How to make a website in under 5 minutes

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How to make a website in under 5 minutes

How to make a website in under 5 minutes

Hey guys, this is my attempt to teach you
how to make your own website and blog as quick as you can. So BlueHost normally cost $6.95
but if you sign up through my affiliate link which will be in the description you can get
a discount on your hosting. So the first thing you want to do is go to BlueHost through my
affiliate link, this is so you get a discount, plus I get something out of it. You can do
this y either going to my website or clicking the link in the description. The next step is to click the sign up button.
You’ll be taken to a site where you can choose your domain name. After you enter your domain
name, you just want to click next. This will bring you to the net page which is entering
your personal details. For this exact reason my details will be blocked out and that’s
why most of the page is blurred out. After you’ve finished entering your personal information,
pick what plan you want. Theres 4 different options. I recommend you
pick any of the top 3, but not the 4th one. Once you’ve chosen what plan you want theres
some other options which i’d uncheck, except for the Who-Is protection which is really
important as it gives your website protection from the public viewing your personal details.
The final step is to enter your credit card details, once you’ve done that, just click
next. On this page, BlueHost will try up-sell you.
I wouldn’t recommend buying anything here besides additional domains if you really really
need it. On the next page, click where it says create a password. Then type a password
and remember it, because for the next step you’ll need to enter the same password. After you’ve entered your password, just click
submit and you’ll be brought to the next page which is a page where you can use the same
password which you made earlier to log in. You’ll then be prompted with an ad. Just click
the button which says, please take me to cpanel. Once you’ve removed the ad, you’ll be taken
directly to your cpanel, which is your control panel to manage all your websites. The next thing you want to do is find the
Wordpress icon, under site builders. After it’s finished loading you want to press the
big green button which says install. You then choose the WordPress version you want to install
and where would you like to install it. Under the advanced options press the click here
to display button and enter your blog name including your username and password which
will be used to log in WordPress. Step 3 is optional and completely up to you. The next
step just requires you to click the ‘I have read the terms and conditions’ checkbox, once
you’ve done this, just press complete. BlueHost will now install WordPress automatically
for you. You will then be presented with 2 URL’s a URL for your website and a URL to
your wordpress admin page. Go ahead and click the link to the WordPress admin page. This
is where all the magic happens, just insert your username and password which you created
earlier. Then just click log-in and you’ll be brought
straight to your WordPress Dashboard. Congrats! You’ve just set up your own website
blog in under 5 minutes.

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