How to Create a Wikipedia Article

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  1. I need know how's to make a Wikia , I sign in, it said
    – We sent an email to _____________.

    Click the confirmation link in your email to finish creating your account. I want to use a different email address. ?Change my email address

  2. ATTENTION!!!!!!!: To make LIFE easy, Just make a account on Wiki, then start at 2:55 of this video. THAT'S IT! Everything else is a bunch of stuff 88.9% of people have heard or know already. & They repeat allot of things at the beginning of the video. THUMBS UP SO PEOPLE CAN SEE & TO HELP EVERYONE OUT!

  3. There's a company called that helps company's get on Wikipedia. I tried creating a page myself and the Wikipedia editors repeatedly ripped it down. But got my company listed on Wikipedia in about a week.

  4. Wikipedia is subject to propaganda and mass manipulation

    Israel is paying internet workers to manipulate online content


  5. My name is Alexander Butts, yes, i know, it's embarassing, but if i get 100 ups, i'll embarass my son even more by naming him Ceemore

  6. Countless of people are relying on Wikipedia. They may come from students, researchers, or just anybody with some boggling idea in mind. It has become so efficient in finding information quick but it still not as reliable as the others. This video just added to the possible false information on the website.

  7. Hire quality writers to write articles and other content for your website, for just $1.5.

  8. Wiki edit is an art so many people enjoy doing this without any remuneration, its just passion for them and it makes them more than happy. they feel it. Its a wonderful feeling do you enjoyed it… yet?

  9. The above video was too helpful😀, but the Wikipedia site has given some steps regarding "How to publish your own articles on Wikipedia". and it also gives some Do 's and donot's instructions regarding this. you can find this on the Wikipedia site itself, or on Goggle.

  10. Thanks for your great idea. Recommend for free article writing software.

  11. +Howcast hey um i play a game called Order and Chaos Online and i made my own character and err can i write an article about about my character or would it be copyright. my charaters name is Megania which i made up

  12. title is missleading. this video is not teaching how to create wikipedia page! all information is just until you want started creating the page

  13. Hello. I created a page but I don't understand when it will be possible to see at google by searching the name

  14. How to write a Wikipedia article:

    1) Create the article.
    2) Write a few things.
    3) Get your work deleted because an admin is angry that day.
    4) Protest.
    5) Get banned.

    Wikipedia: the free encyclopedia that anyone only a few can edit.

  15. Wikipedia seems to go to great lengths to prevent ordinary members of the public from submitting articles for inclusion.  They frequently ask for money, and let other people write about ones-self, however inaccurately, but will not let one give a true biography.  Since the demise of Debrett's 'People of Today', there is a serious need for Wikipedia to include biographies, but there is no such facility. – Tigger

  16. Well, of course. Now in Wikipedia, nothing can be edited by yourself. Not only will your content be deleted, so after that hahaha will ban you. I tried with this resource to create the appropriate page, but as expected I got into the ban. Guys, it's easier to be a consumer on wikipedia, I'll tell you. I now wonder what the total number of articles posted on Wikipedia?

  17. An article with no means guaranteed waste of time, it is really difficult specially for new user profiles to remain on the Wikipedia site, thanks to Wikipedia's strict guidelines on notability and reliable sources. Because of this, people and companies sometimes offer to create Wikipedia articles for pay. In that case i'll suggest you use only reliable services like They have contacts with Wikipedia Old contributors. It's easy for them to fulfill all strict requirements and create wiki profile/page/article/edits etc.
    Hope my answer will help.
    Thanks Good Luck

  18. When I was searching this "How to create a Wikipedia page" so I visit they give the best Wikipedia page creation services seriously mind-blowing at reasonable price.

  19. how to create album info of an artist like this

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