How To Create a Website for free In 5 Minutes With WordPress in Hindi (with English subtitles & CC)

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How To Create a Website for free In 5 Minutes With WordPress in Hindi (with English subtitles & CC)

How To Create a Website for free In 5 Minutes With WordPress in Hindi (with  English subtitles & CC)

HELLO guys! welcome back in the videotizer, this is Basant here. In Today’s video you are going to know, How to make a website using just 5 minutes of your’s with wordpress. like this……… so, lets start. for creating website, there are given some steps. which you can follow , & use to make websites easily. so, hers the first step.. thinking a name for your website. when you are ready with name, then you can this on godaddy that this name is available for making website or not?. if available then good. if not then you to think another name. for example, am going to think a name ? hmmm.. what thinks… YOUVOLA!… let’s check this name is available or not??? “clicking on” search domain. so, you can see YOUVOLA this name is available. after choosing the name. the Second step which come is, domain registeration of this name. For doing hosting & domain name registration, you just have to simply click on below this link. i also provide this link in the video’s ‘description’. you can directly open this link from there. you can see here that three types of options. economy, deluxe & ultimate. you have to choose economy “click” add to cart. and which you name choose drop it here i drop here THEVIDEOTIZER .IN so, its available. “click” select and continue. so, Now you can see here, for hosting you have to pay here 1188rs. if you choose domain 1 year instead of 2 years then your’s domain name registeration will be free. that’s mean you will get a business email and… THEVIDEOTIZER’s domain registeration from godaddy, absolutely free. here you have to pay just 1188rs. for hosting and… taxes & extra charges. so, By this link. your domain registeration can be free of charge. “click” proceed checkout. so. here you can see, you have to pay 1401rs. for payment you can use net banking, credit card or debit card. so, am here using debit card. “click” place your order. after perchasing, you have to go to godaddy again, click on my account & then my products. and…. after clicking. you can see those three products which you successfully purchased. doamin, web hosting & email. so, the next step comes, which is set up account for setting up your account. you have to.. uhhhhh.. for setting up your account. you have to click on web hosting>manage. after clicking, cPanel will come. here you have to click on set up after clicking set up you have to choose username & passwrd for your cPanel. after that you will see somekind of user interface of cPanel let’s click. on manage. so, we click’s here. after that you.. to input username & password. so, you can see your’s cPanel open. now ours next step is installing wordpress on your cPanel. so, its our 4th step. for doing this we scroll this page. web applicatins. you can see wordpress symbol into web applications. click simply on wordpress. after clicking you can see here that install this application button. click on that. lets click it, after clicking it, you have to choose username & password for your wordpress account. ans which you adsminitrative mail is have to input. after that scroll… down her’s yes here’s too.., yes. and will be install it. so, our wordpress is installed now. if you want, you can see it into ‘your building tools’ this wordpress successfully installed here. now we simply click on it. & our username and password input for login. so, here your wordpress’s panel opened.. if you want, goto on posts. clicking on new posts, any new post can be write. so, let’s click on new post here your’s new post section is open now. here you to put a title for post. put description below. and also input in some extra sections. and by this way your new post will be posted on your website. so, here our 4th also done. and here the step is, customize your site. so, you can also customize your site by choosing different themes. so let’s, here i will show how you can do it?.. you to go on dashboard. after going to dashboard click on themes. in themes click on add new. here’s add new click on this. and here select popular. so, wordpress have many website themes in which anyone you can pick and start building you website. its also a wordpress specility. so, here it comes so many themes. you can pick anyone of these for making your site. and began work on it. so guys by using this video if you want to you can create a website within 5 minutes with 5 simple steps. i hope you lliked this video. and if you want, you can read trhis article. for better usderstanding of this process. i also provided it’s link in the video’s description. and if you want you can directly go to on so, guys if you liked this article then share with your friends for helping them. for helping others. who need it. so, guys thats all for today!. i hope you love this video. if you love this video then like it., share it, for other’s help and don’t forget to suscribe our channel. for suscribing our channel click on red colour suscribe button and also click bells icon for gettin updates for our new upcoming videos. thank you for watching this video…

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