so that means you can brand or white label or even hide
the child plug-in that’s really good client reports that’s just recently been updated
clone to clone websites custom post types you can actually manage content on custom
post types that’s new manage con comments you can add code snippet steers the favorite
singer song about where you can have your favorite plug-in that you can easily push
into your websites I really like this file upload or so essentially if I have a plug-in
that I have to manually update on all of my sites I can actually just uploaded here and
push it out to all of those websites so it is almost like a one click updates will maybe
like a two click update we got Google analytics we can manage are links who have I theme security
that some of the actual security plug-in I uses I theme security so I don’t have to manually
configure those on every website I just click one mouse and it’s done maintenance is good
it will actually perform maintenance routines on your database and it will also clean out
some of the things in your WordPress website like revisions and deleted things in auto
drafts you get this and maintenance that I didn’t really see on some of the other options
you can use backup buddy you can monitor page is speed you can trip outposts you can use
pubic I know I’m pronouncing that wrong that’s like a Google analytics but self hosted you
can do security you can spend your WP rocket that’s what I used team control so you can
have team members that only have certain rights to the websites here’s the updraft extension
and just check that out it’s actually for Marie’s you can start using that now URL extractor
here some WooCommerce a specific stuff and get some snapshot of your were WooCommerce
stores that you’re managing scans for vulnerabilities word friends WordPress SCO Yoast while the
list just went on and on with the things that you could do here so essentially it’s just
super easy you going to the back end of your WordPress website
go to this one go to plug-ins add new and just enter in main WP there is and so for
the control panel you want to install this main WP dashboard and you would just install
that and it would convert the website to be the control panel I’d recommend not putting
this on your main company’s website I would maybe set up a subdomain and call it whatever
you want to call maybe dashboard.your domain maybe something like that and then
for your children sites are going to install this right here main WP child and what that’s
going to allow you to do is manage that particular site when you install it it’s just to give
you code you copy and paste that code into the dashboard app and where you have that
installed and you are set the link is good to go I currently have about 25 to 30 sites
at any given time with main WP and what I do is actually have an automated so essentially
it’s going to check in on every website once a day and on my approved list of plug-ins
and themes it’s can automatically update those for me so I don’t even really have to do anything
it automatically is going to manage those sites for me I love it and lastly right here
is actually something pretty innovative that they have it’s this key maker you’d have to
want to look at that on your own this is probably the most innovative thing that they have essentially
what this allows you to do is any area of your WordPress website that you have to put
your settings and stuff like that even if main WP doesn’t support it with this add-on
you can actually take a site put your settings in and you save this key thing and you put
it into your main to VP dashboard and now you can actually be able to automatically
configure those settings on any site that you want so essentially it’s can allow you
to manage any plug-in that you would want to put on your WordPress website so even if
it’s that fringe offshoot plug-in that no one has any integration with with this key
maker you can actually integrate with that they have some videos on it that show you
how to use it I can’t think that might be the most game changing but under undervalued
feature in this entire platform is that you can literally bulk and configure anything
on any WordPress website with that and this is something that you can do with any of these
other hosted platforms hey sorry for the long length of this video if you want to manage
multiple websites I’d choose main WP but all of these platforms I talked about today are
great options I’ve gone ahead and put links to everything down below in the video description
box and also add them to the pin comment below so if you have multiple websites that you’re
managing I would love to hear what platform you think is best and why if you can just
add that down in the comment section down below I’d love to hear your opinions on these
different platforms that I’ve talked about today

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