How to Improve Your Mobile Website Load Time

19 thoughts on How to Improve Your Mobile Website Load Time

  1. Have a doubt, If we reduce the content in mobile view, will it affect SEO? Especially from mobile? Is it a right way?

  2. Hi Neil, Can you make a video on IP address, now I'm located in India and all of my clients are from US, but I'm thinking to keep Indian Static Ip address for my website instead from US will that be an issue ? please advise

  3. Hey Neil, I see you have AMP'd, and it leaves posts without optins, etc. Do you plan on keep using it because overall it benefits your bottom line?

  4. Hey Neil I don't know if you reply to old videos. But I had a whole mess of other themes I never took down until just now. I didn't know people could swap out themes. I left only the one I use.

    I was testing the speed in Latin America in my website. It was running slow. So deleting previous themes help make it run faster?

    Also are their any free service that may increase the speed on laptops in these countries?

  5. Hey Neil!

    When I scan my website using PageSpeed Insights it gives me a list of .js and .css files…
    Are those the ones I absolutely need to minify?

    As always, thank you very much for all your content!

  6. Thanks for this video its very useful. I'm using Wix and I love the design of my wesbiste but on Mobile it is running really slow. I'm starting to think that the people hosting the old website haven't done anything to make the site mobile faster. Using AMP page does this help with mobile speed and desktop?

  7. Hi Neil, in your experiences have you found adding Facebook Pixel to a website's settings to slow down the mobile page speed load time? How about Google Translate? Thanks for sharing your wisdom, Delfino

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