How to Make Your Own Website For $1

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How to Make Your Own Website For $1

How to Make Your Own Website For $1

To get our website we are going to use some
of the best providers out there, which are GoDaddy & Hostgator, and we are going to use
coupons to get the best deals. Whenever you want to make a website you need
to understand that there are two parts to it. The hosting, and the domain. You can get them both using the same provider
but what we are looking for here is cost effectiveness. So we are going to get them through different
authoritative providers. The domain name is the name of your website. And the hosting is where your files are located
on a server. Imagine that you make files that all together
combined make up a website, those files are on your
computer and only you can see them, but by uploading them to a server the whole world
can see them. Later on you are going to find out how you
can connect your domain to your hosting server. With that in mind, let’s get started. We are at and we are going to
choose our domain name. I’m going to choose a random one, and that
is newyearnewme2017 On this page they are going to give us different
options with different top level domains like .net or .org
but we are going to get the .com domain just by clicking here and then by clicking on “Continue
to Cart” On this page we are going to say “No Thanks”
to this offer, as well as all the other offers, because we are trying to get the cheapest
deal. Press continue. Here we are going to make sure that this is
set to one year, and now we are going to add our first coupon code which is CJCRMN99U,
Hit Apply, and proceed to checkout. Here you are going to create your new account
and you are going to be taken through a 3 step process. where the following is going to happen. You are going to be asked about your billing
information as well as the payment method that you wish to use. Be sure to enter in correct information because
along the way godaddy might ask you to confirm your identity. Then you are going to place your order, and
that is where the only thing you will have to do is enter in the code that proves you
are human, and then tick the “I agree” box for the terms and place your
order. Now this is where you are going to pay that
$1 using the provided payment method. And know that the coupon we provided only
works if you are using the particualr payment method for the first time on godaddy.. Otherwise it won’t work because this is for
first time users. That’s it, you have registered your domain,
and you should be located on your godaddy account page. Now let’s take care of the hosting. We are located on and we are
going to buy that server by clicking on “Get Started Now” We are going to be taken to a page where we
can choose the plan which best fits us, I recommend you start off with the Baby plan
because you will be able to host multiple domains there rather than just one
which is what the hatchling plan offers. On this page what you are going to want to
do is click on “I already own this domain” and enter in the domain
then you are going to make sure that you have the right plan selected, and that you have
it selected for one month… Choose a username, and a pin
now you are going to fill in the billing information as well as the payment method
now you are going to scroll down and enter in the coupon code, which you can find in
the description. Click validate
Uncheck any offer that they might be giving to you by default. Agree to the terms, and click on check out
now, where the following is going to happen. 1. You Are Going To Pay The Bill, using the provided
payment method 2. You are going receive an e-mail with the login
information to your hostgator account and your cpanel account, which brings us to step
3. NameServers Log into your cpanel and scroll down to the
bottom of the page, where on the left you should be able to find the nameservers
in a new tab open log into and click on the manage
button this will take you to a page with all of your
domains, and you are going to click on the one you just bought
to edit your nameservers, simply go to the nameservers section and click on manage
from here, go back and copy your first nameserver go to the custom option and enter custom nameservers
paste the first nameserver as well as the second one
if you have an extra nameserver use it, if not click on “ok” and click on save. It’s going to take around 12 hours before
changes take place. Now it’s time to Install wordpress WordPress is an open source website creation
tool that allows us to create our own websites without any prior knowledge of programming
or coding. To install it, scroll down to the software
and services section, and click on quick install From this page, click on the wordpress menu,
and click on install wordpress choose your new domain, and leave this blank
Fill in all the details, and click on install wordpress
Press “view credentials” and go to your wordpress login page
Paste in the password you just got, as well as the username, and click log in
voalla you just installed wordpress. If you get a blank screen at the wordpress
log in page don’t worry, it usually takes around 15 minutes before changes take place. If you wish to find out more, and to learn
what you should do next, then continue watching the videos because I know how helpful it can
be to have a step by step video series. If you already know how to costumize your
wordpress website and you want to find a profitable method that can get your online career going,
then checkout, the link will be in the description. I hope you enjoyed the video, and have already
taken action into building your website. See you in the next video.

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  1. Thanks for this video, the info crisp and easy to understand.. could you also explain about hosting in AWS (amazon) ? Is it cost effective and easy to develop and host in AWS? Any deals in AWS? Or the default developing and hosting in Godaddy ? Thanks in advance..

  2. i was thinking to start a website this seems cost efficient whats the deadline to apply these codes? and i saw them asking for card numbers and cvv would that be a safe move to give them? ive never paid a webhosting company earlier . please let me know what would be the last date these codes are valid till

  3. Great video!!… but why buy domain and host separately??? it's for coupon purpose or you recommend do this even with no coupon??…

  4. hi, i am from Sri lanka. i neeed to know can i buy a domain name from godaddy and the same as web hosting? please let me know. thank you.

  5. We apologize, but you may not add any further packages at this time. Please contact support for assistance if you need to add another package to your account. how can i fix this dude?

  6. Very nice video. Sorry I'm a total noob.
    Is this coupon still working?
    Is it for one year or one months?
    How much I'll be charged after the due date for each of these providers?
    I want to use Adobe muse is this method adaptable?

  7. hi can I use this method when I am setting up a store with shopify. if so what do I choose when I reach the part to buy domain and hosting?

  8. I have finally finished my setup. thanks a million to you. afyer evrything godady says 'can't display your DNS information because your name server aren't managed by us' is that a msg I shoudl expect?

  9. Very good video!

    Do I have to have already a WordPress acc? Or will this take me to WordPress when I click quickinstall like in the video ( couldn't really follow it)

  10. I have another question:
    What will happen when it all expires? Like the Domain do I have to pay it again because it doesn't work anymore. You picked in HostGator 1 month. Will my Website disappear it expires D:

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