How To Make Money Online For Free Easy Method Step By Step

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How To Make Money Online For Free Easy Method Step By Step

How To Make Money Online For Free Easy Method Step By Step

howdy guys welcome back to the channel
in today’s video I’m gonna show you an easy method to make money online from
home with any affiliate product that you want to use alright so stick around
we’re going to be right back here in just a few seconds and get started on
that right now alrighty guys welcome back to the
channel as I said in the intro I’m going to show you an easy method that you can
use to make money online from home using any affiliate product that you want to
use but for this example we’re going to be using Clickbank products and but
anything that you want to use will work ok and everything what I’m going to show
you today is all free and can be done from anywhere in the world with just a
computer and internet connection alright so first of all my name is Kevin Lehner
and if this is the first time that you’ve been to one of my videos or to my
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incidentally too if you guys like this video don’t forget to reach down there
and give me a thumbs up too if you would and we’ll go ahead and now and get
started on this this video here now the site that we’re going to come to first
we’re going to go to clickbank like I said we’re going to use Clickbank
products for this example okay so if we come over to Clickbank and what you do
the Clickbank if you don’t have an account of Clickbank it’s free to get
one just go to clickbank com sign up for your free account
you come into your account you want to click on Marketplace up here you see
right here that brings you over to here and you can see all the different
categories and so on so forth that you can choose products from to promote and
make money with now for this example I just come up here once you come into the
marketplace all you’re going to do is click on this little search button here
and it will bring up the most popular products to date okay
so for this example we’re going to use the Cinderella solution here because
I’ve been promoting it here lately myself and you can make up the $34 per
sale on this and what you do is come here you can choose any product you want
all of these are the most popular here on this first page and then there are
several pages as well down the line here but pick any product that you want and
then which one just click on promote and now I already have my affiliate link for
this but this site has both a video and a written sales page so I promote both
these the video sales letter and the written sales page as well so the click
on the link usually you can click on any one of these links here and it will give
you the show you the sales page or what it’s what it’s about and this is the
video here this is the video page here and so what we’re going to do is use the
sales page which I already have a link for that and I’ll show you what that
looks like and if I can copy and paste all this here and this is the the written sales page of
the same product – and so because some people like to read some like to watch
videos or whatever so it’s a good idea to promote both the video sales letter
and the written sales page here – okay and they can read all about it of course
your affiliate link will be down here near the bottom of this but I got a song
that I was doing leave the site and this pop-up showed up here so but if we come
down here and your affiliate links should be down here anywhere through
here probably probably down at the bottom map right here and well that’s
not it either it’s gonna be down at the bottom down here but imagine that’s
pretty long sales like yeah right here they can click right there and go over
to the order page and of course it has your affiliate link attached to it right
and you and that’s how they would buy the product and then you get paid for
$34 okay all right so get your get your link to promote from Clickbank ins this
can be done with any any affiliate link that you have it doesn’t matter okay
alright so once we have our link then what we’re going to do is well come over
to a site called the snip away as you can see right here sniffly actually the
actual website address is snippet a snip ly you can see it up there in the
address bar and when it’s free to sign up here they have paid accounts and they
have a good free account that you can use it allow you up to 1,000 clicks all
right so you just clicked on right here get started for free and it comes up and
you can log in with Facebook or Twitter alright and or you can create your own
account just right here directly on snipping if
so so create your account sign in I’ve already have an account here
so I’m gonna go ahead and log into my account and get logged in here okay and what it does once you first log
in it wants you to create your first snip what you’re doing is are creating
call to action snips these are called to action links that you can put on any
website or any web page on the internet that you want to use okay this is really
powerful all right so now I’ve already created one right here with the
Cinderella solutions weight-loss programs and Clickbank that I just
showed you and so let’s go ahead just for this example and we will create
another one now what I did also is since the Cinderella solution is about women’s
weight loss right so what I did was come over into Google and I found and i typed
in women’s weight loss up here in the Google search engine and it brought me
up to with several ones here so what we want to do is we want to take the top
article this is basically you want to use articles for this okay so want to
talk to take the top one here that says top twenty three weight loss tips for
women health line okay and what I did was just clicked on that and it brings
me over here and it shows here into this article right here how long does it take
to lose weight on health line calm so if we take this link over here just to come
back to Google because I have a extension on here that will show you how
many you know you know website how much traffic a website gets it’s called
similar web so I already have this article in here now so let’s see how
much traffic that health smart Health Line calm gets per month so we click on
the similar web you can get this extension for free from similarweb comm
and add it to Chrome browser all right so we see it at health law and health
line comm gets about 160 million views or visits per month
so as you can see that’s a high amount of traffic these are popular articles on
this website okay so we know that that’s a that’s a good article that we can use
right there now what we will do is we’ll take this link and just copy that link
the link to your article right click it and copy it we will bring it back to
snip Lee I’ve got snippet here on this other and
then we’ll create a new snip you have your dashboard when you get in here now
I’m in my dashboard because I’ve already created my first snip oh here that’s
what see after that when you log in it will bring it to your dashboard and if
you want to create another one you just start right up here so we’ll paste this
link into here okay and it will click on create snippet okay as you can see it
brings that webpage up right here and what we’re going to do is create this
down here because every time this website is loaded this will show up
all right you create that right here tonight now I’ve uploaded a different
photo since this has to do with women’s weight loss right so I uploaded a woman
showing the weight loss exercise here and stuff and you can create a different
you know each one you can put it whatever picture you want or whatever
account name you want to use or so on so forth alright so it shows the article
here shows the website here this is what’s going to show up with your
affiliate link right down here on the bottom
whenever somebody clicks on it so let’s have it let me show you now how we do
this alright so this one’s already created here now I’m going to go ahead
and would use this and you can put in here I just type discover the new
celebrity weight loss method that’s our affiliate product you can put whatever
you want in here to get their attention okay and now I’m in the button I click
them or change this up here so capitulate sir and then the button Texas
shows up down here as you can see and then here is the link to our affiliate
product on Clickbank right now this is the link to the video sales one that I
created earlier I’m going to put a different link in here to the written
sales page now I have my article link right here this is my video links up
here you see for it and I just went to bed Liam made this particular link here
a little bit shorter to use on different things different marketing you can do
the same with yours if you want go to bitly com alright so I copy that link
and take that and I’m going to paste that link into the button URL that’s for
this button down here and click here to get started right so I’m going to paste
that right in there alright so now we have the written sales page in on the
same particular snippet or snippet for the our affiliate thing and just click
snip and then it creates it now here is your errors your link to your affiliate
link right alright so let’s copy that and then what we’ll do is we’ll test it
so if I open up another tab on my browser and I just paste that link in
there paste and go it brings them over to this article right this is the actual
website with this article but look what’s down here at the bottom you see
down here this is your affiliate link right here this will be your affiliate
link you see the power of this so that when somebody sees this when they come
here to read this article on Healthline which is a very popular website remember
they’ll come here to read this article and they will see this down at the
bottom of the their screen on the on that page as they’re reading and if they
like what they see it says discover the new celebrity
weight loss method is what I put in there and if they click that link it
takes them over to your sales page with your affiliate attached
to it with Clickbank right so what they buy they read this and they buy then you
make money okay all right so now now that we have that how do we drive
traffic to it all right well there’s a couple of ways we can do this you can
you can go to like YouTube for example let’s go to youtube right here so for
example if I type in up here in youtube search engine I type in lose weight and
click enter and then we want to change our filter to say today we want the
latest videos the ones that are driving a lot of traffic right alright so we’ll
click on today now we see down here there’s several several videos that were
just created like 16 hours ago here this person has 3000 subscribers it’s had six
hundred and twenty three views we could actually take that one but we’d like to
have one that has a little bit more followers to it okay this one looks it’s
got 40,000 subscribers it was done three hours ago it’s already had 300 views so
it’s going pretty good so let’s just click on that and we’ll take that one to
start with grammerly and then it comes up with an
ad here now what we’re going to do is we’re going to post a comment down here
at the top of the comment here in and it can read some of these other comments
sort of see it or you can watch the whole video if you like too but what
we’re going to do is type in down here for example a comment at the top of this
article and say something you want to give a little bit given value here’s
what you’re giving is value right we’re going to give them the link to the
article our affiliate link will just show up there in that article right so
I’m just going to say thank you for the valuable video okay and then you
can type in here also I found an article on health law alright health line website on health
line the website and its Bell right on the okay in that period and then say it
talks about how long it would take to lose weight and achieve what you’re trying to achieve what you’re trying to
achieve talks about how long it would take to
lose and achieve the weight still achieve the weight that you’re trying to
lose sorry so see we’re giving a little bit of value here we’re not just pasting
our links don’t do that don’t just paste your links anywhere on the web because
people don’t like that you want to give them some value first okay so now and
then you’re gonna say you can read this article see the value we’re giving is
the article okay you can read this article here and then we’ll paste our
link in there our sniffly link to the article with our affiliate link down
there at the bottom right all right and then just click OK or click comment
rather make sure I spelled everything I found an article on health health line
website it talks about how long it would take to lose and achieve the weight that
you’re trying to lose you can read this article here and in just a comment and
you can see that the comment is posted now on youtube this is a good website
it’s a good thing a good video created by miss Nikki here and it had she’s got
40,000 subscribers she posted it today and it’s already had 320 views so far so
you know that there’s getting a lot of traffic to this website or to this
YouTube channel right now in this video alright so if somebody reads this and
they want to read the article if they click on our link down here it takes
them over and takes them right to that article see and look what’s down here at
the bottom left see they’re going to think that
they’re going to think that this is posted actually by someone named
Stephanie that has something to do with health line they’re not going to know
it’s from you it’s not going to they’re not going to know it’s your affiliate
link so then if they click here of course that will take them over to the
sales page and if they read they will buy your product hopefully and you make
money okay all right guys that’s what I had for you
today go ahead and get over there and go to snip ly com get signed up and get
started on this and promote any affiliate product that you want on any
website or article in the world that you want okay well guys make sure also that
you reach down there and hit that link down there where it says mentor with
Capcom if you want to make high ticket sales and check out my bonuses that you
get with that and also don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and hit that
Bell button down there and give me a thumbs up if you like these videos and
I’ll let you go and I’ll see you again here in a couple of days on the next
video okay you guys take care have a great day today bye bye now

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  2. I like both ideas you have for affiliate marketing, both influence marketing and this one with the snips. Just one question about this video. There are a zillion different weight loss methods. Doesn't the article you use have to be similar to what is being shown in the article? For example, it would be weird to use an article about a keto diet to promote a product about a vegan diet.

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