How To Create A Membership Website Using WordPress & LifterLMS

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How To Create A Membership Website Using WordPress & LifterLMS

How To Create A Membership Website Using WordPress & LifterLMS

Now in this video I’m going to talk about
memberships and creating course bundles that would be sold his memberships and how to sell
your courses differently based upon if someone’s in the membership there’s a lot of powerful
options here with regards to that so let’s just jump in there so here I am in the backend
of the website we have this memberships section here now it’s not as big as courses obviously
his courses are your main content in your lessons and quizzes and all that kind of stuff
and everything like that link together but memberships is totally different it’s a way
of securing other content on your website to lock it behind a membership and also bundle
courses together and you can also use it to an outside advertise like this but you can
also use it to give special discounts to your members on certain courses so there’s lots
of cool things you can do within I use memberships on my LifterLMS websites so let’s go ahead
and click on memberships now we don’t have any memberships right now and if you go to
the front of the website we actually created a membership index page but when I click on
it it just says there’s no products found because we don’t have any memberships in here
now in my completely honest and transparent opinion having a membership index page like
this doesn’t make sense it makes sense for the courses rights you have this really nice
organized way of listing out your courses so people can see everything you have but
memberships usually is and that way I mean you could do that but you really probably
can have one or maybe two different membership types on your website I guess it’s how you
want to use it my point is you don’t have to have this membership index page you can
use Elementor to create a beautiful membership sales page and we use the button element in
Elementor and when someone clicks on that button we can just have them take him straight
to the shopping cart and they can purchase it so they don’t have to go to an index page
and then to a specific page for the membership we can send them from a beautiful sales page
with maybe a pricing table we can send him boom straight on into the shopping cart if
we want to and you’re gonna want to so anyways let’s go ahead and just create this membership
real quick my click on add a membership and I’m going to call this membership I’m out
of creativity today there is membership my membership whatever and just like on the courses
and the lessons in all that we have this Yoast here at the top I don’t like that at the top
so let’s just gonna move that down a bit so you notice this is going to look very similar
to everything else we been doing in LifterLMS it’s nice that there’s this continuity so
here we go we’ve got our membership and we have our options for the membership right
here is a member’s description this is people that are members and here’s information for
people that are not members I don’t do anything with either of these personally because I’m
knocking to send people to this specific page because when it’s a membership you’re gonna
want to put a little bit of design may have a really unique individual page for it and
I don’t recommend going this route let’s go ahead and look these options so here’s our
restrictions and right here this is saying if someone tries to access content that’s
in a membership and they’re not a member what to do with them and typically you probably
want to redirect them to may be a custom URL that says sorry you have to be in the membership
to access the contents you can send them to a specific page if you’ve actually created
that page or you can send them to the cells page you create to sell your membership or
maybe a hybrid of that that’s is all sorry you know that content you have to have a membership
but here’s all the benefits of the membership and you can just create a page in WordPress
and make it look pretty with Elementor and send people to that page when that happens
this display a message by Baxley never seen nor use this I wonder if this sends him to
the page and then gives them some kind of pop up message I don’t know we have to check
and test that option out here’s auto enrollment in what auto enrollment is is if someone enrolls
or purchases this membership or you enroll them in the membership do you want to also
enroll them in a bundle of courses and if you did right here you would just start adding
those courses so if I click here if I wanted them auto enrolled and see that course I just
created I can do that and I can click here again if I wanted them in this course automatically
enrolled I can do that as well so I can add those here in after I was to save and publish
this membership it’s going to move these to hear so you can visually see it is my fight
which is do that right now so I’m hidden publish Emma to go back into that auto enrollment
tab and you can see right here it will automatically enroll and you can retroactively enroll members
in these particular courses so if you have a membership and you’re going to be adding
courses as time goes by you can retroactively enroll members automatically into those courses
or you can just remove it entirely honestly I don’t actually use this feature because
I do have memberships that include all of my courses but if someone is not interested
in taking all my courses I think why auto enroll them I rather set up a membership access
plan where if there member they can enroll manually on their own but the cost of it is
zero so I’m actually in a remove the auto enrollment to show you this in practice to
buy the way so here we can set our pricing for this membership and it’s the same thing
ridges can click on add an access plan and so I’ll just go ahead and fill this out okay
so I’ve gone ahead and added some information here I’m going to call this all axis membership
I’m an essay right here join the membership hoops I need to capitalize my T member I like
to have everything be capitalized or follow the same method for everything I do so there
we go and I’m going to sell this for 499 and it’s going to be every year and it’s going
to be forever until they cancel it so every year they’ll get charged for 99 they will
have access everything for life if you did want have a different price when someone starts
the membership and then the renewal I think what you could do I haven’t tried this but
I think what you can do is you could change this trial offer and you can instead of it
being the way we traditionally think of trials we can do the reverse so say it’s going to
be 999 to sign up and it’s going to renew it for 99 I think we can put 999 and were
in a have that be the first year so what this will do is it’ll give them access to the first
year for 999 and that will be for the first year in then it will go down to 499 every
year until they cancel I’m pretty sure it will work that way I haven’t actually explored
that myself and that’s pretty much it here’s where you can manage people that are enrolled
manually enroll people into the membership and all that so let me just slap in a quick
featured image and let’s see uncle right here will pop that in its can show click on update
and I now have a membership actually so if I go here and I click on refresh working to
see a membership here but you could see just this page doesn’t scream join the membership
and then when I click on it right here it doesn’t scream join the membership actually
we gotta do something about this right here this whole trial are just the way it shows
it right there so that’s what it looks like on those should the checkout page click on
join the membership and here it is trial 99 they should actually change it so this isn’t
trial but I’m sure if it’s a trial it’s not to cause any problems because it makes sense
999 for the first year for 99 per year after that that all makes sense so show you something
really cool that you can do so I’m here and you can see I have this URL now this is the
specific the link to take a visitor to the checkout for this membership offer so what
you can do is you can actually copy this into your clipboard and use it on any button or
any link anywhere on your website so I can go like this and now it’s in my clipboard
and I can create a beautiful sales page and Elementor and I can use this in the link actually
I should do that real quick not to get all sidetracked the lemming to show you what I
mean and only take a couple minutes and then after I do that I’ll show you how to have
special membership pricing on courses which should be fun some go to pages to click on
add new and let’s just call this join the membership okay join the membership I’m in
a go ahead and I’m then use Elementor so for my template many use about this full with
no header or footer this is perfect for sales pages because it’s focus on the content on
the page it’s not going to show the header in all of that kind of stuff in the footer
someone go ahead and click on publish and then I’m a go ahead and click on edit with
Elementor like this and it’s gonna pop me into Elementor but you’re not missing the
header or the footer which is what I want is justice blanket canvas so I’m looking to
make a page for you but I should add a video with some special cells page tutorial on how
to create a beautiful sales page but I’m just can add a template to show you what I’m talking
about let me try to find any of these that kind of look like they might fit for what
I’m doing maybe this right here at the landing page let’s see here may be this right here
this landing page for photography okay and I think I will choose this landing page will
actually look at this right here at the pricing table that section kinda nice X’85 Go with
this one so my click on this right here, click on insert so nothing to take this landing
page and it’s going to tot toss it in here but I want to show you how we can use that
specific the link and put it in to the button so here we are we’ve got this beautiful page
chair of frequently asked questions and so say on this incentive view demo I’m going
to click on it and change the link to that specific page where someone can purchase the
membership so there you go I got that there and then right here this get it now button
let’s just put it there as well also want to click on the button and since this is actually
in the price table it’s not like a button really so I got to put that in maybe in the
footer and here it is the footer link there we go and I want to save that and I think
that’s the last place with that link okay so now when I click on this X and ice coded
view page. To see it’s a perfect landing page it’s just
showing them information specific about this now when I click on this you can see it’s
can it take me to that same shopping cart and there it is selling the membership so
I don’t have to do it through this ugly way where I have this membership page someone
can click on it and then there’s all this information instead I have that beautiful
new landing page that I created and what I did was I took the link right here where this
sends you when you click on it and I just put that in any button that I wanted to put
it in and so that’s how you can create beautiful pages for your courses that you’re selling
your beautiful pages for your membership is all you need to do is put whatever info you
want and then link them right here to the checkout page with it in their cart and that
specific a link right here is going to give that to you so the same works for courses
as a matter fact I click on courses and I click on this one right here there is a cost
to it remember I click on take this course this is the specific link to just this course
of some congested by that course so I wanted to show you how to do that so anyways let
me just jump back into the dashboard and so you tell you how to set up some specific member
pricing on courses so I’m a click on courses and let’s actually kind of already did it
on this one but let me show you so here’s that one of the courses that doesn’t matter. Scroll down to click on add access plan and
this is going to be I think him to make this free for members and I’m in the name it members
only on purpose so there’s like this exclusivity to it so let me fill out the rest okay let
me show you some of these options here so I just put members only for the text I put
take this course and then if I wanted to make this a free for members only a minute click
on this checkbox and then what I want to do is this plan availability I don’t want anyone
to get this for free only want my members to get this for free to change it from anyone
to members only and then right here I’m going to choose the memberships not only have that
one membership I created so this is the only option that I have but if I had other memberships
on this site I can add those or choose those so what this is going to do it’s going allow
anyone who is part of this membership to enroll in the course for free now if I wanted to
I can have a special discounted price for members so instead of it being free I can
uncheck that and I can put some unique special pricing for members and this is another way
to have a value to your members know personally the way that I use this is I give members
access to the courses for free as being part of the membership so I don’t have a lower
price for members but it’s certainly up to you how you want to structure things so I’m
going to roll with all of that I want to go ahead and click on updates and it’s gonna
take a second update I’m in go ahead and click on courses and so now it was this one right
here so now we have this members only price right members only membership pricing take
this course so this is how you can give course bundles without auto enrolling these members
in these courses and this is also how you can give members a discount so the best deal
here’s a $40 well maybe members can get it for $15 this is how you would accomplish that
as well so lastly there is a system if you wanted to restrict other areas of your website
for members only there is a real easy way to do that so if I click on pages any page
or post that you create you can control access to members only so if I wanted to say create
a new page in a call this members downloads or something like that there it is I named
this page members download page and I wanted some information here that’s only available
to people that are actively enrolled in the membership if I scroll down here there’s an
option as is membership access and if I turn it on then I can choose the members or the
different membership plan of the folks that are going to have access to this and we know
I only have that one membership so I can make this so the only people that can see this
page are people that are in the membership so I typed the name of the membership it pops
up I click the box I scroll up I click on publish and now this content is only accessible
to people that are in the membership and if they’re not in the membership they will be
redirected based upon what we configured so if I go back into the membership click on
membership here there was these restriction options we said restricted access redirect
what we can redirect them to that page we created to sell the membership right here
join the membership and I can click on update so now if someone wants to see that page and
they’re not part of the membership they’re going to get redirected let’s see if that
works actually so I want to go ahead and click on members download page now appear at the
top is the link to this page, copy it and I want to go right here and I’m in a pasted
in and I don’t know because I’m logged in as admin it’s gonna let me see it but something
tells me I’m knocking to be able to see it and it’s gonna redirect me some and hit enter
and let’s see what happens boom took me to the sales page why because I’m not rolled
into the membership if I was I could see that information so that’s how you can have a membership
of course bundles and you can have other pages and posts that is just restricted to your
members in the same work for post if I was to create a post I can pop in all my info
and then scroll down here and I can restrict the access to it as well there’s a lot you
can do with this membership feature I think it’s pretty awesome but we covered a lot of
stuff in this video more than I thought we actually needed to but now you know how to
create a membership you know how to bundle courses you know how to protect content in
other locations of your website you know how to create a beautifully designed landing pages
sell your membership and not use the kind of plain Jane boring looking LifterLMS generated
page and you also learned that you can do the same thing for your courses in a makes
a lot of sense for your courses to create a beautiful depending on the cost of the course
create a beautiful selves page for it and you know how to link it directly into that
shopping cart which is awesome as well so were actually getting to the end of this series
I hope you’ve enjoyed it I’ve enjoyed making it for you we still
have a couple more things that we need to cover

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