How To Make A Website – Plus FREE WordPress Themes and Templates For You

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How To Make A Website – Plus FREE WordPress Themes and Templates For You

How To Make A Website – Plus FREE WordPress Themes and Templates For You

Hey guys, whatís up? Itís Brandon from
here. And today, weíre going to show you how to set up a website and you can literally
do it in about 15 minutes. And not only that, we have a cool bonus for you guys at the end
of this video. So, what are we waiting for? Letís just get right into it.
Okay, so this How to Make a Website tutorial is actually part of the live marketing challenge
where Iím taking a local based business, marketing it online and showing everyone exactly
how to do it. If you guys are interested in following along, you can go to this link at
the end of the video. Alright, enough with that- letís get right
into this tutorial. In this tutorial, weíre going to show you how to set up a website.
It could be a small business website, a company website, a personal website, a blog, or almost
any other type of website. And we do this with one piece of completely free software
called WordPress. So, I hope you enjoy and letís move on to step number one.
The first step is to register your domain name. Your domain name is going to be the
name of your website. So, my website is and that is my domain name-
Now, you need to come up with a domain name for your website. It could be your business
name or whatever you want it to be. I would come up with a list of a few different domain
names because your domain name may not be available. If someone already registered the
domain name you want, itís not going to be available and you cannot get it. So, right
down a couple names because yours may not be available.
Now, as we get into step two, youíll realize you also need to buy a hosting package. I
like to use a company called the because they actually give you a completely
free domain name when you buy a hosting package from them. So, you need to buy hosting anyways-
you might as well go through HostMonster whoís going to give you a completely free domain
name. And another reason why I like HostMonster is because they allow you to host unlimited
amount of websites in your hosting package, they give you unlimited amount of email addresses-
so you can have email addresses like [email protected] they also give you unlimited amount of databases
and a ton of other benefits. So, I highly recommend Thatís the company
I personally use and I havenít had any problems with them. And I recommend them to everybody.
So, if you go through our link below, youíll actually be redirected to their site and youíll
also be presented with the best prices possible. So, if you go through our link, theyíll have
the best prices possible for you guys. Now, I know some of you may already have a
domain name registered at a different company, and thatís completely fine. All you need
to do is tell them- hey, Iím having another company do my hosting and I need you to change
the name servers on my domain name to and And itís okay if
you donít understand what that means, because they will understand exactly what youíre
talking about. And once they do that, then your domain name will be linked up to your
HostMonster hosting account. So, if you already have a domain name and its registered somewhere
else, just tell them to change the name servers and then youíre good to go. You need to come
back to HostMonster and then weíll go through the rest of the steps. So, letís move on
to the next step. And, Iím already on HostMonster.comís home
page. And if youíre looking at this at a future date, the prices may change and the
look of their site may change depending on what kind of sales and stuff they have going
on. But again, if you go through our link, weíll give you the best prices possible.
So, this is what it currently looks like as this videoís being done, but if it looks
different in the future, donít worry about it, itís still fine and youíre still going
to get the good quality HostMonster account. So, go ahead and hit ëSign up Nowí. Alright,
so now weíre brought to the next page where we need to register our domain name. You have
an option on the right and if you already have your domain name, you want to enter it
in here and then hit next. And then if youíve already changed your name servers, youíre
going to be good to go. If not, HostMonster will actually tell you what to change your
name servers to and how to do it. So, now most of you probably donít have a domain
name yet, so go ahead and type in the desired domain name that you want right here. Enter
in your best choice. And whatís going to happen is HostMonsterís going to go through
and see if itís actually available for you. So, Iím just going to type in
and then hit next. Okay, so as you can see, was not available because someone
already registered that name. But, HostMonster went through and gave me a list of domain
names that are available for me to use. So, I can kind of go through the list and see
if I want to use any of these as my domain name. And if you donít, thatís perfectly
fine. You can go down below and retype in a new name to try. And then it will go through
the same process. It will tell you whether or not that domain name is available, or if
it isnít, give you some more recommended domain names. So, Iím just going to go ahead
and choose a domain name here at the type so we can go on to the next step.
So, now weíre moving on to step two which is picking out the hosting package that weíre
going to want. You need to buy a hosting package with your domain name, otherwise your website
will not be online. The domain name is just the name. The hosting package is actually
what puts the website online. So, now that we have our domain name chosen, weíre going
to go ahead and fill in our account information. You can enter it in here. And as we scroll
down, youíll be able to see they have a couple more options and upgrades for different hosting
packages. For most of you, you probably donít need to upgrade to the power package or the
pro package. But, if you do in the future, itís pretty easy to do. So, I would start
off with just the basic package because you donít need to spend $19 a month on something
you donít need. So, now we get down to package information.
And they have a dropdown menu here where you can choose the plan thatís perfect for you.
So go ahead, look through their options and choose the plan that is perfect for you and
your business, or you and your website. And as you can see, they have a couple upsells
here. They have a SiteLock Domain Security, which
you probably donít need because they send you updates and stuff when your domain nameís
expiring. You can buy that if you want. You donít necessarily need it. I donít usually
buy it. And then they have Site Backup Pro. This is
a backup program that will automatically backup your website. So, in case anything does happen-
it goes down, files are lost- they have backup versions of your website for you. They do
have a basic backup plan on your website thatís included in your hosting package, so I would
not buy this now. But, if you need to upgrade in the future because the basic backup plan
doesnít work for you, then you can do it at that time. But, when youíre first starting
out, you probably donít need this. The next one is Search Engine Jumpstart. You
probably wonít need that. And now, weíre at Domain WhoIS privacy. Now,
I do recommend that you buy this because what happens is- anyone can lookup a website or
a domain name and get all of the information that you entered in above. So, anyone can
go to any WhoIS site and lookup the WhoIS information for any domain name, and theyíll
give that person your phone number, your address, your email address, and your name. Now, most
of the time, thatís not going to be a problem but you never know. So, I recommend spending
the $9.99 it is and have it protected, which means- if you buy that- no one will be able
to see your information if they lookup the WhoIS information on your domain. So, I do
recommend it but itís up to you. If you want your information protected, go ahead and buy
it. If you donít, then just leave that box unchecked. And then, the next field is the
billing information, and then you hit next. Okay, now that your account is created, youíre
ready to set up your website- which is actually step number three. Theyíre going to give
you an email that looks like this and show you how to login to your site, your account
information and any other additional information on the right site. This is where youíll find
the name servers just in case you already bought a domain name. If you bought the domain
name through HostMonster, then you donít even need to worry about changing the name
servers. So, go ahead and login to your account. To
do this, youíre going to go to their homepage, and click ëControl Panel Loginí. Once youíre
on this page, you enter in your account information they just emailed you and hit login. Alright,
now that youíre logged in, what we want to do is install WordPress. Like I mentioned
before, WordPress is completely free and itís a website and blog management system. It allows
you to upload a theme literally in a few seconds, and that will completely change the look and
layout of your entire site. Now, you can buy different themes at site
like or you can look online and try to find downloads of free WordPress
themes. Now, if youíre going to download free WordPress themes, I would really recommend
doing it from a secure site to avoid downloading anything with some spam or firmware or viruses
or anything like that. Make sure it is a completely secure site and a trusted source.
So, the first step is going to be installing WordPress. Now that weíre logged into our
CPanel in HostMonster, what weíre going to do is go down to the Simple Scripts tab here.
You can see Simple Scripts here, or WordPress. If the WordPress option is available, go ahead
and click directly on that. If it isnít, go ahead and click on Simple Scripts.
Okay, once you click on Simple Scripts, youíre going to come up with a list like this which
is a whole list of scripts that Host Monster actually gives you access to. So, what we
want to do is go ahead and click on WordPress. Once you click on WordPress, youíre going
to be brought to the installation page. As you can see, I have it installed on a few
different site, but for you- youíre probably only going to have one site when weíre doing
this, so you just scroll to the bottom and hit install. Once you hit install, itís going
to ask you which site you would like to install WordPress on. Now, if you own a couple domains
like I do, youíll have a dropdown menu. If you only have the one domain name, it will
be available in that box. So, Iím going to go ahead and install it
on one of my domain names. And Iím going to scroll down to the bottom. Make sure this
box is checked, otherwise it wonít let you install. And then Iím going to go ahead and
hit complete. Now, itís installing WordPress and it should just take a few seconds.
Okay, as you can see, WordPress was successfully installed and they gave us all our information
here to be able to login. I would write this information down, but they should send you
an email as well, just in case. So, letís go ahead and check out our site and see if
WordPress was installed. There you have it, our website is now up and
running. That did not take very long at all. In fact, it just took a few minutes. But,
as you can see on the site, itís pretty plain, pretty basic, and pretty boring. So, Iím
going to show you guys what to do to spice it up, and how you can install a theme to
get a professional looking website in just a few clicks. So, letís go ahead and do that
right now. So, what Iím going to do is go ahead and
log in with the information that they gave me here. And now Iím logged into my websiteís
admin area. So, the first thing we want to do is go over to appearance. And then a popup
menu will come up to the right. Choose the themes option. Now weíre in our theme section.
This is where youíre going to be able to change the layout of your site. So, what we
want to do is either choose one of the layouts that they already give us down here, or you
can go to ëInstall Themesí. Now, this allows you search for themes that
is in WordPressís database, and usually theyíre all free. So, you can either use the filter
down here to choose a site that you like, or you can enter in a search in this field
right here. So, you can enter in a keyword here and search for themes. So, letís type
in a keyword. Weíll type in professional, because we want a professional looking website.
So, it pulls up professional looking themes that we can install on our website. So hereís
one here called ëCorporateí. Letís go ahead and install it. We hit the ëInstall Nowí
button right underneath. Now itís installing, and as you can seeó
or installed, and was successful in just a few seconds. So, next thing we need to do
is hit activate. Now that we hit activate, that theme is live on our website. So, letís
go and check it out. There you go. We have a completely custom,
professional looking website done for us in just a few clicks. Now obviously, you need
to go through and change out the information so that itís your information. You donít
want all of this basic information here. You want your information. And you can even change
out the images and stuff like that. Now, as you can see, we set up a professional
looking website in just a matter of minutes. It did not take very long. But, when you start
going through these themes and editing out and inserting your information, it may take
you a little bit longer than 15 minutes- especially if youíre not used to WordPress. But hereís
the thing, with a lot of these free templates like that, they donít offer a lot of instructions
on how to be able to edit things. Some of them do, some of them donít. So, if you buy
a theme, usually theyíll come with instructions on how to be able to edit it. So, Iím going
to go back and show you how to install a theme that you bought.
Okay, so now weíre back in our admin area under ëManage Themesí. And as you can see,
this one does have some easy to use options where you can change out the information pretty
simply. But, letís say you bought a pretty cool looking theme on and
you downloaded it and now youíre ready to install it. How do you do that?
So, all you need to do is just go to ëInstall Themesí, hit upload and then choose the file
on your computer. So, since itís a zip file, youíre going to look for that zip file on
your computer. And then youíre going to hit install now. As you can see, it installed
successfully in just a few seconds. So the next step is to hit activate.
Okay, now that it activated, you can see here that we have a complete layout of being able
to change anything on that template. Itís pretty cool. They have a complete layout here
and you can always access that theme right here on the left side. So, letís go ahead
and see if that change went through on our website.
So, weíre going to go ahead and refresh the page. And there you go, our new theme is now
up and live. Although, I do like the other one a little bit better, but this is primarily
just to show you how to do it. So, if you guys do buy any themes or anything like that,
or you download some free ones from a website, or you take advantage of this cool bonus weíre
going to give you in a second, thatís how youíre going to be able to install the themes
very easily. So, letís go back into our admin panel and
go back to our themes- ëAppearance and Themesí. Every theme that we update will be saved right
here so you can activate them at any time and switch between themes if you want to.
Now, I know how much time it takes to go through a lot of different themes, test them and see
which one works. And if you end up buying a couple themes, it ends up getting expensive.
So what we did for you guys is put together ten of our favorite WordPress templates and
themes that you can use completely for free. And if you want instant access to our top
ten favorite themes for free, all you need to do is just go to
and get your free themes today. And on this page, weíll also have resources
that were mentioned in this video and weíll give you ability to get those themes for free.
So, just go to to be able to get instant access to those free
themes that weíre giving you guys, and youíll have all the resources you need.
So, thatís it guys. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to set up a website. And as
you can see, we did it in just a few minutes. Now, I understand if youíre new to this,
it may take you a little bit longer and you will need to go out and change the information
on these themes. But, this is the fastest and cheapest way to be able to set up a website.
I appreciate you guys taking the time to watch this video, and if you want more videos like
this in the future, donít forget to subscribe to my channel and check out my other videos.
Alright you guys, this is Brandon from signing out! I need to look more professional?
Howís this? Címon- screenís weird! That screen is weird. My hands look funky. They
look huge. Look how big my hands are!

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