How to Create a Website?

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How to Create a Website?

How to Create a Website?

happy holidays happy whatever you celebrate get cozy sit by the fire have a drink be sure to tell the ones you love that you love them too that is not the reason that we’re here the folks from Wix reached out see if I could help teach people how to build a website in fact when I went to build technobuffalo com I knew so little about having to build a website we burned through eighty percent of our startup capital based only on my ignorance the company almost didn’t launch because I didn’t know how to build a website i have a whole video detailing technobuffalo story and the mistakes that I made building a website we will link to it up here and down below if you want to watch, but the moral is it’s now almost 20 17 is like a bajillion times easier to build a website and using the tools the folks at Wix offer it is dead simple in fact i went in and even built my own website in about 25 minutes just showing a gallery of pictures and a blog that I made showing some stuff for my new car the model x which we did a video on to you can take a look at that but I wasn’t just gonna make a video showing you how to make a website which I promise that I will I thought it would be kind of cooler to not only show you that but also to give you a chance to win your freaking dream phone whatever phone you have dreamt that exists at least that’s like out you can win it you can pick and iphone a pixel whatever you want and whatever color you want and whatever storage size you want and again we teamed up with the folks from Wix who sponsored this video we’re going to give you a chance to win We will put all the details right here on the screen the dates if you want to enter them make sure you get the link down below and go the article on that’s where the widget to enter is going to be so win your dream phone cuz i don’t know you should win something fun because you are a good person now if you’re continuing watching you want to know how to build a website so first thing to do is grab your computer with mediocre battery life in this case we’ll just grab this one alright so let’s get started showing you how to build a website I’m going to do that by showing you the website that I built this again took me about 15 to 20 minutes this is the first website that i had built using the tools from Wix and it was super simple i could probably cut about 10 minutes out of that next time so i created a blog style with galleries and pictures but you can create a ton of different sites and i’ll show you what all those options are so real quick meet the Model X it automatically pulled in all my social stuff that i inputted when I set up the site in the upper right-hand corner with the links icon pack and everything. I was able to put in my own background gallery a cool kind of parallax effect i set a learn more button will take you to if people want to contact me and i should say also this site is live if you want to watch it and take a look at yourself i’ll link to it down below so you can see it i did a little story about my delivery of the car this is our video that I talked about it’ll play actually in line with the blog and i wrote a post and it also will automatically integrate comments built into the website you can add things to it you can do emails you can add analytic tools you can put in ads, it is a full-featured website it’s not like website light or only a partially functional website it is like a legit full website does everything full websites can do you can take bookings if that’s something you want to do you could sell stuff again it’s like literally a click of a button so i put in a gallery here and the simple as hitting an upload button you can see it’s a beautiful like fullscreen gallery title show up at the bottom it’s a very elegant way things were set up and Wix made it really simple so the site that i built here is a fraction of what you can actually do in the stuff you can build let me jump into the editor fast chasing the cool stuff that I could have done and what the editor looks like so when you build your site you know the power of the tools so you can see each page is here and as you scroll through each page you get an edit button which lets you edit the content on top of the list on the side the title subtitle any text you want if you want to switch your image or go to a gallery you’ve uploaded or even do a video which is kind of cool to see a sort of gradually move in the background and also if you want to put a link in is really handy but beyond that if you want to move the pages around you have that option as well three little dots show up on the right for more actions and if you keep scrolling down to teach one does go to move and I can actually move it anywhere I want which is a kind of a cool option to be able to have so i can select the page in the list and just go ahead and drop it down but the easiest way to edit is to go through this playlist actually and go through step-by-step so you can preview your site entire website design change website colors and go all the way down until your site is built. Let me jump into one of these here. Let’s change website colors let’s say i don’t really like the blue and the white that I’ve got here so you can either do it for me or show me how so let’s say, lets have it do it for me, makes life a lot easier so they’re going to open up the design panel and this is all happening I’m not touching anything here this is all doing it on its own and it is going to take the pictures that I’ve got and it’s gonna match the theme right to it so let’s try another I’m not the peachiest kind of guy but you can see how easy it is to do alright that I like that looks really slick so let’s keep that you go through and you can change the section layout contents and add new sections but i’m gonna close this I kind of like the way this looks think it looks really clean so I’ve got a blog here as well and a blog might be something you guys want to have whether it’s about your technology or your life or the food that you eat Wix made it really easy to manage a blog and not just sort of the whole website hit the button says quite simply manage blog this is going to take you to your CMS your content management system again they made it dead simple so i can see all my posts here I could arrange them If I’ve got different categories they are going to be viewed here. If I want to go ahead and add tags I can add it here as well let’s go look at the first post this is my delivery experience you can see what this looks like so if you want to share it going to duplicate it deleted it, or just want to see what it’s going to look like. Lets edit. This is were you’re gonna be able to go ahead and actually get into the editor edit your post and add tags The advanced SEO is really helpful to its going to show you what they look like on google so you can see my delivery is the title of the post on the blog and the name of the site is Tesla 1 the excerpt that google is going to crawl the Meta Description all the stuff that you would need to make sure people can find you Wix put those tools directly in front of you and sort of makes it really simple so if you don’t know anything about SEO those tools are here for you i think a lot of you are probably going to be looking for that blog functionality so again super simple to go ahead and your pages let’s say I want to change this background i really like the black-and-white theme it suggested for me but I’m not sure I like that picture so i’ll go ahead and hit edit again here’s all of my content i could view the gallery that I went in and uploaded and also Wix is going to give me a ton of choices as well go ahead gallery I can organize my media is going to be the new files i’ve uploaded but I want to try a video background there now I don’t have a video uploaded by going to replace it with a ton of different choices I want to show something kind of serene and I’ve got a picture of the car previously so that might not be necessary but i think that maybe a city and urban will be kind of cool because that’s where the cars gonna be driven i’m going to hit apply there. Think that looks pretty good to me let me go and preview that preview button lives right in the upper right-hand corner now see as I scroll down there’s that video i just did now it looks like I’ve been coding for years that video just seamlessly plays and as you scroll disappears you can see how simple it is to go through and edit the site Wix can do things like email addresses already have a domain, you can link it with your domain so you don’t see any of the brought to you by Wix or if you want to use a Wix URL you can do that as well you can add ads again you can add analytics you can add traffic boosting options you can add SEO packs you can do everything you can do with a very complex website with no coding skills required at all it’s really simple really elegant easy to use the pricing is super affordable i did the totally unlimited sites for i think like 239 bucks a year. A side from the unlimited there are a ton of other pricing options as well and there should be a tier for whatever you need and I think it’s absolutely worth it if I had something like this and i created technobuffalo my life would’ve been a lot simpler and a lot easier. So if you’ve been thinking about doing a website creating website for anything now is a really good time to do it. Again all the links will be down below if you want to learn more. Maybe you want to create your own website and learn more about Wix and also again if you want to enter when your ultimate phone hit the link down below Give the video a thumbs up and thank the folks at Wix for sponsoring this and giving you the chance to win your dream phone i feel really cool about it i’m excited i hope you guys enjoy this let me know kind of website you want to build and if you create a website send me the link. I would love to take a look at it again if you want to see the model x site that i built everything will be you get it. all links are down below Thank you guys for watching hope you enjoyed make sure the notifications on so you get notified whenever new videos come up see you guys next video

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  1. Such a cool video, I've tried many different options such as weebly etc and never liked them but Wix looks great. Even though I'm actually studying how to become a web developer using CSS, HTML and JavaScript 🙂

  2. Hey john I want build a company profile website but there are a lot of options and I have very little time. What do you recommend? Wix, square space, or godaddy.

  3. Dope Way to make Websites and i love WIX had to make a website for school, and got promoted to make the schools website!

  4. congratulations Jon to all you at TB! your videos hace been really helpful to me all this year. Merry christmas to all you!

  5. This couldn't come at a better time, I literally just signed up for an online business class and making a website is part of the syllabus..just perfect

  6. Many thanks for the giveaway … if I win, I would like the Samsung #GalaxyS7Edge on Black Onyx. Hopefully this time if you are lucky to win, I am without a smartphone since August of this year and bored of borrowing the smartphone from others.

    I like the humor you give your videos. Greetings from Colombia.

  7. Wix is pretty awful, its basic and limiting. If you don't want to hire someone to build your website just use WordPress and pick one of the thousands of themes available.

  8. Yeah, can i have an Asus Zenfone 3 Deluxe? Please? Cuz its Christmas and I wish you a merry little Christmas.. may all your Christmases be white..

  9. WIx doesn't accommodate SSL certificates (i.e. HTTPS). That's messed up. SEO results (esp. on Google search) are better with https. The fact that wix doesn't support this basic standard makes me question the service. They should allow Let's Encrypt but unfortunately for their customers, Wix doesn't give you root access. Stay away from Wix unless you don't care about encryption and ranking higher on SEO results.

  10. If they ship in Middle East then, iPhone 7; 128 GB Matte Black would be amazing. Amazing video as always, keep doing your great work! ??

  11. I just went through the whole wix vs weebly debate not too long ago and went with weebly. Granted, I haven't went too deep into it as of now. I wouldn't mind giving most of them a shot of they offer a free trial.

  12. Jon Please i need iphone 7 plus matte black 128gb plz i newd that so badly…
    Its have been my dream.I want to start a youtube channel but can't afford a camera so please that iphone will be my start in youtube . Please its a request.Your biggest fan from India

  13. Technobuffalo! whoo!! pixel 128 gigs in a really blue color ? thanks a ton. I did build my own website with that. it's okay, there's some limitations but it got the job done for me!

  14. Wix is great if you have a small budget and time to set it up yourself, however, if you're a small business and your online presence is a major part of your sales/lead generation then please do not use Wix. Get in contact with a local web design/development agency.
    There are a lot of design and code decisions that the agency will make the enhance the user experience so you have the best online opportunity.

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  17. It is a very helpful tutorial here, thank you a lot for it! As for me, I created my first website using a template from for it. Your video here helped me a lot with it! I would also like to share the promocode here: m6qvxsbfqyo969av44x94wsr0 They sent it to me with the theme and it will give a 10% discount for new purchases of templates there. Good luck with it 😉

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