How to Install Elementor Page Builder for WordPress

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How to Install Elementor Page Builder for WordPress

How to Install Elementor Page Builder for WordPress

– Hi guys, this is Ben from Elementor. Today I am going to
show you how to quickly install Elementor on your website. So lets go the plugins page. “Add new”. Go to the search bar. Enter… Elementor and click on “install now”. Its installing. Now we click on “activate
plugin” and that’s it, Elementor is on your website right now. Another way we can install Elementor is go to the Elementor website. and click on “download now”. I enter my email address. Click “download”. And back to the dashboard
in the plugins page, click on “add new”, upload plugin, choose the file, and install now. Activate the plugin and it’s on. Now lets go to the
Elementor settings page. Here we can see the basic
settings like post types, you can choose which pages,
posts will be relevant for Elementor, if its only
on post, only on pages. If you have any other
post types like portfolio, you will see it here. You can choose which
users will use Elementor, if its the editor, the
subscriber, you can click here. So this is the default
font that will be selected if for any reason one
of the fonts won’t work, this is the default
settings for the fonts. And usage data tracking. This is our way to improve Elementor. You can opt-in, it’s totally anonymous. Don’t forget to save changes. Now lets see it. I’m going to page. Add the new page. Lets call it test. This is the default WordPress editor. Welcome to my website. If we want to go to the Elementor editor, I click on edit with Elementor and here I can edit my
page with Elementor. For more tutorials, subscribe
to our youtube channel or go

34 thoughts on How to Install Elementor Page Builder for WordPress

  1. I & a lot of people are having the same problem getting elementor to fit full-width like the template library shows, how can i solve this? Usually, there is blank space left on the left and right and it throws the structure of the website off. What themes is this compatible with that doesnt allow this to happen? also, what can you do to fix it outside of changing the themes?

  2. Elementor does not work??
    Hi, I have downloaded the plugin from the Elementor website/uploaded/installed it and it install perfectly without any problems, as well as if I do it with WordPress plugin installer. However it does not work. When I click "Edit with Elementor" it doesn't work at all, any solutions?

  3. My plugins page on wordpress has no option to add new plugin. I've downloaded the plugin from your website but have no way of adding it to my wordpress. Do I need to have a paid wordpress to add plugins or can I do it with the free account?

  4. So for install Elementor I need before a WordPress account? Excuse if the question seems ignorant but I'm not expert in these things… but I want learn how create landing pages, starting free and Elementor seems a valuable tool.

  5. i click on edit with Elementor from one of the pages and it keeps loading forever. Please advise what can be the issue?

  6. im not sure if im missing something here, but is your plug in still available? Ive searched for it in every possible way on wordpress and I cant find it. I would love to use it to help me build my site.

  7. I'm having trouble installing the plugin

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in / home / storage / d / 86 / ed / monkaco / public_html / sitenovo / wp-content / plugins / litae-theme-plugin / libs / litae-elementor-widgets / elementor- Element.php on line 36

  8. when i try to inset stuff inside the elementor, it is not showing do i have to get the pro version for it to work ?

  9. thank you for this video. I downloaded the elementor and tried upload the plugins, the result I got was ' elementary requires PHP version 5.4+, plugin is currently Not active '.
    what do I do pls

  10. I installed elementor but when I press the Edit With Elementor button I just get a blank page 😣

  11. WordPress says that I need a business account to install Elementor.. That is 25 euros PER MONTH! I have a paid subscription that is 4 euro a month. That makes this plugin a very expensive one. Very disappointing, WordPress!

  12. If I use wordpress in android phone

    And after that how to use elementor
    I am facing the problem to install elementor what to do.plz help 🙏🙏🙏

  13. Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /home/storage/3/e9/12/smvitorino1/public_html/vitorino/wp-content/plugins/elementor/elementor.php on line 55

  14. Hi I have a problem with the content it always says it is missing: Do you have made a video on how to solve it?
    I followed your tutorial step by step by i always get the "The Content Area Was Not Found in Your Page" please add: <?php the_content(); ?> onto your page. Do you know how to fix that? I tried several things, but this didn't solve it…

  15. hai.. i'm new in this wordpress thing..
    so i want to learn more offline.. before run the real one..
    can i install elementor on localhost ( xampp ) wordpress?
    could you give me tutorial about that? pls…..

  16. I don't Know Why But in My Case Everything is Alright But Whenever I Click on "Edit With Elementor" a Loading.. Box Appears and This Loading never Complete I leave it for Whole Night, in Morning I Still Found it's Loading…. Please Help me What Should i do Help me

  17. hi! is this or How did you get to this view there where you are clicking "plugins"? i cant find this menu anywhere.. also, do you use paid version of WP?

  18. I am using the free verison of wordpress and it is not allowing me to download element or. It says to download plug in I have to upgrade to the business plan. Is this new, and is there a way to avoid this?

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